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Best Mattress Protector for Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress is an expensive entity, and according to the data, most people make such an investment twice in their life because it’s not affordable for all. But once you get one it’s very possible to extend its life while using it. An exposed mattress remains vulnerable to bedbugs, dust mites, or a lot of allergens and foreign elements that cause health issues.

Best mattress protector for memory foam mattress provide protection from all the organisms and elements that can harm the mattress as well as can disturb your sleep.

Toddlers and pets are the biggest threat but you cannot keep the both away from you. There can be urination or accidental spills. Nevertheless, with the help of a mattress protector, all these troubles can come to an end, and that is what we are seeking here.

Important Factors to Consider

Memory foams are the costliest, and it’s hard to replace them every year or even after a few years. While adding protection to your memory foam, you can extend their life, end many of time-wasting jobs like washing and cleaning and drying mattress as well as bring a lot of ease in your life.

Like you can enjoy tea on your bed without worrying that a simple tilt of cup will spoil the mattress, you can enjoy with the kids while allowing them to play on the bed, and more importantly, you may keep your pets near without worrying about their urinating.

Underneath, we discuss some of the elementary things that you must consider either you are buying from a physical store or an online market. 

  • An all in all protector – an ideal mattress protector will not only save your mattress against bed bugs, but it will also protect it against dust mites, allergens, accidental spills, fluids, mold spores, and bacteria.
  • Comfort and Breathability: comfort is the first luxury and objective behind buying memory foam, a good quality mattress protector does not become a barrier between comfort and you, choose a breathable mattress cover that also feels soft.
  • Easy to Handle: it should be deep enough to fit your mattress as well as equipped elastic on all sides or a zipper to encase the full mattress, getting a machine-washable option and easy to dry should be your first preference.
  • Quite to Ears: we recommend to select a noiseless option that is quite enough and will not make any noise when you move on the bed, a quite mattress protector will definitely improve the quality of sleep.
  • Wrinkle Free: you must pay attention to this feature it depends on the materials used in construction, a wrinkle-free mattress protector on the memory foam, keep flat and good looking, also need fewer efforts to setup.

Well, it’s not complicated to buy a mattress protector, but paying attention to some detail can keep your investment secure and enhance your comfort. Like, consider good warranty can be satisfied because this single option keeps investment protected.

To make the job easy for your here we list some of the best options, to make a final list of ten best memory foam protectors we consider and tested more than fifty items and finally find best tens to share here:

1. AmazonBasics Bamboo Mattress Protector

Amazon Basics Conscious Series Cool-Touch Rayon Bamboo Mattress Protector - King

Amazon chooses the best products to place their name on it as brands, but this one is way ahead for several reasons. Derived from Ryan Bamboo, it has the potential to give your mattress the exact kind of protection that you think and want.

For an experiment, you can spill whatever you like on your memory foam mattress when the protection is one, and you will see that the liquid will stay on the surface because of its repellant nature. It shows that this mattress protector will protect your memory form from accidental spills, stains, or any liquid.

Its protection features never end here; it also protects against other foreign material that can cause allergies and serious health issues like pet dander, bacteria, and mold.  It provides ultimate protection against all sorts of bed bugs because of Ryan. The bamboo will give you the cooling effect while you sleep, and therefore, you are likely to enjoy sound sleep and beautiful dreams.

This mattress protector promises comfort, luxury, and tranquility. It is a robust combination of comfort and ease. Every visit to washer gives it a new look, so when it gets dirty and stinky, just put it off and wash it; after drying, it will be available for reuse.  


  • it is a perfect combination of luxury and ease.
  • It ensures affordability.
  • It is easy to clean, and you can wash it in a machine.

2. Plastic Zippered King Waterproof Mattress Protector

Plastic Mattress Protector Zippered King, Waterproof Vinyl Mattress Cover, Heavy Duty Noiseless Mattress Encasement by Blissford

It’s constructed with Vinyl that has exceptional in so many ways. The second element is plastic, which makes it smooth and water repellent. Choosing shop bedding means selecting the heart of vinyl. Having this mattress protector says that you will forget about accidental spills, stains, or any fluid. Nothing can get through your mattress because the vinyl protector is completely zippered, and it doesn’t allow anything to get into the mattress even if its bed bugs or dust mites.

Play and allow your pets on the bed, and it’s completely ok to leave your child without any protection for the night. In the case of bedwetting, it will keep stinky smells and liquids away from the mattress surface.

From standard bed to 16″ deep, it can be used for any as well as it will allow taking the full benefits of memory foam.


  • Keeps the unwanted elements away from the mattress
  • Made to provide a cooling effect
  • noiseless & comfortable sleeping partner


  • Contain Vinyle

3. Downluxe Soft Cotton Mattress Cover

downluxe Waterproof Mattress Protector - Soft Cotton Terry Cover Mattress Cover,King Size ( King )

We recommend it for homes where bed bugs are a common problem. We know how hard it is to deal with these microscopic insects, especially when they bits and leaves rashing skin during sleep. Even memory foams are made with the solid layers and do not contain shell type material, but these clever insects find out a way to live and grow inside the memory foam.

It will be your final line of defense against the smart bed bugs; its unique design provides protection against little harmful organisms. It covers all of six sides and never leaves any space or opening behind where the crapy bed bugs can get in.

Excellent protection against bed bugs it just features of this mattress safeguard while it is capable of keeping all other unwanted elements away from the memory foam. There are many invisible things that you can’t see with your naked eyes, but it can stop them too before reaching the mattress.

The one feature that is worthy of mentioning is its cotton terry top, which makes it waterproof as well soft and wrinkle-free and smooth. 


  • Can be washed in a machine without the addition of bleach
  • Effortless to install, and it fits the sheets correctly
  • It is indeed the best investment for your mattress


  • Washin take time, need to follow the manufacturer instructions carefully

4. Bedecor Breathable Noiseless Soft Cotton Mattress Protector

Bedecor Mattress Protector , Waterproof Breathable Noiseless,Soft Cotton Terry Cover Fit Up to 18" - King Size

This OEKO TEX certified mattress cover is an all in one package. First and foremost, it is the best choice because it can be used in a household in the presence of pets and toddlers. It is worth mentioning here the OEKO TEX certification is only awarded to the products which are safe for the whole family.

Bedecore mattress protector will enhance your sleep experience on the memory foam, and you will not feel any barrier between you and your memory foam. This one will leave no stone unturned to get you the quality sleep you deserve on your mattress.

It acts like a robust permeable membrane that does not allow urine, perspiration, sweat, fluids, juices, or any sorts of liquids to pass through it. Cotton terry surface is there to give a cooling as well as a calm and noiseless effect, it also soaks up the moisture throughout the surface and wicks it away from your body during the night sleep. Even it evaporates the moisture during the night.

Many buyers express that its soft, cozy, and noiseless; these features contribute a lot towards a peaceful night’s sleep.

The second layer of this mattress is hypoallergenic, which makes sure to get rid of allergens and bugs that may disturb your sleep at night. So, its protection that will also keep your skin safe from allergies. Its fitted sheet style makes it easy to slide on your mattress and embrace it without any problems. 


  • Extremely easy to wash
  • Fit comfortably on the deepest mattresses
  • Provides the ultimate protection
  • Ensures excellent breathability

5. joluzzy King Mattress Encasement

joluzzy Mattress Encasement (King)

Its made to fulfill your wish to rest on the clean and comfortable mattress every night. You are no different from others if you want a bug free mattress that also can repel liquids and other small organisms that can cause health issues. Take a step forward and protect your memory foam with a right mattress protector.

A good mattress protector for memory foam keeps the mattress free from all problems that can spoil your resting time. Before the horrible times come when bed bugs make their colonies inside the mattress, and it starts stinking due to accidents take action and protect it.

The product in the spotlight can solve the problem in the blink of an eye; it a most trustworthy and cost-effective solution that will guard your mattress 24/7. It’s soft, smooth, and pleasant to rest; its zippered technology makes sure to keep everything harmful away from your bed.


  • It fits comfortably on your memory foam mattress
  • It is the best investment for your mattress
  • It will protect your mattress against a lot of things

6. MALOUF Smooth 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector

MALOUF mattress cover is another remarkable and amazing mattress cover that will protect your memory foam against all the odds. The laboratory certified H2Pro membrane that it possesses is responsible for the protection against all types of liquids. Mainly, it is composed of polyester fabric, which is also hypoallergenic.

Its second material is polyester that provides you with comfortable and noiseless sleep and also makes it smooth and soft. At the same time, its hypoallergenic tendency keeps the allergens away and protects you from reddish eyes, runny nose, or itchy skin.

It’s not only safe for kids but also for old family members; it’s non-toxic and breathable, can be used for people who have asthma or other respiratory disorders.  Ideally, it is a solution that fits any mattress what even deep it is; it can protect.


  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Hypoallergenic
  • It comes with a waterproof barrier

7. Protect-A-Bed Premium Mattress Protector

Protect-A-Bed Premium Cotton Terry Cloth Waterproof Mattress Protector, Blocks Dust Mites and Allergens, Machine Washable, King

It allows body vapor to breathe through the fabric, and its polyester film backing makes it completely waterproof. It has quality fabric, and it will fit smoothly on your memory form mattress. Aside from exceptional fitting, this mattress protector promotes peace from bed bugs or allergens.

Patients who have asthma need to be saved from asthma triggers can choose it with confidence; it will not allow the trigger to accumulate on the mattress.

You are likely to get the most comfortable sleep of your life on this mattress protector and will recommend it to others.


  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable with kind of mattress
  • Provides the best protection against tiny creatures that can infect the mattress

8. SureGuard Mattress Encasement – 100% Waterproof, Bed Bug Proof

King (13-16 in. Deep) SureGuard Mattress Encasement - 100% Waterproof, Bed Bug Proof - Premium Zippered Six-Sided Cover

SureGuard mattress encasement, the one which is for king size mattresses, is perfectly suitable for your precious memory foam. It has many characteristics that make it the best mattress encasement that you will ever find. It is a six-sided premium mattress protector that encloses your mattress from all sides. This protection is a must-step for your mattress. Once there is protection from all six teams, then allergies, bed bugs, or dust mites will not find any way to penetrator your mattress.

It is 100% waterproof. This means why you do not need to worry about any stains on your mattress. It does not matter if your baby has wet the mattress or your husband accidentally spilled the cup of coffee on your bed, none of this will be able to pass through this encasement and invade your memory foam mattress.

Nothing will protect your mattress from accidental spills then this one, and that is why it enjoys excellent reviews. Furthermore, the invisible zip and SureSeal technology used in this protector helps in blocking all sorts of bed bugs, dust mites, or other pests from destroying your mattress.

They will not be able to enter your mattress at all. Also, its hypoallergenic ability blocks all sorts of allergens, mold, mildew, or bacteria. Let’s say that you are allergic to dust, or let’s say that you have asthma. In this situation, if there is that one mattress protector that will not allow dust invade your mattress, it is SureGuard.

Last but not least, the 100% cotton terry top is very soft and does not create any disturbance or noise when someone is lying on it. You will be able to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night when you will go for this fantastic mattress protector.


  • It is absolutely vinyl, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals free.
  • It comes with a ten-year warranty

9. LINENSPA Waterproof Bed Bug Proof Encasement Protector

LINENSPA Waterproof Bed Bug Proof Encasement Protector - Blocks out Liquids, Bed Bugs, Dust Mites and Allergens

Linespa Mattress Cover is another mattress cover that is highly suitable for your memory foam. It may look thin in appearance, but it is waterproof and protects your memory foam just like any other thick mattress cover. It covers all six sides of the mattress and does not let any bed bugs or allergens get through it at all.

The way it makes a 360-degree angle around your mattresses is praiseworthy, and this is why you should buy this one. Also, it is easy to take off and wash in the regular washing machines that you use for washing your clothes at home. Some mattress protectors will give you a hard time at the time of washing, but not this one.

Other than this, it does not create any crinkling, hence ensuring a comfortable sleep. It is composed of breathable fabric, which creates a cooling effect and makes you feel at peace. If you have a toddler at home, then this mattress protector is the best protector you can have for him.

This full encasement design protects your mattress from all sorts of spills, fluids, perspiration, by forming a 360-degree waterproof barrier. Lastly, it also shields your mattress from dust mites, allergens, bed bugs, etc.

If you want to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night, then this one is a must. There are millions of reasons to buy it, and one being is the fact that it comes with a ten-year warranty. You can get a refund in 30 days in case you don’t get the liking.


  • It comes with a ten-year warranty.
  • Vinyl free

10. Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement

Utopia Bedding Zippered Mattress Encasement - Waterproof Mattress Protector (Twin XL)

Utopia Mattress Protector is also a remarkable one and falls under the category of the best mattress covers in the world. The best thing about it is that it is made of stretchable knitted polyester fabric, which makes it easy for the springs to fit in it. Having this mattress protector means that you will not be struggling with it so it can fit on the pallet.

Not only this, but this fabric is also noiseless, which makes it a perfect fit for your mattress. Even if your kids have a habit of jumping on the bed, still nothing will harm it

Also, it is 100% waterproof and resists all sorts of leakage from invading the mattress. In case your child has wet the bed even then, you don’t need to worry because the liquid will stay on the surface, and there is no way it can get into the mattress.

It does not matter what kind of fluid or liquid it is; utopia mattress encasement will not let it seep through it and reach the mattress at all. Also, it does not allow bed bugs or dust mites eat up the mattress at all.

They will not be able to tear your cushion apart at any cost. Utopia mattress cover will protect it and will act as a membrane that will block these bugs from even passing through it.

Lastly, it is machine washable and easy to dry. This means that you will have quality time at the time of washing and drying this mattress protector. Usually, people find it quite hard to wash their mattress covers for various reasons, but in the case of the utopian mattress cover, this is not the case. Go for this one because it has quality material and it is here to stay.


  • Its zip guard secures the mattress from 360 degrees.
  • OEKO-TEX certified.

11. Ultimate Zippered Waterproof Mattress Protector

Ultimate Zippered Waterproof Mattress Protector - 10 Year Warranty! (King)

The ultimate mattress protector is yet another fantastic mattress cover that will prove to be a knight in shining armor for your memory foam. Like any other remarkable and efficient mattress cover, ultimate also defends your mattress against bed bugs, skin cells, body fluids, etc.

It is made up of very high-quality material, which is 100% non-woven polyester fabric laminated with polyurethane. Also, it is very soft to touch and has hypoallergenic characteristics. Its smooth polyester top provides you with a comfortable and peaceful sleep. It is a deep pocket mattress protector, which makes it is easy to fit a mattress up to 16 inches in size.

The best function that any good mattress cover must perform effectively is defending the bed against foreign invaders, whether it be some stain or some bugs. Ultimate mattress protector performs this function better than most mattress covers.


  • Ten-year warranty.
  • Vinyl free.

Final Words

The memory foam mattress is indeed the best investment you can make in terms of getting a peaceful sleep, but many foreign elements can spoil your investment in a matter of days and keep you awake during nights.

The Best Mattress Protector for Memory Foam Mattress is the only solution to keep the investment protected and get a peaceful sleep. Thousands of people trust all of the products listed above. Choose any one that seems best for you.

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