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Bed Bugs Mattress covers Twin XL Size

Before we talk about the magnitude of the effect of bed bugs, it is essential to listen to a story about Mrs. Robert.

Mrs. Robert was hypochondriac. It has been two years since she bought her first mattress. For a few months, she was always itching and scratching herself specifically at night. Like millions of people, she searched Google so she could know why she was having all that itching. Google told her that it could be a mile type of cancer.

Because Mrs. Robert was hypochondriac, so she went to an oncologist and asked for her treatment. The oncologist did specific tests but found that she didn’t have cancer at all. He requested Mrs. Robert to visit a dermatologist. She did what she was asked. She was surprised to know that she had itching and scratching because of bed bugs.

Like millions of other people, Mrs. Robert never took bed bugs seriously. Many times she even refused to acknowledge that the nasty pesticides were also present on her mattress. Now that things were bright, she was shocked.

A naked mattress is the most vulnerable entity. Unless a mattress cover protects, it is not going to survive from the invasion of bed bugs.

What are bed bugs, and why do they thrive so well in a mattress?

Bed bugs belong to the class of pesticides, and they are quite dangerous. Millions of people have different hypersensitivities because of these tiny, nasty germs. People end up having these allergies because they do not consider protecting their mattress with a mattress cover. But how a mattress contributes to the invasion of bed bugs?

Without any protective covering, mattresses are the most vulnerable. All-day long, we keep spilling things on our mattress without bothering to consider the consequences. At one moment, a child drops a coconut on it, the other moment it’s the coffee.

All this dampness gets into the mattress to create an ideal space for the breeding of bed bugs. Bed bugs are attracted to humid places to thrive. A vulnerable mattress provides that space.

Over time without any protection, your mattress keeps attracting these nasty pesticides to itself. Slowly and steadily, this attraction ruins the bed forever. There is only one way to protect the vulnerable mattress, and that is by having a mattress cover.

But why a Mattress Cover?

Let’s say that you want to protect your mattress with a sheet. The dilemma is that a sheet is also an article of clothing. Water can get through it quickly. The best thing about a mattress cover is that it has been designed to protect your mattress.

Though it is a fabric, it can still stop bed bugs and dust mites from entering into your bedding. A Mattress cover encases the mattress from all the six sides. This way, bed bugs on dust mites do not get to enter your mattress. No bed bugs in the mattress mean no allergies or visits to the dermatologist.

UltraBlock Twin Extra Long (Twin XL) Waterproof Mattress Cover

Ultra block is too good for words, and it is even best for your mattress. A mattress needs protection from a lot of threats, and an ultra block mixture makes sure of it.

The hundred percent waterproof characteristics of this fantastic mattress cover will make sure that you have your peace of mind when you sleep. You can trust this mattress cover because it will protect you against dust mites and many other unwanted elements. Even if it has to take the strikes to itself, it is up for that.

The best thing about this mattress cover is that it is hushed. It will not be making any crackling noises, and you will have a quality sleep you deserve on its extremely breathable fabric.

People are right to doubt the fact that because a mattress cover is an inexpensive asset, it may not be very comfortable. This is not the case. Ultra block is not only convenient, but it is also very breathable. Bed bugs will not be able to get through your mattress, but air will be able to get through it so you can have a night of quality sleep.

Another striking feature of this mattress cover is its cotton terry top plus hi-tech backing. The backing will keep you and your family safe because it will help eliminate bed bugs and dust mites.

Having this mattress cover means that you will have the protection against mold and mildew as well. It is safe, non-toxic, and it does not have any plastic material.


  • The mattress cover will fit comfortably without any difficulty.
  • This one has non-toxic material.
  • Ultra block is machine washable and elastic.

Viewstar Waterproof Mattress Protector Twin XL Extra Long Mattress Cover

Viewstar is the ultimate option if you are looking for a mattress cover to protect you against various foreign elements. It would help if you remembered that insects and liquids could be the cause of so many allergies. These allergies can further lead to severe health issues.

A mattress is an ideal place for insects to thrive especially when they get liquids inside in case of spillovers, and only a mattress cover can stop the spillovers. Viewstar is the ultimate choice because it is one of the best mattress covers available in the market.

The beautiful thing about this cover is that it is incredibly breathable. It will also allow you to have a beautiful sleep. Also, it can be an ideal choice for small kids because they will sleep peacefully on it due to its breathability characteristics.

Another thing that is very promising in this mattress cover is its fitted sheet style cover that is machine washable.

The incredible elastic characteristics of this mattress cover will keep it in place, so it doesn’t slip or bunch up. The stretchable deep pocket skirt of this mattress cover will even fit the mattresses that are more than 18 inches thick.

It is ultimately the best choice because it blocks the bedbugs from all sides. Make sure you put this cover in a gentle cycle, so it retains its original qualities.


  • A fantastic choice for toddlers.
  • Extremely comfortable and extremely durable.
  • It can be washed in the comfort of your home.

Kingnex Extra Long Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector

Having Kingnex as a mattress cover for the protection of bed bugs is the best investment. Not only this mattress cover is different from the others, but it is also making waves for all the right reasons.

The incredible feature of this mattress cover is its bamboo material. The bamboo material makes it a premium level mattress protector. Cotton and bamboo blend of this mattress cover is so exquisite that you may not find its likes anywhere else.

Another fantastic thing about this mattress cover is its incredible invisible barrier against bed bugs. You may not see what is protecting your mattress from the tiny creatures, but the battle will be there. The burial will protect you from dust mites and bed bugs; it will also protect you from accidental spills.

It doesn’t matter how many enemies are trying to surround your mattress in the presence of this mattress cover; nothing can get in.

Kingnex is a reputed brand, and it has been the market for long. One can trust this mattress cover with eyes closed because it is that good.

When the need arises, it is entirely ok to wash it in the machine, otherwise clean it up with the damp cloth and some deodorant. Its adjustability is not only splendid but also very handy. Also, you can dry it in the air.


  • It is probably the most splendid choice in hypoallergenic mattress covers.
  • This one has a fitted sheet design with a deep pocket.
  • It is 100% waterproof.


No one casually allows the bedbugs to invade the mattress, but they are likely to be there without any protection. Make sure you protect your bed against the tiny pesticides because they breed fast.

We have reviewed some of the best twin XL mattress covers. Now it is up to you to compare them and make a choice.

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