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best mattress for platform beds

Platform beds are the current bedding interior that almost everyone digs! However, platform beds are a lot diverse from other kinds of beds. Platform beds do not carry box springs, which makes some mattresses more suitable for them than others.

The requirements of platform futons are based on the structure of the platform bed. Platform beds are usually lower towards the ground than the frame and box spring beds.

The platform bed foundations that you will observe in the market are normally made out of wood, metal, and plastic. The right platform mattress will be one that offers a cooling mechanism, motion control, and support the body well. The mattresses are placed on the solid, slatted bed or the metal grid structure that supports the mattress.

You need to look for different kinds of mattresses for platform beds because they provide a sturdy and firm surface for the mattress themselves, so they do not need a box spring.

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Benefits of Platform Beds

Platform beds are growing in popularity because compared to the other types of beds used, platform beds offer maximum benefits to all kinds of people. They offer a cooler sleep because the metal grid or slat materials used for making the units allow for much more air-flow than the box spring material used in box-spring mattresses.

Moreover, the lower profile and compartments allow you to keep the room space at your house open and allow convenience to users. Platform beds also offer much more variety; this is why they are compatible with all kinds of demographics and people.

Types of Mattress You can Choose from for Platform Beds

The mattress material type is what keeps you afloat or bouncing on your bed. Firm mattresses that tend to have a lot of bounce tend to give you a lot of support during your sleep.

Though many health professionals recommend that you do not go for mattresses that are too firm, this interrupts the quality of sleep that you will get. However, they are the preferred choice for people with back problems, older people, and people who tend to sleep on their backs. The softer kinds of bed mattresses are more suitable for people who sleep on their side.

It gives them the necessary coziness that they need. Here are some mattresses that you can choose from for your platform bed depending on the type of sleeper you are:

1. Thick Memory Foam Mattress

A thick memory foam mattress adds to the comfort of a platform bed. The low bed structure and the memory foam help keep you cozy, and it is much more effortless to get in and out of bed with ease.

However, if you choose a platform bed with more storage room with this mattress, it might just become too tall for comfort.

2. Thinner Memory Foam Mattress

Thin memory foam is more suitable for the taller platform beds with more storage space in the compartments. Laying a thin memory foam on top will help make it easy to get in and out of bed. However, with a thin memory foam mattress, it is much better to look for a plywood platform bed than a one with slats.

Thinner memory foam will slip from the slats’ gaps, which makes for a very uncomfortable situation.

3. Latex Foam

Latex foam is the kind of foam that is perfect for beds with slats and keeps you cool. This is a great combination with platform beds for warm sleepers. However, the only downside is that it may feel too firm and not too cozy to sleep on with a platform bed.

If you’re one for firm mattresses, then this is the one for your platform bed.

4. Innerspring

With a low-profile platform bed, this kind of mattress is great to increase the height and add to the coziness; however, it can get too bulky for portability, and for a standard platform bed, it may add a little too much height.

5. Hybrid

For an innerspring mattress with reduced height, this is the perfect pick. It offers the same level of coziness as innerspring with the reduced height.

So, it is good with all kinds of platform beds. However, as fitting as this kind of mattress can be, it is a bit on the pricier side.

Tips For Selecting the Right Mattress for Platform Beds:

  • With the use of a measuring tape, figure out the height that you want your bed to have before you decide on the mattress thickness.
  • Choose the mattress based on your platform bed structure, your sleeping position, and the ventilation.
  • Remember that slat type platform beds offer better ventilation than plywood types.
  • Physically test out your mattress on your platform bed before you decide to buy It.

What to Look for When Buying Your Mattress for Platform Beds

There are many things that you have to consider before buying a mattress for your platform bed. The three main things are:

1. Size

Depending on the headboard, footboard, and storage area, the size of your bed can vary; make sure you refer to the user manual to know the exact size of your bed before buying the mattress.

2. Height

The height of your mattress compared to the platform bed determines how easy it will be to climb up and down your bed. This is especially important if you have a child at home.

3. Thickness

If you’re going for a slat platform bed, it is much more suitable for you to choose a thick mattress; however, if you select a plywood mattress, you will be just as comfortable with a thinner mattress.

Upon testing out, he most recommended mattresses; we found these mattresses to be the best for Platform beds:

1. Best Price Mattress 11 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Best Price Mattress 11 Inch Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Pressure Relieving, Bed-in-a-Box, CertiPUR-US Certified, Full

Key Features

  • Pressure Relieving: The multi-layering foam mattress targets your pressure points and relieves the stress from your muscles as you sleep.
  • Gel-based: The cooling mattress incorporates a layer of refreshing gel to add cooling to the comfort.
  • Knitted Cover: You will no longer need to worry about adding external covers since this mattress comes with knitted jacquard covers.

For a warm sleeper looking for just the right height with their platform bed, this is the perfect mattress for them. 

The multi-layer comfort allows for just enough firmness that goes with both low profile and raises platform beds.

Moreover, the comfort foam material allows for the right amount of ventilation, whether using slat-based or plywood platform beds. The gel infusion only adds to the ventilation so that heat doesn’t get trapped between layers.

The conforming memory foam gives the perfect, relaxing massage feel after a long at work.

The mattress comes in various shapes and sizes from the queen, king, twin, and full-sized beds. Save yourself the hassle of measuring the inches out before you buy the perfect foam mattress.

The only disadvantage is that the mattress is a bit on the pricier side, and the memory foam takes longer to regain its original form. However, in the long run, the bed does prove to be durable and convenient.

2. Linenspa 5″ Gel Memory Mattress

Linenspa 5

Key Features

  • Firm Support:  A 5-inch-thick firm memory foam mattress provides just the right amount of support.
  • Base density:  the 4-inches base density is the perfect feature for back support.
  • Gel-infused: A 1-inch comfort layer with gel infusion helps to keep you cool and improve ventilation.

Linenspa mattress is perfect for comfort, with its 5 inches thick memory and a high base density foam. Also, this is perfect for side, back, and stomach sleepers. It is firm but not too tight.

The removable cover is a unique feature of this mattress that allows you to maintain hygiene. You can take the covers and wash them up, or install a big encasement cover on the inner foam and cover it with the top lid. Now your mattress is anti-allergy!

The factory cover is a full-white cotton material that unzips pretty quickly. Let’s say if you do not use additional covers, the white covers will look fine.

It is 10-inches in height, and this is the perfect height for a standard height platform bed.

A downside is that there is an uncomfortable amount of off-gassing when you first receive the mattress; however, in our experience, leaving it out for 48 hours fixes it up just fine.

3. Queen Mattress, Novilla 10 inch Gel Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress

Queen Mattress, Novilla 10 inch Gel Memory Foam Queen Size Mattress for Cool Sleep & Pressure Relief, Medium Firm Bed Mattresses, Bliss

Key Features

  • Odorless: You will not experience off-gassing of toxic gases like formaldehyde, mercury, etc., with this mattress.
  • Suitable for all bed frames: This mattress can easily fit into all kinds of bed frames. The foam mattress material is very flexible.
  • 4-layer foam: With this conforming foam mattress, you will no longer wake up with body aches.

“Flexibility” is the best way to describe this foam mattress for platform beds. No matter what kind of headboard and compartment sizes make up your platform bed structure, this mattress will fit if it is a queen-sized bed.

A significant advantage that you have with this particular mattress is that there isn’t as much off-gassing. So, for your young ones, this is the better pick.

The off-gassing isn’t the only thing that makes this mattress child-friendly though, the soft rayon cotton fabric does not irritate the skin, and the removable covers are perfect for maintaining hygiene.

It is 10 inches tall, and a 4-layer foam comfort ensures that it fits well for both slate and plywood platform beds. It is gel-based, too, making it a perfect combination with platform beds for warm sleepers.

We found that the foam, especially the corners, took much longer to spring back to shape after the product’s initial unwrapping.


Choosing the right mattress for a platform bed is very important because it saves you the hassle of replacing your mattress after small intervals.

We have reviewed some of the mattresses that go well with platform beds. Also, these are aesthetics in terms of beauty. Pick the one that goes well with your overall surrounding and needs.

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