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Best Mattress Protectors for Urine

It is incredible to feel the new feeling of being a mother, but there is also a dilemma attached to your mattress. Let’s say that your infant is only a few days old. As you are conscious about the health of your little baby, do you think that it is completely ok to leave your child without a pamper for a night? Without any further question, it is only possible with the best mattress protector for urine.

Somehow because of tiredness, you don’t get to wake up in the middle on your night. On waking up early in the morning, you see that the baby has soiled the entire mattress. You still remember that you have bought this mattress for $4000, and now that the urine is there, it looks unpleasant.

You yet do not know that there is something more in store for you. After a few days, you realize that a bad smell is coming out of your mattress. Despite trying, you cannot remember that you are baby is soiling the mattress every other night. Few more days pass, and then you feel as if something is bugging you when you try to sleep on your mattress. Congratulations! Now your mattress has even attracted the bedbugs.

The above-mentioned scenario is a real-life example of how you can destroy your mattress forever if you don’t protect it.

But how can you protect your mattress? What is that one thing that can be utilized in this regard? It is indeed a mattress protector. The best protector has the ability to stand up for a mattress in that is the best thing about it.

How Urine can Destroy Your Mattress for Forever?

Mostly a mattress is made out of foam. Now foam has the ability to absorb the moisture. It doesn’t matter if you are sweating on your mattress or if your kid is ruining it with the urine. Your mattress is constantly absorbing water. Now, this is a thing about a mattress. It doesn’t know how to rid itself of the urine.

Let’s say that there is fluid on the surface, and with time your mattress is going to absorb it. Now the absorbed moisture is going to stay in your mattress because this is how mattress work. As time will pass this urine will attract allergies, Bacteria, and all kinds of pesticides to itself. Once the little fellows manage to get into the mattress, they are not going to leave, and this is how they obliterate the mattress.

Protection from urine is necessary, and a mattress protector provides that protection. A protection cover is a full-fledged cover that surrounds your bedding. This way, neither fluids nor urine can enter into the mattress, and eventually, you end up saving it.

1. UltraBlock King Size Waterproof Mattress Protector

UltraBlock King Size Waterproof Mattress Protector - Premium Soft Cotton Terry Cover

Nothing will be providing the fence for your mattress the way UltraBlock does. If your baby is too small and you are not sure whether you can take a risk with him in the mattress, then make sure that you buy UltraBlock. It is a 100% waterproof mattress protector, and it has incredible absorbing traits.

If you are looking for the best feature of this Excellent mattress protector, then here we have it. It is easy to clean. Suppose that kids are wrestling with each other; at the same time, they are making sure that they are spilling things on the mattress. With a simple piece of cloth and deodorant, you will be able to clean it. For people who think laundry is an issue with the mattress protector, this one is the best.

It is easy to wash, easy to dry, and easy to take care of. Having this protector means that you won’t be struggling with the everyday dilemma now and then. You will be pleased if you will get this fantastic mattress protector Because it is a worthwhile asset that will also save you from tones of additional jobs and it should be with you.

2. LUNA Mattress Protector

Luna King Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector - Made in The USA - Vinyl Free

Mary always complained that there is only one reason why she is not going to buy a mattress protector, and that is, she starts feeling hot as soon she buys one and lays down on it. If you think like Luna and you believe that you need a mattress protector, but you won’t buy it because it can be too hot for you, then Luna is your answer.

The way this mattress protector repels the liquid is excellent. At the same time, it makes sure that there is constant airflow in the protector. You may not feel it that you even have a protector when you are lying on Luna. It is delicate but productive.

This one has been made in the USA, and it is pure cotton. It is a great asset for your mattress because it is here for the protection against Urine.

If you want to let your baby play on the mattress because you think it is healthy for him without pamper, don’t worry, let him play. Don’t worry because you think that the union will soil the mattress because it won’t. The fluid and the liquid will stay on the surface, and it will be super easy to clean it. Go for this one because it is available in queen size, and it is fitted.

No harmful chemical added in the making of protector that adds to the beauty of it. This one is safe to use in households.


  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • It repels the Liquid
  • Made of pure cotton

3. SOPAT King Mattress Protector 

If you want to feel like Sofia then it is high time that you buy this one. SOPAT is 100% waterproof, and the way it serves the mattress is just amazing. Forget about liquids, fluids, or sweat to damage your mattress because now this is here, and it won’t let these things get into your mattress.

Its best feature is its breathable qualities. By any sense, if you are suffering from back pain and you want to enjoy quality sleep on a mattress for once, then you need to get this one. It is so skin-friendly that you are going to love every moment on it.

It is soft and comfortable because it is different than the ordinary mattress protectors. It has a 3D technology involved, and that is making all the difference. The TPU backing is the reason why this mattress protector will work wonders for you. The backing spills out the liquid, and the matter stays in good shape for years and years.

It has deep pockets and it will fit your mattress properly. There will not be any need for you to adjust the mattress protector every other minute because it provides the exact and secure fitting.

If you believe that the bedbugs are going to in infesting your bedding, then make sure that you get this one. It blocks the bed bugs, and they hardly survive on its surface.


  • Stitched to make a proper fit
  • Virtually it can fit the deepest mattress
  • smooth to feel and comfortable for rest
  • Breathable, allow air to flow


  • Check the buyer guide to adjust the mattress protector properly.

4. Kingnex Extra Long Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector

You may ask us why you need to go with the mattress protector that has a blend of 70% Bamboo and 30% cotton? We have the answer to that. We would say that you need to get this amazing mattress protector because it is the right blend of bamboo and cotton. The beautiful thing about it is that not only will you be able to enjoy quality sleep on this mattress protector; you will also be able to whisk away the urine if there is any.

If your son is in the habit of lying down on a mattress after the gym, then it is high time that you get this one. This mattress protector will absorb the moisture, and the mattress will stay new and comfortable for years to come. Also, it is very easy to clean.

If you don’t want to pay for the dry cleaning, then don’t worry. Just wash this mattress protector in a machine without any bleach, and you are good to go.

A little drying and ironing will go a long way, and you will get this mattress protector in shape. It is the best mattress protector for urine because it is 100% waterproof. Besides, it is noiseless.

The way it works is splendid, and you won’t be worrying about urine, fluid, liquids or sweat once you have it. Go for this one because it has all the right ingredients in the right place. 


  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • The perfect blend of bamboo and cotton


  • The first few days will be hard to get used to it.


Not only you really look bad on a mattress it also smells gross. You probably cannot rebuke your child if it is soiling the mattress that you can definitely protect it.

We have researched for you and we have come up with these amazing protectors to protect your mattress against Urion. It is your calling to pick the best and save your mattress.

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