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best mattress topper for lower back pain

A folk Chinese adage goes by as, “what, on the earth, could hurt more severely than an itching tooth and broken heart?” Lower back pain must be included in this maxim keeping in view the recent study by the National Academy of Neurological Disorders and Stroke that says that 80% of the Americans face mild to severe lumbar spine pain or called back pain. Today we discuss what causes lower back pain and how the best mattress topper for lower back pain can soothe it.

Lower back pain is so difficult that it could be dubbed as the Mother of all Pains. No Pain, No Gain should be rewritten as again with back pain is no gain. The best mattress topper for lower back pain normalizes the sleeping posture and soothe it.

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What is Lower Back Pain?

Our lower backbone is a unique combination of nerves, joints, ligaments, interconnecting muscles, and small bones. This superstructure supports the whole weight of the upper body. The lower back joint helps in flexing, bending, and walking. As much as its work is, the more this spine becomes.

A little tweaking into normal motor movement could land you with an incessant backbone ache. The lower back pain’s major cause is the wrong sleeping contours or sleeping on too soft or too rigid a surface.

A small dereliction of nature can devastate spinal support, and the affected have to bear stark stinging pain running from head to toe.

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Every effect has an underlying cause, and the same is the case of tortuous lower back pain. This is not a sort of God’s wrath or something coming out of the blue. The causes of lower back pain can be identified as:

  • Wrong sleeping choice According to the American Health Association, the major cause of the severe backbone problem is wrong sleeping choices; it could be the unnatural contours, lying on bad terrain, or bed injuries. When you sleep, the backbone is flatly exposed to the surface beneath, and if the surface is not comfortable enough, then there are likely chances of being caught up by lower back pain.
  • Bad posture Imperfect sitting, standing, and lying postures could result in the displacement of the backbone discs. The discs are embedded with a gel-like liquid that acts as a barrier. When you bend your upper body beyond permitted limits, the backbone is likely to hurt. A detailed guide to recommended body postures is available online. Meanwhile, as you are unconscious during sleep, a good mattress choice can automatically adjust your body contours.
  • Sedentary lifestyle Your lower body ligaments require proper grooming by daily flexing and stretching. A sedentary lifestyle can shove your delicate body into the throes of back pain. A Japanese study revealed that 65% of chronic lower back pain patients contain ministerial staff. This study corroborates the linkage between an inactive lifestyle with lower back pain.
  • Accidental injuries Concussions to the spinal tissue can result in lower back pain. Muscle inflammation is stark and unbearable as our backbone is wrapped up in wispy, thinner veins directly connected to the brain. And in the case of spinal injury, the brain can be confused in signal detection, hence rendering the whole body’s whole function idle with a pinch of sharp pain. In the worst-case scenario of disc breakage, the body gets paralyzed.

How Can a Mattress Topper Soothe Lower Back Pain?

You must have heard a cliché; “Oh, your back is hurting. Do change your topper!” This advice is not ungrounded as the main reason for hurting back is a bad sleeping surface. Still, it would help if you did not need only swap mattresses with any Tom Dick or Harry but with an excellent back support brand. Nonetheless, changing the whole mattress could eat up a considerable portion of your budget.

A cost-effective solution is opting for a supportive topper for your lower back pain. A reliable health-grade topper that perches on the mattress can help you in several ways in mitigating lower back pain. Some of the popular ways are:

Mattress toppers align the body contours naturally

If a human is a vehicle, then alignment is the key. A good topper aligns our body up to optimal safer levels. Your body remains in an even position, and the pressure relieves the pressure points. This soothing effect is the key feature behind the success of topper against lower back pain.

Toppers moderate the firmness-softness equilibrium

Extra firmness and softness both are anathemas for our backbone. It requires a moderate approach to function perfectly. We, humans, ere to err. Cutting edge technology has figured out this riddle, and state-of-the-art mattress toppers provide you with a typical ideal layer to perch upon.

Toppers prevent injuries during slumber

Surfaces can be more dangerous than vipers, the former stings you unguarded, and you bear the ramifications of everything in your coming life. Hard surfaces can break down the surrounding muscles of your spine and cause inflammation of the disc breakage. Toppers add a preventive layer onto the mattresses and bestow extra comfy relief.

Topper releases body pressure

Medically-grade toppers are specially designed to cater to the pressure problem. The mattress toppers do not allow the pressure to accumulate at one point and distribute it evenly. This phenomenon is both good for the mattress and the sleeper.

It has a soothing effect on the inflamed muscles

Unfortunately, if you are caught up in a nasty lower backline problem, the topper can heal pain by providing a consistent soothing warmth to the wounded tissue. Upon reception of the heat intensity, the muscles heal more quickly than quicker.

Toppers prevent slipping or simply saying prevent catastrophes

What could be more terrifying than a backbone broken after a short slip from the bed? According to WHO’s home accidents list, this is not an excerpt out of bedtime stories but realities of real life. Bed ranks 4th. A mattress can be changed to bad by one quick slip. Good toppers are featured with the anti-slip feature, thanks to the ergonomic design.

We have almost done with a quick defense of toppers against the horrific lower back pain. Let us delve into the market segment and pick some dainty products to be reviewed with a medical lens.

It is time to talk about the best mattress toppers for back pain.

DreamFoam 2″ Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper

The first dainty topper is the DreamFoam mattress topper. The product’s specialty is gel swirl technology; the gel swirls around the pad to provide even more relief from head to toe. This mattress topper is highly recommended for chronic back pain patients. The swirling gel aligns with the body contours and takes the body high up to utopia.

This USA made product is infused with a two-inch deep gel layer that is comfortable enough for a bulky body. The gel also keeps body temperature moderate and maintains the regular flow of air.

The continuing memory foam mattress topper is also CertiPUR certified, assuring the non-inclusion of any harmful material during manufacturing. The healing product claims to be pure of ozone depleters, TDCPP flame retardants, mercury, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalate.

The back pain-specific topper is regulated by the U.S. Home Safety Commission of the USA.

DreamFoam has a proven record of thwarting the risk of lower back pain and healing a bevy of initial level patients.

2. Sweetnight Mattress Topper King Size with Waterproof Mattress Protector

The second on our list is the Sweetnight mattress topper. Why? Let us explain. Have you ever seen a weird design of an egg crate on the mattresses, and you must have been wondering how a crispy curvy design could help you in a serene sleep? The reality is upright opposite to your imaginations. The egg crate mattress topper design is not only comfortable but also magically healing.

The sweet night mattress topper is designed in an egg crate manner to bolster the lower back. The lower back is the most delicate joint, so it needs extra care. Sweetnight redeems this fault line and provides consistent support with a plush memory foam mattress layer.

Sweetnight memory topper is waterproof, thick, and hypoallergenic.

The double fixation mode installs it firmly on the mattress. Sweetnight has all the requisite features to ward off menacing lower back pain.

3. LUCID 3-inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper

The LUCID three-inch gel memory foam mattress topper is a state-of-the-art edition against lower back pain. Gel infusion is highly desirable in aligning the body curves and contours. The gel fits up with the body and provides soothing therapy. The LUCID mattress topper also helps in keeping the body cool and vibrant.

LUCID memory foam mattress topper is available in four variants of gel: memory foam, lavender, and bamboo infusion. All these infusions’ ultimate goal is to provide you a serene sleep without the fear of nocturnal lower back pain.

The LUCID mattress topper has been a top seller since its inception and has been broadening its customer base with every passing day.

Hence, LUCID could be a befitting choice for your aesthetic, medical, and luxury needs.


By merely changing your bedding items, you can change your lifestyle for good. You are not the only one if you are suffering from lower back pain. Remember that it can get worse if your bedding choices are lacking.

You can change the entire scenario by merely having a mattress topper for lower back pain. We have recommended three of the best in the market. You can go with your choice.

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