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100% Organic cotton mattress pad (All Cotton)

Well, there can be a lot of reasons why you suddenly want to look for mattress pads. Maybe your mattress is wearing out, or you need an extra layer of comfort on your mattress. Whatever the reason, you must remember that mattress pads are of many kinds, and you should only opt for the best one, but which one is the best option? We recommend a 100% Organic cotton mattress pad for a luxury sleeping experience.

Have you ever heard of 100% organic matter pads? They are too good to be true.

You must go for a 100% organic cotton mattress pad if your synthetic mattress is not too soft or touch-friendly. Synthetic fibers tend to be roughed up and cause a tougher surface to sleep on. An organic cotton mattress pad is just what you need to add a little feather-feel to your bedding. It has a breathable fabric that might be a little on the expensive side but oh so comfy.

Also, 100% organic cotton mattress pads are machine washable and hypoallergenic, which adds to the list of things you need them for right now.

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What Features Make 100% Organic Cotton Mattress Pads Worth of Investing?

The world is taking on to a more organic or eco-friendly approach to replace the synthetic materials that don’t offer the same nature-friendly qualities. When it comes to mattress pads, here are some qualities that make organic mattress pads a much better option for you than synthetic mattresses:

Free of harmful chemicals

The entire purpose of mattress pads was to add an extra layer of comfort and luxury to your bedding. There would be no point if it were to cause the exact opposite.

Most artificially made mattresses will contain either petroleum-based toxins or fire-retardant chemicals that may be harmful to the skin and even cause toxic foams.

When you lay on the mattress, and these chemicals come into contact with your body heat, they may produce an undetectable chemical odor that is more accurately called off-gassing.

This is a process that takes place when volatile organic compounds are broken down.

These volatile organic compounds or VOCs may not be a direct constituent but may be a byproduct of the production process. With synthetic mattresses, the process is widespread when you use synthetic foam or adhesives.

The most common kinds of released gasses include chlorofluorocarbons, benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, chloride, naphthalene, etc.

They might not even be healthy for adult individuals, but they can be dangerous for toddlers and babies. Your babies are much more susceptible to toxic inhalation, which may lead to damage to the liver, kidneys, central nervous system, skin irritation, and headaches for your little one.

While organic mattress pads also produce off-gassing, they are much safer than synthetic or artificially produced material used in synthetic mattress pads.


Anyone who has suffered severe eczema or dust-allergies case knows that dust is the primary cause of a horrible flare for any allergy. When you sleep, you will be profoundly inhaling and exhaling the air around you. You must make sure that it is free of allergens.

Dust-mites are very hard to get rid of and even harder to detect in your environment. They tend to gather on surfaces, especially on your bedding. To get rid of the frequent sneezing and coughing it is important that you wash your bedding thoroughly and every once in a while.

Organic mattress pads are a godsend for this very purpose.

100 % organic mattress pads are mostly made of wool or cotton that are machine washable and reusable. In addition to this, the natural raw materials that are present in organic mattress pads are natural repellents of germs and dust-mites.

Your bedding is less likely to cause your allergies if you are securing it with a suitable organic mattress pad. So a 100% Organic cotton mattress pad is non-toxic.

The most common natural material that resists dust mites includes silk, bamboo, cotton, wool, and linen. Hypoallergenic mattress pads are also more tightly woven to make sure that dust mites do not inhabit them.


When manufacturers produce organic mattress pads, they keep in mind the sustainability of the product. They keep the raw materials in the production process as green-friendly as possible.

The raw material is readily available on the market, bringing down organic mattresses’ production costs much lower than synthetic mattresses.

Due to the low cost of the raw materials, as compared to chemically and physically engineered synthetic material, the market cost is reasonable considering the benefits the product offers.

Not many people will be able to buy the costly organic mattresses themselves, so it is essential that you at least get an organic mattress pad.

What Type of Materials are Used in the Production of Organic Mattress Pads?

Many of the properties of organic mattress pads are owed to the material used in the production. There are a bunch of materials that are used for the production of organic bedding; each kind offers a set of different properties:

Pure Wool

This kind of bedding offers good padding and extra comfort suitable for back sleepers since a more rigid substance would likely cause more spinal discomfort for back sleepers in the long run. Mattress pads made out of Pure wool are also great for winters since the soft padding will give an extra layer of warmth.

It is also very suitable and comfortable for people with specific allergies like a dust allergy.

Organic Waterproof Fiber

While it is made of two single layers of organic cotton, this kind of mattress pad is often layered with a film of polyurethane plastic. These mattresses tick all the boxes for a casual, not too luxurious but comfortable and convenient mattress pads.

Both layers of cotton are capable of withstanding water, and the additional layer of plastic does not let the mattress absorb the water.

Despite having a plastic constituent in the making, it does not emit any chemical odors. The material is thin but usually breathable.

Natural Latex

Natural latex is amazing  when it comes to the types of organic mattress pads and toppers. It is 100% organic and uses completely organic constituents in its production. This mattress pad is usually on the expensive side since it is much more durable and comfortable. Moreover, latex is a natural repellent of dust-mites and molds so that it will be long-lasting.

These kinds of mattress pads offer natural pain relief to those with any back or joint pain and offer spine alignment properties that make it suitable for back, stomach, and side sleepers.

It is made of hypoallergenic material and thus checks out all the boxes for the perfect mattress pad that anyone can have.

Organic Cotton

In case your synthetic matter pad is not soft to touch, you can always go for organic cotton mattress pads. The dilemma with synthetic fiber is that it tends to rough up after some time, but organic cotton mattress pads stay soft and cool to touch. An organic cotton mattress pad will give your bedding a feathery experience.

An organic cotton mattress pad is mostly hypoallergenic, and that is a plus feature as well.

Organic mattress pads are amazing, and they can serve you for an extended period. Now is a time to look at some of the best organic mattress pads available in the market to understand.

1. Sealy Luxury 100% Cotton Fitted Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Super-Comfort – the hypoallergenic high loft fill offers firm but responsive service and comfort.
  • Washable 100% cotton mattress pad is machine washable and dryable.
  • Extends Mattress Life by adding a protective layer between the mattress and the sheets.

This man is definitely class apart in mattress pads.

It offers an additional layer that keeps the mattress under protection from being in direct contact with clogs, which may lead to critical damage.

Sealy is a mattress brand that is sold and marketed by Sealy Tempur International. They have brilliant mattress pads available that are organic in nature. It’s our most recommended 100% Organic cotton mattress pad.

It offers a company and supportive surface, which also adjusts to your body to assist you in getting the best sleep experience night after night. You won’t be bothered about the constant slipping because this mattress pad will stay in place and won’t disturb you.

The pad is made with 100% Cotton and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or chemicals that may damage your health.

The 300-thread count adds luxuriousness on a sleeping surface, which permits you to fall asleep quicker. Also, it comes with a high fill loft that helps to adjust it to your body curves so you may lay down at the comfortable surface during the evening.

The durable stretch pocket is designed to fit mattresses having a maximum thickness of 18 inches, ensuring that the top and sides of the mattress are going to be safeguarded from germs, dust mites, dirt, and frequent allergens which may be able to cause you harm.


  • The Mattress Pad has a warranty for 10-years.
  • It is available in different sizes.

2. OrganicTextiles All-Natural Australian Wool Mattress Pad with 100% Organic Cotton Cover

Key Features

  • Luxurious Covered in complete 100% pure organic cotton, this mattress pad is a dream coming true.
  • Extends the Life – The 100% cotton pad is designed in such a way that it will last longer with you.
  • Comfortable – It is extremely comfortable to touch and sleep on.

This wonderful mattress pad has been designed and constructed by a manufacturer located in Southern California, which business is devoted to using organic and natural fabrics in addition to foam-based products.

It is manufactured without using any toxic compounds, dry-cleaning solvents, or additives that are topical. The pad is exceptionally sustainable, apart from being organic and natural.

Also, it gives a lot of dry and cool comfort to the person. The pad cushions the mattress whether or not it’s firm or old.

The good thing is that it is devoid of any dust mites, mildew, mold as well as bacteria. The organic wool inside it doesn’t permit these pathogens and irritants to live and flourish on the mattress pads.

This guarantees that the mattress pad is equally clean and sanitary hence boosting the comfort level to get a worry-free and allergen-free sleep through the evening.

Also, it is highly durable as a result of the fine build quality in addition to using 100% organic wool and 100% cotton.

Also the pads maintain its original shape even when it’s stretched or folded due to the organic wool within it.

The exterior coating of wool also repels water and protects the mattress pad consequently, increasing its capacity to survive long.


  • This Mattress pad contains 100% organic wool and cotton.
  • It is highly durable.
  • It contains no harsh chemicals, which may be bad for your health.

3. AllerEase Organic Cotton Allergy Protection Fitted Mattress Pad

100% Organic cotton mattress pad

Key Features

  • Protection from allergies This organic mattress pad provides complete protection in blocking dust mites and animal dander.
  • Organic Cotton – It is completely made up of organic cotton.
  • Exceptionally breathable   Pad is exceptionally breathable because of 100% pure organic cotton

Using AllerEase protective bedding, a mattress pad, you can get rid of and protect your family from home allergens such as pet dander, dust grains, and pollen, which can collect within your mattress and pillow.

The pad helps out by completely encasing your mattress or pillow, creating a coating that will protect you from allergens while still preventing new allergens and dirt from penetrating.

It is available in twin, twin XL, full queen, king, and California king sizes.

The good thing is that, it is a 100% organic cotton shirt pad that’s compound and pesticide-free. Inside it’s 6oz of recycled, hypoallergenic fiberfill.

The allergy-proof cloth that’s employed at the making of this AllerEase Organic Cotton mattress pad avert allergens, dust grains, pet dander, and pollen from amassing inside.

Also, it adds a layer of safety and comfort to your mattress.

Together with the 100% organic cotton top that breathes naturally and does not trap body moisture or heat, you’ll undoubtedly find comfort in it.

The pad also features a waterproof laminated backing in order that water, accidental spills, pee, and other spots don’t destroy or contaminate your mattress.

No dyes, chemicals, or bleach were utilized in the creating of the mattress protector.


  • It is padded and very comfortable.
  • It doesn’t make noises.
  • It is waterproof.

3. White Lotus Home OCMT06 Cotton Mattress Topper with 100% Organic Twill Outer Case

Key Features

  • BuildQuality the mattress pad  is made with 100% organic cotton.
  • A top class product – Made in the USA, it is top notch and conform to all standards.
  • Suitable for allergies – it is a brilliant choice if you are suffering from allergies or asthma.

White Lotus is an organic bedding company specializing in making organic mattresses and mattress pads since 1981.

If you are allergic to wool, then pick this 100 cotton pad. It is two ″ inches thick and extremely comfortable.

The good thing is that the pad got layers of certified organic cotton inside and a 100% organic cotton cover. There is also a possibility to purchase it in double the depth for a luxurious, pillow-like feeling.

Wool pads do not make any noise when you move in your sleep, making it a fantastic selection for mild sleepers.

It is washable, making it simple to care for. Nonetheless, please assess the care directions before placing it in your washing machine!

Another wonderful thing about this matter pad is that, it is GOTS- or OEKO-TEX certified.

Traditional pads will release dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere, which may affect your health and sleep quality. Thus an organic pad is a thing to do in case you value your health and relaxation.

The plus point is that, it is made of 100% organic cotton, elegantly quilted in a natural ivory color.

While this organic mattress pad provides minimal cushion and relaxation, it is mainly made to absorb moisture and secure your mattress from spills, stains, skin oils, etc.


  • It comes with organic cotton, that is 100% GOTS certified.
  • The pad has two thickness options. You can choose from either two inches or four inches.

4. Downright 100% Cotton Top Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Cambric cotton cover The pad comes with a cambric cotton cover that ensures breathability and comfort
  • Washable – It is machine washable and dryable. This feature makes it hassle free.
  • Suitable for mild slippers – it is an exceptional mattress pad for Mile sleepers because of it’s noiseless feature

In case your old mattress is wearing out and you’re looking for something to add an extra layer of comfort then you need to look no further than this mattress pad.

As it’s produced of organic substances, it’s quite powerful. The organic substances are harmless to the skin and are extremely comfortable.

The item is not likely to fall apart. It’s also quite trendy, designed to allow air to pass through it.

That is in precise contrast to the numerous synthetic pads which require an excessive amount of heat to be comfy. In case you sweat a lot during the night, the product contains decent moisture-wicking properties, which could keep you comparatively dry, depending on the degree of your situation.

You ought to be aware that the pad inclines to shrink. Depending on how you decide to wash it, it may shrink so make sure you follow all the necessary instructions

It is designed to extend the life of your mattress while also improving your comfort.

Its 6-inch quilted diamond tiles which will avoid the cotton fill from shifting. It also utilizes an elasticized spandex skirt to stay secure as soon as you place it set up.

You may get it using 14-inch or 20-inch pockets. The best cover is made of cambric cotton with an adequate thread count of 200.

It’s 100 percent cotton fill that is firm, supportive, and cool. The cover is 100 percent cotton that is a breathable, organic substance that’s simple to keep.


  • It is 100% covered and filled with cotton.
  • It has six inches diamond stitch.
  • It has a fully elastic spandex skirt.


Mattress pads are amazing because they save a lot of expenses. There is no need to buy a new mattress even if it is wearing out if you have a mattress pad with you.

The most wonderful thing about an organic mattress pad is that it is a thousand times better than synthetic mattress pads. With proper care and attention, these pads will stay with you for an extended period of time. However, it is important to follow the washing instructions to consider the durability of your organic mattress pad.

A lot of manufacturers claim that they make 100% Organic cotton mattress pad but in reality, there are only a few who follow the standards.

We come up with some of the best products available in the market related to organic mattress pads. Now the ball is in your court. Make it count.

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