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Best King Size Mattress Covers

A Mattress is a valued entity, and you possibly cannot get it below 3000 dollars. Some people believe that it is ok to feel rejoiced and rejuvenated after the purchase of a mattress without being bothered about the fact that it is going to be soiled. People may ask this question to themselves. Why do I need a mattress cover when I have a beautiful mattress with me?

The best king size mattress cover protects your mattress from spillovers and all foreign elements, will also make your sleeping experience better.

When it comes to protection, nothing can probably protect your mattress from external threats other than a king-sized mattress cover. A king size mattress cover is too good to be true, and it does a fantastic job.

Protect your mattress from accidental spills, pet dander, fluids, and it also protects it against dust mites and bed bugs. It would help if you thought about buying a mattress cover before even purchasing a mattress because this way, you will be investing in your mattress in the right direction.

Things to Consider Before Buying a King Size Mattress Cover

It is not enough to see a mattress cover online, click on add to cart option. Your mattress can be the breeding ground for a lot of things. It can get into a lot of threats. Before getting a mattress cover, it is imperative to look into different factors, so you end up buying a good one.

Is it Breathable?

This is the question you should ask yourself before going to buy a mattress cover. Sometimes a mattress cover is an excellent repellent against bed bugs, dust mites, or other external threats, but it is hardly breathable. You are likely to get the worst sleep of your life after getting such a mattress, so consider this fact first and foremost.

Is it Pest Proof?

This is another essential point to consider before going for a mattress cover. It would help if you remembered that only a zippered king-sized mattress cover would provide pest-proof characteristics.


Unless a mattress cover is waterproof, it cannot protect the accidental mattress spills and gross bodily fluids. A waterproof mattress cover will add a lot of value to your mattress, and that is why you should consider it.

Let’s talk about some of the best king size mattress covers available in the market.

1. Adoric King Size Mattress Protector

Everybody desires to enjoy a warm and comfortable sleep, but not everybody can fulfill this desire. People find it hard to protect their mattresses from foreign invaders like fluids, stains, bugs, etc. Many brands offer several protection facilities through their mattress protectors, but in reality, those protectors do not perform well enough.

Adoric king size mattress cover is nothing like that. It fulfills its promises with dignity and makes sure to give you what you desire.

You can redefine your sleep with this fantastic breathable mattress cover and enjoy a calm and comforting slumber.

This mattress cover shuns away from the allergens with the help of its hypoallergenic backing along with providing enough room for air to pass through it and keep your mattress fresh. It is entirely free of harmful chemicals like PVC, phthalates, etc.

This TPU certified mattress cover act as a strong wall between the mattress and the pests and makes sure to keep all sorts of bed bugs and dust mites away. Also, the 100% waterproof feature of this mattress cover makes it more appealing and more capable of taking care of you and your mattress.

A full laundry is not advised that it can be washed in a machine.


  • It is probably the best shield that you can get for your mattress.
  • The incredible characteristics of this mattress cover will add a lot of value to your mattress.
  • It can be washed at the comfort of your house.

2. DMI Zippered Plastic Waterproof King Mattress Cover

In order to enjoy a good night’s sleep, it is mandatory to keep in mind the well being of your mattress. Mattresses are not just those accessories that are hidden under the bedsheets, they are much more than that. If somebody spills some water or juice on your mattress, it will not leave it within an instant, and because of this, you won’t be able to rest on your bed. Even if the moisture leaves, the stain will remain there.

That is why the protection of your mattress from such accidents is critical in order to feel comfortable at all times.

DMI king size waterproof mattress cover will provide your mattress with the safety that it deserves. It is designed in such a manner that it allows air to pass through it but blocks away from the liquid particles. Your mattress can become home to several allergens, but this mattress cover, with the help of its hypoallergenic surface, keeps all such filth away from it. To feel healthy and fresh, you must not allow any sorts of pests to invade your mattress and destroy your sleeping place.

DMI king-sized mattress covers guard your mattress to its fullest and keeps all these vicious creatures far from it. This zippered mattress cover is safe to use and is undoubtedly the best.


  • It is fully zippered and does not allow the intrusion of pesticides.
  • It can be washed at home with the gentle spin of a machine.

3. Allergy Relief by AllerEase Zippered Mattress Protector

Allergens and bugs are usually small particles and organisms that tend to hide in shady or damp places. Your mattress may be a good sleeping companion, but it is most certainly the perfect habitat for such allergens and bugs. They can seep right through it and hide in the dark spots. They usually attack during the night and cause several issues that include itching, redness of eyes, scars, difficulty in breathing, etc.

All these problems can bring disastrous results if not handled properly. Aller Ease king size mattress cover is specifically designed by AllerEase company to handle this particular issue.

No matter how small they are, allergens and bugs can become life-threatening if not taken care of properly. Allergy relief mattress covers come with a robust hypoallergenic surface that vigorously fights all sorts of allergens and keeps your family and mattress safe.

The advanced zipper technology provides no room for the bugs to infest on your bed and destroy it. This mattress cover not only helps maintain an allergen-free environment but also extends the life of your mattress. 


  • When it comes to productivity, then it is the top-rated mattress cover.
  • It can be washed at home without the addition of bleach.

4. Spahr King Size Bedding Bed Bug Mattress Cover 

Being a pet owner can become exhausting when all you want to do is to let your pet sleep with you on the bed but cannot allow it to do so because of the fear of pet dander, pet hair, and even germs. Pet dander and pet hair are hard to get rid of once it invades your mattress. Spahr king-sized mattress covers will allow you to do as you please and protect your mattress from pet dander, hair, and other sorts of allergens.

You can sleep with your pet and keep it close to you under all circumstances once you cover your bed with this mattress cover. It covers your mattress thoroughly from all six sides, and because of its extra sufficient hypoallergenic backing, it keeps away the allergens at all costs.

It has a secure grip and amazing zipping qualities that prohibit the bed bugs and dust mites from traversing through it. From being hypoallergenic to being an excellent pest repellent, from being 100% waterproof to be easy to fit and easy to wash, this mattress cover has it all.


  • 100% waterproof
  • It will block pesticides.
  • It can be washed at home.

5. Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector

Bamboo is a material that has an excellent tendency to wick away the moisture and maintain a cool and dry atmosphere. When used in a mattress cover, this material plays a significant role in waterproofing and providing the right amount of breathability. Masirs king-sized mattress cover uses bamboo as a fabric that makes its breathable and waterproof abilities long-lasting and effective.

This mattress cover is easy to clean and take care of, unlike other mattress covers because of vinyl. Because of the presence of elastic at its borders, it is easy to fit and easy to remove. Like any other good mattress cover, this one also has remarkable features that help it cope with allergens and bug issues.

No species of bed bugs, dust mites or allergens will be able to break this shield and infest your mattress. When you cover your mattress with this mattress protector, a lot of your worries will automatically be resolved.

You can have your breakfast in bed and can even sleep with your pet because of it. Also, because of its hypoallergenic tendencies, you won’t have to worry about your family members’ health as no amount of allergens will be able to disturb them in any way possible.


  • Without the addition of bleach, it can be washed at home.


  • It may not always be noiseless.

6. WEEKENDER Fitted Jersey Mattress Protector

The weekender king-sized mattress cover with a 10-year warranty is composed of breathable Jersey fabric that maintains the natural feel of your mattress. Because it’s lightweight, you won’t even feel as if there is some sheet that is surrounding your mattress from all six sides. It acts like your silent best friend that protects you from all the troubles and hurdles.

This thin king-sized mattress cover acts as a top allergen and water repellent. You no longer have to worry about the watery eyes and continuous itching if you cover your mattress with this protector. One of the best features of this mattress cover is that its fitted sheet style contains a knit skirt that makes it easier to snuggle over your mattress and cover it thoroughly from all sides.

The zipping and secure grip enables it to protect your mattress against bugs and mites. In short, all the features that are a necessity when it comes to the protection of your bed are present in this single mattress protector.


  • Thoroughly repelled bed bugs and dust mites.
  • Waterproof
  • It adds a lot of value to the mattress.

7. Sealy Posturepedic King Size Mattress Protector

Nobody wants to wake up congested because of the accumulation of allergens on their mattresses. Allergens can cause havoc if left unattended. Allergens and bugs multiply so quickly that they can turn into thousands of themselves within a few hours. Sealy king size mattress cover, with its easy installation, protects your mattress from these microscopic organisms.

Because of its firm grip and extraordinary zipping qualities, it can guard your mattress against tiny little creatures against all the odds. Through thick and thin, this mattress protector will stay by your side like a genuine and sincere friend. This mattress cover does not let allergens; bugs, let alone fluids deteriorate the quality of your mattress.

The protection and safety that it provides are worth a lot, and if you want to enjoy a comfortable life, you should choose it as the long life partner for your mattress. By covering your mattress with this cover, you will be able to release yourself from the worries of being extra careful while drinking or eating something on your bed.

Your health will also be improved as bed bugs, and dust mites will become nothing but a distant memory.

8. SureGuard Mattress Encasement

SureGuard mattress encasement, the one for king-sized mattresses, is perfectly suited for your bed. It has many characteristics that make it the best mattress cover that you will ever find.

This one is a six-sided premium mattress cover that encloses your mattress from all sides. This protection is a must-step for your mattress. Once there is protection from all six teams, allergies, bed bugs, or dust mites will not find any way to penetrate your mattress. 

It is 100% waterproof. This means why you do not need to worry about any stains on your mattress.

It does not matter if your baby has wet the mattress or your husband accidentally spilled the cup of coffee on your bed, none of this will be able to pass through this encasement and invade your memory foam mattress.

Nothing will protect your mattress from accidental spills then this one, and that is why it enjoys excellent reviews.

Furthermore, the invisible zip and SureSeal technology used in this protector helps block all sorts of bed bugs, dust mites, or other pests from destroying your mattress. They will not be able to enter your mattress at all. Also, its hypoallergenic ability blocks all sorts of allergens, mold, mildew, or bacteria.

Let’s say that you are allergic to dust, or let’s say that you have asthma. In this situation, if there is one mattress protector that will not allow soil to invade your mattress, it is SureGuard.

Last but not least, the 100% cotton terry top is very soft and does not create any disturbance or noise when someone is lying on it. You will enjoy a peaceful sleep at night when you go for this fantastic mattress protector.

9. AirExpect Waterproof Mattress Protector King Size 

Everybody desires a life full of health and comfort. People work day and night to create a better experience, but they often ignore the one thing that has a considerable contribution to their lives. Our mattresses are our sleeping partners, and to get a better night’s sleep, it is imperative to take good care of them.

A night of good sleep is the way to a happy and healthy life. To achieve that, you must do everything in your hand to keep your mattress safe from harmful invaders. Air Expect is a king size mattress cover with upgraded cotton and waterproof membrane layer. The smooth cotton terry surface is not just crinkled free but is also suitable for the skin as it is quite soft in its texture.

The TPU layer also provides enough room for air to pass through it and maintain the right level of breathability. Also, once you cover your mattress with Air Expect mattress protector, you will not have to worry about bed bugs, mold, dust mites, or any other pests. The hypoallergenic backing protects you from all these allergens, while the exceptional zipper technology used in this mattress does not provide any path for these bugs to pass through.

Furthermore, the 100% waterproof feature of this mattress keeps your mattress from ugly looking stains and accidental spills. Easy to fit and easy to clean, this mattress protector is the perfect companion to your bed.

10. LINENSPA Bed Bug Proof Mattress Encasement Protector

Linespa mattress cover is another mattress cover that is highly suitable for your mattress. It may look thin in appearance, but it is waterproof and protects your mattress like any other thick mattress cover.

This covers all six sides of the mattress and does not let any bed bugs or allergens get through it at all.

The way it makes a 360-degree angle around your mattresses is praiseworthy.

Also, it is easy to take off and wash in the regular washing machines that you use for washing your clothes at home. Some mattress protectors will give you a hard time at the time of washing, but not this one. Other than this, it does not create any crinkling, hence ensuring a comfortable sleep. It is composed of breathable fabric, which creates a cooling effect and makes you feel at peace. If you have a toddler at home, this mattress protector is the best protector you can have for him.

This full encasement design protects your mattress from all sorts of spills, fluids, perspiration, by forming a 360-degree waterproof barrier. Lastly, it also shields your mattress from dust mites, allergens, bed bugs, etc.

If you want to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night, then this one is a must. There are millions of reasons to buy it, and one being is the fact that it comes with a ten-year warranty. You can get a refund in 30 days in case you don’t get the liking.

As far as the washing instructions are concerned, then a full laundry is not advised. But it can be washed in a machine without the addition of bleach.

11. King Size Premium 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector

Family is an essential asset that a person can have. One must take every possible measure to protect his family from all sorts of troubles. You can also protect your family with the help of an efficient mattress protector that is not composed of harmful or toxic chemicals. Vinyl, PVC, and phthalates, chemicals that can harm your children or grandparents.

This king-size premium mattress cover is the safest choice for your mattress and for your family because it is free of toxins.

You do not have to worry about the allergies that these chemicals can cause at all. Also, your family can get a soothing sleep because it is noiseless. The feel of your mattress will remain the same as this mattress cover has an ultra-thin design composed of soft woven microfiber.

It embraces your mattress from all sides and does not provide any room for the pests to pass through. The TPU layer and hypoallergenic backing provide it with extra protection from liquids and fluids. Safe to use and a perfect fit for your mattress, this mattress cover can become an excellent health partner for you and your family.


  • A perfect partner for your family
  • Entirely safe for use in the presence of children.
  • Extremely breathable


  • Sometimes it can be not quiet.

12. MASVIS King Size Bamboo Mattress Protector

Bamboo is considered to be one of the most eco-friendly materials present on this planet. It is not only an excellent fire-resistant material, but its insulating properties are also beyond amazing. Bamboo, like fiber, can absorb body sweat and moisture and maintain a cold temperature.

Also, if you use bamboo fiber, you won’t have to worry about body odors ever as it has excellent antibacterial properties that keep you odor-free and safe. When it comes to mattress protectors, the ones that use bamboo fiber in their composition prove to be more reliable and durable.

MASVIS king-size bamboo mattress protector is composed of this fiber and contributes a lot in protecting your mattress and you from various problems. In addition to this, this mattress cover has excellent water-resistant properties that help in fighting off the stains and spills that can destroy the feel of your mattress.

The zipping technology and the way it encapsulates the whole mattress is remarkable and leaves no means for bugs or mites to infest on your mattress. With its easy to fit and easy to wash abilities, this mattress cover is a friend in disguise that you have been looking for your whole life.

13. Casper Sleep Waterproof Mattress Protector, King

Your mattress is not just a decorative piece but is your sleeping partner, too, and you must protect it from pests and bugs at all costs. The harmful viruses that cause many allergies, itching, scars, etc. in living beings, also deteriorate the quality of your mattress by continuously infesting it. Your neat and clean mattress will turn into a pale piece of stuffed fabric if you do not take an appropriate precaution.

Casper sleep king-sized mattress protector has all the features that guard against harmful blood-sucking insects and pests. The microscopic pores present in its fabric allow a reasonable amount of air to flow through it to keep it cool and provide enough breathability.

Although these pores allow air to pass through it yet no amount of liquids or fluids can even dream of crossing it. When it comes to cash, this mattress cover acts as a durable non-permeable membrane, which is 100% waterproof. Also, its 360-degree fitting style also covers up the entire mattress from all six sides and leave no room for any tiny insects to destroy the feel of your mattress.

14. Upgrade Waterproof Mattress Protector with Deep Pocket

If your mattress is not covered with a mattress protector, you might have noticed that there are times when you would wake up, drenched in your sweat. It is, by far, one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world. People usually think that there is no solution to this problem other than having an air conditioner, but that is not the case.

One of the most striking and remarkable features of a good mattress protector is its breath-ability. This is a process through which air can flow through your mattress cover and maintain a comfortable and calm temperature.

Magichome king size mattress protector is primarily known for this feature. When you cover your mattress with this mattress protector, your body heat will not be trapped and the mattress cover will also absorb your sweat.

This process will keep you dry and cool. In addition to having such amazing breathable properties, it is 100% water-resistant and repels all sorts of liquids, be it urine, sweat, juice, or any other fluids. Crinkling sounds accompany the materials used in most of the mattress covers, but this is not the case with Magichome king size mattress protector.

You will get a noiseless and peaceful sleep if you make use of this mattress cover. Having so many beautiful features, this mattress cover is completely reliable and durable enough to survive for generations to come. Also, another good thing about this mattress cover is that a single person can wash it at home, and a person alone can fit it on his mattress without creating a mess.

15. One’s Own King Size Premium Hypoallergenic

Bed bugs and dust mites love to infest on your mattresses because of the moisture present in them. To get rid of these vicious and frightening creatures, the first thing a person should do is to get rid of the environment in which they grow and reproduce. One’s own king size mattress protector is all you need to solve this issue.

The tiny eucalyptus fiber that is used in its composition wicks away moisture and creates an inhospitable environment for such pests. Not only this, but hypoallergenic backing also helps in deterring allergens that can cause serious problems, uneasiness, and diseases in human beings.

To make this mattress protector more extraordinary, a TPU backing is used that repels all sorts of liquids. It shields you from stains and spills, just like a warrior who shields you from the enemy. This mattress protector is made from environment-friendly material with a Thermo polyurethane layer that makes this mattress the best of all.

You will not only get a comfortable sleep because of the noiseless properties of this mattress protector, but you will also be saved from unnecessary itching, stains, and whatnot. A blessing in disguise and a knight in shining armor, this matters protector is everything that protects you from the troubles of this world.


  • this mattress cover is the best shield you can get for your mattress.
  • It has 100% waterproof characteristics.
  • It provides excellent protection against dust mites and bed bugs.


  • You may have to struggle a little with the installation of this mattress cover.


Many beautiful things are so good about a mattress cover, but the best thing is that it acts as an asset.

It would help if you remembered that a mattress cover is not an accessory; it is an integral part of a mattress, and there is no reason for not getting it along with the mattress itself.

An ideal mattress cover protects the mattress like a shield. Not only is the protection against bed bugs or dust mites, but it is also there against gross bodily fluids and accidental spills.

Now that we have reviewed some of the tremendous king-sized mattress covers for you, you can make a choice. Go with your preferences, but make sure to go with little research as well.

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