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AllerEase Mattress Protector

Aller ease ultimate mattress protector changed my life for good. One of the key reasons for household allergies is the accumulation of dust or bacteria fraternity right inside the mattress. I am also an allergy-stricken American woman who had been downed several times by the so-called protective brands.

The ordeal comes to an end when I finally come across a genuinely protective brand – AllerEase. Someone from my office recommended AllerEase to me, and my life turned upside down. AllerEase brought such comfort in my life that I could not resist trying all of its four major variants.

Firstly, let me give the readers an idea about what AllerEase is;

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AllerEase borrowed its Aller from the Allergy. The brand mainly produces mattress and pillow protectors and claims to have overarching protection from dust and allergies by 99%. I second this claim thanks to my innate sensitive skin, and I honestly found it helpful and standing by its claim.

AllerEase produces a variety of protectors for pillows and mattresses, and this is its optimal efficiency that deals evenhandedly with almost every type of brand. AllerEase is anathema for spills, mold, microbes, bed bugs, allergens, and all the little minions. This easy-to-launch brand can also be laundered comfortably. The guest will welcome this rosy host free of spills, dust, and grime.

I witnessed the experience with all the four significant variants of AllerEase and found them perfectly on-spot. I would elaborate on the nitty-gritty of the forerunning versions.

Lets’s have a look on what AllerEase is offering:

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AllerEase Ultimate Mattress Protector

Allerease ultimate mattress protector is a wonder in itself. The 12% nylon and 88% polyester combination make up a perfect combination to keep the allergies a mile away. Moreover, the temperature balancing technology adjusts the body temperature to be comfortable and relaxed. Ultimate mattress protector also extends the mattress life against foreign incursion.

Body heat is aptly absorbed by this premium quality variant that is a good heat soaker, unlike plastic or vinyl. It includes an antimicrobial fabric finish to thwart foul odors in the very first place. Allergists all over America recommend this variant as an urgent relief to natural Allergies. Fortunately, the variant comes with a 10-year warranty and lifetime customer support.

AllerEase Ultimate Allergy Protection and Comfort Zippered Mattress Protector

AllerEase Ultimate Allergy Protection and Comfort Zippered Mattress Protector Full

I have been facing the problem of red bruises and constant itching after every sleep. A lot of dermatologists were consulted but to no avail. Even, I tried the protectors of several ilks, but most of these failed to block the allergens competently.

At last, I tried the AllerEase Ultimate mattress protector. To my pleasant surprise, my allergy problem vanished into thin air the very next night. I corroborate the claim of 99.9% dust, mite, and dander blockade by this extreme protection variant of AllerEase.

The 98% polyester manufacturing provides a heavenly touch to the tender skin. Moreover, the design is purely on ergonomic lines with a mix of waterproofness and breathability. I found it a perfect product for making the mattresses and pillows allergy-free.


  • A lifetime warranty brings ultimate peace of mind.
  • Expertly designed construction blocks 99.9% incursion.
  • The variant is value for money considering the ultimate comfort.


  • Not fully waterproof, gushing water could seep in.

Reason to Recommended

AllerEase Ultimate mattress protector is highly recommended considering the credentials of being the best allergy safeguard for the mattresses. Personal experience corroborates the effectiveness, and I am damn sure that the usage would let all the skin-related worries mitigate naturally—no more irritants during sleep.

2. AllerEase Platinum

I have constantly been foraying for the 360° protection and, at last, stumbled upon the fantastic AllerEase Platinum. This allerease maximum allergy & bedbug mattress protector has a 360° zip-off top that keeps the bed quality clean. Amazingly, the platinum variant allows the plush top to lay off for frequent laundering in lukewarm water.

A platinum variant is not just a bacteria control protector, and it also ensures adequate sleep through the two revolutionary fabric technologies. Finally, the buck stops at the allergens, bed bugs, and accidental spills; the Platinum user has not even heard of these anomalies—a highly recommended variant for family bedding.

The Platinum variant comes up in four sizes of Twin, Full, Queen, and King with a ten-year-long warranty.


After using the basic Ultimate variant of AllerEase, I started looking for some more comfortable options. Nevertheless, I did not wish to opt-in a protector in the same vein, not truly allergy-free.

The selection stopped at AllerEase Platinum, and this is perhaps the best decision of my life. AllerEase Platinum is a premium patented mattress protector that also uses a 369° zip-off top. Moreover, the revolutionary fabric technology strikes a fine chord between wholesome health and pleasing aesthetics.


  • Optimally inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  • Platinum upper cover can also be unworn to entertain in the laundry.
  • Temperature balancing technology saves from hot sleeping.


  • Not fully waterproof.

Reason to Recommended

This Platinum version of AllerEase is a one-size-fits-all sort of mattress protector that does not lag in any genre, whether it be an anti-allergy campaign or serenity in sleep. This Good Samaritan posture of Platinum lays the foundation of recommending it to all desperate for high-end sleep.

3. AllerEase Zippered

The aller ease zippered mattress protector version is especially for those who do not want to sacrifice comfort for protection. The prime quality fabric prevents bacteria infestation in the first place. The bacteria fraternity could easily be washed away through the unzipped protector.

Moreover, the aller ease maximum mattress protector is a bulwark against mites, dust, pet dander, bed bugs, pollen, and household allergens. AllerEase Zippered variant is machine washable and could easily be maintained with the gentle swings of a home washing machine. No professional help is required.

AllerEase Maximum Allergy Pillow Protector

Aller-Ease AllerEase Maximum Allergy Pillow Protector, Standard/Queen-2 Pack, White

When I had my first baby, I was content to have the AllerEase protection. Still, eventually, I stuck into the quagmire that the constant rolling of infant rolls over the bedding of the mattress and protector. The sleep dressing was at worst, and it would seem that the war of Waterloo had been held.

On the other hand, I did not want to lose the all-weather allergy protector of AllerEase. Fortunately, I found the Zippered version of AllerEase, and I just switched towards the Zippered variant sans, changing the allergy threshold.

The AllerEase Zippered variant provides the ultimate clasp to the mattress, besides extending the life. It’s a two-edged sword that never compromises on allergy standards and maintains a constant grip in the first place. A quiet night is a brownie point that you get every night on AllerEase Zippered version.


  • Zippers can be unworn and washed at the washing machine.
  • A lifetime limited warranty brings peace of mind.
  • The breathable fabric regulates the heat levels, an ideal scenario for hot sleepers.


  • Zippers can be broken during the vehemently rough washing spells.

Reason to Recommended

The night is the ventilation point when you let the exhaust out of all day tiredness. If the serenity of the night breaks up by the crunches of screeching sound, then all the other goodness runs down the drain. The compromise on health should not be made too. A nice mediocre way is to strike a deal with AllerEase Zippered. Collect all the goodness from a single protector.

AllerEase Waterproof

The aller ease waterproof mattress protector variant of AllerEase comprises 100% polyester layered with imported polyethylene film that blocks 100% wetness and up to 99.9% of dirt, dust, pet dander, and mite. The waterproof design blocks the liquids from seeping into the mattress and keeps the kid and pet up and dry. Zero exposure to the liquid extends the mattress life manifold and keeps the mattress clean and fresh. Moreover, the allerease waterproof allergy protection zippered mattress is blended with FlexFit technology that aptly snugs the sleeper with a quiet and soft aura. The machine-washable version also possesses a limited lifetime warranty.

In my sleeping career, I tried the four products of AllerEase and found them truly helpful for different scenarios. Let’s see how I switched from one variant to another and found these all truly solacing for a nice sleep. The below arguments are my very personal accounts, and the reader will be stunned to see its similarities to the abovementioned official narrative of AllerEase.

AllerEase Waterproof Allergy Protection

AllerEase Waterproof Allergy Protection Zippered Mattress Protector King

When the infant grew up, another problem arose out; the wet bed every night. To counter this issue, I had to look forward to finding a waterproof variant and fortunately got one right under the brand name of AllerEase.

The AllerEase Waterproof mattress protector comprises 100% pure polyester that blocks the likelihood of water seeping into the mattress. The waterproof design extends the life of the mattress and saves the sleeper from foul odors and stinking the bed.


  • Simple machine washable with zero expenditures on professional laundering.
  • Mattress life boosts up manifolds when there is zero impact of wetness.
  • Zero odors and stinking, the bed is always a pleasant avenue to sleep.


  • The waterproof case is a little stiffer than the other variants.

Reason to Recommended

90% of bacteria infestation is carried out at wet places. If we encounter and block the wetness levels in the first place, then allergy can not ensue. I recommend the Waterproof variant of the AllerEase as it provides ultimate relief against irritants of whatsoever kind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are AllerEase mattress protectors good?

Yes, the AllerEase mattress protector has proved efficient in terms of protection. It has competed at par with all the peer brands thanks to allergen protection, relief, waterproofness, and heat regulation.

Are AllerEase mattress protectors breathable?

Yes, AllerEase is stitched of purely breathable fabric that maintains and regulates the body heat. It means there are zero risks of hot sleeping.

Does AllerEase work for bed bugs?

Yes, bed bugs and sister insects infest into the places where the climes are perfect. If the protector is breathable and proper ventilation occurs, then there is no worry about bed bugs. AllerEase thwarts the possibilities of bed bugs promotion in the first place.

Can you wash the AllerEase mattress protector?

AllerEase mattress protector is machine washable and can be maintained at home. No more expensive laundry visits are required.

What are AllerEase protectors made up of?

AllerEase protectors are made up of a variety of materials ranging from polyester to cotton fabric. The material is cherry-picked according to need analysis.


All in all, if one is fretted by the constant blows of the bacteria, allergies, pet dander, gushing spills, dirt, dust, or mites on your mattress, then perhaps the best resort is to come under the shadow of AllerEase. AllerEase is an excellent brand that, besides rolling out the basic Ultimate version, extends Platinum, Zippered, and Waterproof variants to the customized lovers.

Not only does AllerEase care for wholesome health, but it also extends the shelf life of the mattress. Moreover, the sleep irritants are organically phased out, and the sleeper enjoys the very best sleep to be ready for new daily challenges. Have a try; the buyer will be enchanted for time immemorial.

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