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egg crate foam mattress toppers

The Mattress topper, an extra super-comfy layer on the mattress, is the other half mattress. Without toppers, the mattress does not provide optimal smoothness especially when it deteriorates. There are various toppers, ranging from extra lavish to medical-grade items, are available on the market. And egg crate foam mattress toppers are considered best.

Toppers offer all the comforts of a serene sleep while, on the other hand, caters to health-related needs.

The one-size-fits-all topper is the “Egg crate foam mattress topper.” The topper broke the ceiling right after its commercial launch. Here are some of the glittering features that make it popular across the board.

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Best Features of Egg Crate Foam Mattress Toppers?

These toppers are ideal for a lot of things. Lets dive deep and see its best features.

Egg crate mattress topper is a perfect mix of luxury and care

Egg crate mattress topper has incorporated the plush of high-end products to care for medical-grade bedding items. This unique occurrence makes the egg crate mattress topper equally popular to be used in homes and nursing houses, and dormitories.

The dual role of egg crate mattress topper serves the masses with optimal care and cure.

This feature is almost non-existent in other contemporary brands.  

The ebb and crest topper helps in maintaining regular airflow

The egg carte and eggshell mattress topper is designed in a unique ebb and crest manner to maintain regular airflow. This mechanism helps in preventing the building of pressure and bed sores.

At the same time, this extra care is highly recommended for bedridden patients.

The ebb and crest design is customized to cater to the needs of hot sleepers.

Egg crate mattress toppers are durable

Not only are egg crate mattress toppers durable, but they also extend the life of the mattress. This topper acts as extra protection on the old mattress, and the covering prevents the mattress from direct exposure to spills and stains.

According to an American study, a proper mattress topper can extend the mattress’s life up to 30%.

Egg crate mattress toppers help in attaining longevity.

Rejuvenates the whole mattress

Changing the whole mattress requires a hefty investment, and given the pandemic, it is not a cost-effective choice.

The topper is the mattress’s face, and just a change of economical egg crate topper would rejuvenate the whole mattress. So this is the most attractive reason to prefer egg crate foam mattress toppers.

Egg crate design is aesthetically pleasing

The unique up and down pattern of the Eggshell mattress topper is aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes. If you perched the Egg crate mattress topper on your matters, nobody would resist starting this aesthetic wonder. This is a comfy choice for your home’s decor.

Why is Egg Crate Mattress Topper are the Number One Choice of Physicians?

Although a commonly used household product, the Egg crate mattress topper is a medical-grade topper. Nevertheless, the extra comfort has bestowed on it the tendency to compete with high-end luxury products. The unique design helps in ensuring a regular flow of air. This helps in preventing heat traps and soothing the itching skin.

These toppers are highly recommended for bedridden and infirm patients who are prone to skin infestation. The combined effect of care and cure has perched egg crate at the top list of customers’ choices.

There are various egg crate mattress toppers available in the market, and the customer often gets confused in selecting a viable choice among a variety of products. Acknowledging your time and choice, a creme de la creme mattress topper will be reviewed for you.

The same mattress topper contrasts with the second-best for elaboration.

1. LUCID 2 Inch 5 Zone Lavender Memory Foam Mattress Topper 

When it comes to choosing a terrific mattress topper for your mattress, the two immediate sparkles in your life are LUCID and Sure2Sleep. Both are competing for retaining and extending the customer base by tooth and nail. LUCID raises a winner here. Why? Let’s elaborate.

These are the reasons why we pick out the LUCID as our recommended topper over Sure2Sleep. However, you may also go for Sure2Sleep as a second choice. Both products uphold quality.

Key Features

  • Compliance with body contours – LUCID two-inch lavender egg crate mattress topper provides a deep sink – providing a deep lavender-infused plush to mold with body contours.
  • Scented – lavender-infused egg crate mattress topper is a constant fragrance provider.
  • A pressure reducer – LUCID toppers intelligently manage the pressure points of the body.

Many customers fear uncomfortable sleep, especially when using a medical-grade product. Nonetheless, LUCID does not dismay its customers. The sleeper feels perched on a cloud when using the LUCID topper. This sensation is an open verdict of the brand’s unparalleled quality, and that is why it is more significant than Sure2Sleep.

Did you know that your body releases nine types of foul odors during sleep? The same foul scents get stinky in hot weather. This is not the case with the LUCID mattress topper as the sweet fragrance counters the foul smell and makes your night a lively night. Sure2Sleep does not provide any odor, and that is why it’s on the second number.

Pressure Management is the prime quality of egg crate mattress toppers, and LUCID has upheld this tradition with utmost care. Pressure management is a tested way to relieve anxiety and stress during sleep. Sleep is a phase of life that sucks out all the day’s tiredness. Simultaneously, an uncomfortable sleeping surface spoils the gains and makes you unprepared to brace for the new daily challenges.

Unlike Sure2Sleep, LUCID toppers are designed ergonomically. The ergonomic design mitigates the risks of tossing and turning. This also prevents the fear of bunching. It is one of the best egg crate mattress toppers.

This two-inch egg crate mattress topper is exceptionally airy, soft, and responsive. A dainty topper cannot compete in isolation, and to remain floated, it needs to incorporate some of its cutting-edge features into it. LUCID mattress toppers have also added almost all of the positive aspects of the contemporary mattress toppers, such as ventilation, softness, and pressure response.

Overall, ventilation, comfort, and pressure management are the top features of Lucid mattress toppers, making it our top choice.


  • The mattress topper allows the right amount of airflow.
  • It is more comfortable than contemporary toppers.
  • Suitable for backache or spinal issues.


  • It isn’t easy to wash this mattress topper at home.

2. Sure2Sleep 5-Zone Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Key Features

  • Gel-infused – The two-inch egg crate mattress topper by Sure2Sleep is infused with swirling gel. The gel keeps the body cool and hydrant.
  • Five-zone design – The five-zone system is a top-notch technology to adjust the lousy sleeping contours automatically. The automatic adjustment rectifies the sleeping positions with utmost care.  
  • Ensures a great night’s sleep – topper’s sinking depth ensures a peaceful sleep sans concomitant fears of disturbance.

Sure2Sleep is our second-best option because of its quality.

The topper is to sleep. And what if the very purpose cannot be achieved by placing a topper on your mattress? The two-inch deep Sure2Sleep mattress topper’s sinking depth ensures an undisturbed sleep without concomitant fears of disturbance.

If summer is approaching your terrain, you must consider changing your topper with Sure2Sleep. The topper has a cooling surface, and this same feature is even absent in lucid. The cooling feature helps in the prevention of heat traps and entertaining the body with soothing coldness.

The cooling mattress pad engages hot sleepers with a consistent breeze during sleep. Gel infusion also improves sleep quality and is a proven barrier against sores.

Far too many sleepers are caught up with the chronic pains owing to a bad sleeping lifestyle. Sure2Sleep brand resolved this lingering issue with a five-zone design.

Unlike LUCID, this mattress topper is designed with unique open-cell technology. This technology helps in making the topper breathable. It avoids bad breath. The foul smell of the body disturbs the sleep. This menace is aptly handled by Sure2Sleep mattress topper.

We can hope that its best that you find and your search for egg crate mattress topper reviews will end here.


  • The topper successfully handled bodily foul smell.
  • The cooling feature makes it a valued entity in the summer.
  • 5 zone is a definite plus.


  • Washing it over and over will deteriorate it’s comfort badly.

We hope that you have just understood the reason for giving LUCID a slight edge over Sure2Sleep. Let’s fast-forward to the final verdict.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top reason for having a lucid mattress topper?

Lucid mattress topper is best for relieving pressure points. Therefore it is an ideal choice for people with severe spinal issues.

My mattress has a foul smell; what should I do?

The best thing about a lucid mattress topper is that it effectively tackles the bodily foul smell. It permeates a heavenly scent throughout the night.

What is a five-zone technology?

Five zone technology automatically adjusts the topper according to body contours.

Does the cooling feature of this mattress topper distribute the cool evenly?

Yes! It is the best cooling mattress topper available in the market that evenly distributes the cooling effect.
What are the downsides that declare the Sure2Sleep a second choice against the LUCID mattress topper:
These are some of the points that tilt the favor towards LUCID against Sure2Sleep.

Final Verdict

Both mattress toppers are the state of the art choice in the egg crate domain. But LUCID’s two-inch egg-crate mattress topper strives successfully to get the top position, while on the other hand, Sure2Sleep also gives a tough time to the LUCID and other contemporary products. Here are few points that convince us to choose LUCID.

  • Sure2Sleep mattress topper is gel infused. The swirling gel might be a blessing during hot nights, but the gel gets frozen during winter and irritates the sleeper with the itching chill.
  • Gel-infused toppers like Sure2Sleep are not efficient throughout their careers. The toppers wither away over time, and the efficiency grades do not remain the same. This is not the case with the lavender infusion that is adopted by LUCID.
  • The five-zone design adopted by Sure2Sleep may, although occasionally, cause bunching and bumping on the mattress. The same can be settled after sleep, but it is indeed not a flaw to neglect in the corporate sector. This is not the case with LUCID.

Our pick is LUCID. Nevertheless, Sure2Sleep could also be an excellent customized choice for potential buyers. Hopefully, our resource will help you to find the best egg crate foam mattress topper.

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