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Best Plastic Mattress Covers

Bed bugs and bedwetting are the two factors that can destroy your mattress for forever. Without any protection, nothing can be as vulnerable as a mattress. You probably have no idea but there are thousands of external threats that are out there to get your mattress by the neck.

The best plastic mattress cover which is made as plastic not only protects the mattress from the liquids but it also acts as a barrier for other foreign elements and insects as well as protects from the shape edges. A Matters cover is a prerequisite for a mattress, and a plastic mattress cover is too good for words because of its durability and strength.

A mattress can be as expensive, $3000. Most people do not think about protecting this high costly mattress. They believe that it is entirely ok to leave the mattress naked so it can be exposed to bed bugs and bedwetting. 

A mattress that is exposed is an excellent place for bed bugs, and they won’t think another minute about getting into the skin of it. If there is anything on earth that is out there to protect your expensive mattress from bed bugs, it is the mattress cover. 

Mattress protectors also play a critical role in the potty training of kids. Even if we pamper them at night, still there is a chance that there are going to be some pamper leaks. A plastic mattress cover has the ability to protect the mattress against all sorts of liquids including urination. The Right mattress cover adds a lot of year to a mattress.

A Plastic Mattress Cover offers the Best Protection

A Plastic mattress cover is the best choice for a mattress because it offers the best protection. The mattress cover is like a protective layer that forms the encasement to cover your mattress from all sides.

A zippered plastic mattress cover offers itself as a barrier between the mattress and bed bugs or fluids.

Features of Good Plastic Mattress Covers

There are so many things that make a good plastic mattress covers stands out then the other mattress covers. Let’s explore the best features of the best plastic mattress covers for bedwetting or bed bugs.

The Plastic Material – as you can understand from its name its made with the combination of plastic, not only plastic but it has plastic as one of the active ingredients that give it durability and strength as well as waterproofing and makes it a barrier to stop sharp edges.

Good Stitching –  plastic mattress covers comes with strong stitching, it is a requirement of the material to keep them as one piece, It is because of the stitching that the bedbugs cannot penetrate your mattress.

Waterproofing –  The one reason of choosing plastic mattress covers over the other mattresses is its waterproof characteristics.  Plastic mattress covers are exceptional when it comes to waterproofing. 

Let’s say that your child is going through potty training and you want to make sure that you buy a mattress cover that prevents any kind of fluid to get through your mattress. In this situation only plastic mattress cover can be trusted.  

No fluid on a mattress means no invasion of bed bugs and that is why plastic mattress cover is the best choice against bedwetting and bed bugs.

When a plastic mattress cover is zippered then it forms an encasement around the mattress. This encasement is responsible to prevent bedbugs or urination to penetrate your mattress. This way the plastic mattress cover ends up adding a lot of value and life to your mattress.

Mattress covers have sturdy padding. The padding is there, so the edges do not go through wear and tear.

1. Best Plastic Mattress Cover

When it comes to mattresses, they need as much protection from the various harmful invaders like bugs and mites as any other piece of furniture present at your house. We clean up the house every day, dust off the dirt from furniture and sofas but when it comes to mattresses, we often take them for granted. Most of the times, we do not even consider the fact that they can be spoiled and soiled by external threats.

Mattresses are our sleeping partners, and anything that will harm them, one way or the other, will harm you too. Bed bugs are one of the most vicious creatures that reside inside your mattress if you do not cover it with a good mattress protector. You probably have no idea but these tiny, vicious little creature can rob you of your peace of mind in a matter of weeks.  

Shop bedding mattress protector is one of the best plastic mattress protectors. This zippered plastic mattress protector has the most advanced zipping technology that seals the mattress from all sides and leaves no room for the bugs to pass through it. Once the mattress is zippered then dust mites or bed bugs do not get any chance to soil  it.  

Also, its 100% waterproof feature helps in keeping all sorts of liquids away from your mattress. No amount of bed wetting by your little children will be able to ruin your mattress as this plastic mattress cover does not let liquids or fluids to pass through it.

In the presence of this amazing mattress cover, you will not have to worry about the pamper leaks at all. Furthermore, this mattress cover is composed of vinyl which is very easy to maintain. The amazing thing about vinyl is that it is durable.

Even if your child wets the bed at night, you won’t have to clean the mattress cover later on. All you have to do is to get a damp cloth and wipe it.

The wonderful thing about this plastic mattress encasement is that it is to easy to clean. A wet cloth and mild detergent is the only thing you need to clear the stains away from this plastic mattress cover.


  •  It is zippered and will not let any bed bugs get through.
  •  The waterproof characteristics of this plastic mattress cover will protect it like a shield.

2. Top-Rated Plastic Mattress Protector

Children under the age of 7 often end up wetting their beds as they are going through their potty training years. It is not at all their fault, as they are slowly learning to control their bladders. Bladder control is a complex process that takes time and you cannot blame your little children for that. One of the worst things associated with bedwetting is the destruction of your mattress. You probably have no idea but mattresses are very sensitive and bedwetting is cancer for it.

Most of the urine seeps through your mattress and cannot be washed. In order to avoid this from happening, Priva Waterproof Vinyl mattress protector is the best choice. This plastic mattress cover for bedwetting is a blessing in disguise, especially for those people who are still dealing with their children’s bedwetting issues. It offers maximum waterproof protection and saves you from the havoc of dealing with accidental spills and even stains. You must remember that water seeps into the mattress without the presence of a mattress cover.

Water, later on, attracts bed bugs and dust mites that completely ruin the mattress. Therefore protection is a must and this mattress cover provides that.

Also, this plastic mattress cover’s soft top surface is also hypoallergenic in nature that keeps all sorts of allergens away from your mattress. It comes with a 10-year guarantee and lives up to the expectations. 

In case of any fault, you can always get a refund by returning it to the makers.


  •  It can be cleaned easily.
  • Easy to manage and easy to handle.

3. Plastic Mattress Cover Bed Bugs

Abstract waterproof mattress cover is another plastic mattress cover for Bed Bugs and Bedwetting Having excellent waterproofing capabilities, this plastic mattress cover repels all sorts of stains, accidental spills, moisture, or any kind of liquid.  

Bed bugs are dangerous and once they make a place in your mattress they are not going to go away.  Definitely you wouldn’t want to wake up with runny nose and red eyes. In the presence of this splendid plastic mattress cover, you will be getting your beauty sleep without being bothered by bed bugs and dust mites.

This mattress cover serves those right who sleep with their pets or small kids on their beds. You will no longer have to fear bedwetting at all. Your mattress will no longer be a home to foul smell that comes with frequent bedwetting. Made from 100 GSM PVC plastic, this plastic mattress protector is highly durable and trustworthy.

In addition to this, this plastic wrap for a mattress is also a pro at protecting you and your mattress from blood-sucking insects called bed bugs.

Easy to maintain and easy to clean, this mattress cover has all the features in the world that make it the best of all.  When you feel that the mattress cover is dirty enough you can always clean it with a damp cloth and some mild detergent.


  • This plastic mattress cover fits the sheet perfectly.
  •  It is noiseless and comfortable.

4. Plastic Mattress Cover for Bed Wetting

The Levinsohn fresh ideas waterproof mattress protector is one of the most positively reviewed plastic mattress covers you will ever be able to find. Many customers around the world have tried it and they have always said amazing things about it.  

Unlike most mattress brands that offer you the world but in reality give you nothing, this plastic mattress protector provides you with every amazing feature that it has to offer. By keeping your mattress clean and fresh by blocking all fluids and spills from reaching the mattress, this plastic mattress cover helps in prolonging the life of your mattress.

This mattress cover is not only amazing at keeping the fluids away from your mattress but it is also remarkable at protecting your mattress against bed bugs that do not let you sleep at night.  

Bed bugs and dust mites do not stand a chance with the mattress if there is a strong mattress cover to protect it.

This zippered plastic mattress cover will not only extend the life of your mattress but it will also play a significant role in reducing a lot of your worries.

As this mattress cover is composed of vinyl, that is why you do not ought to wash it in a machine. A simple damp cloth is enough to clean it up. The fitted elastic corners help in maintaining a strong grasp over your mattress and defending it against bugs and mites against all odds.

Your mattress is more in danger if you have a kid who is going through potty training.  Along with providing your protection against bed bugs, this plastic mattress cover will also protect you against bedwetting. This combination is too good for words and definitely you wouldn’t want to miss having it.


  • An exceptional choice against bedwetting.
  • 100% waterproof and durable.

5. Linen Store Mattress Protector

Mattresses that are not protected by any sort of mattress covers are prone to be infested by bed bugs. Bed bugs prefer dark and shady places and your unprotected mattress cover provides them with the perfect habitat in which they can thrive and destroy your mattress and your peace.

These bugs not only tear apart your mattress bit by bit but also turn your goodnight sleep into the worst nightmare. Once bedbugs find a mattress where they can make a breeding ground, they are not likely to leave this place for years. It is always logical to protect your mattress with the mattress cover.

Linen store plastic mattress cover is specially designed to shun away from these bugs. Once you cover your mattress with this plastic cover for bed bugs, not even a single bug will be able to break through it.

Other than providing your mattress with the ultimate protection against bugs, pests, and other insects, it also comes with a 100% waterproof feature. This feature allows this plastic crib mattress cover to give no chance to liquids, fluids, unnecessary sweats to pass through it. If you have a small kid at home and he is going through potty training then this beautiful plastic mattress cover will be of great assistance to you.

The extra-long rust proof zipper also makes it a remarkable plastic zippered mattress cover. Furthermore, it can fit any mattress of any size even if it is a giant one. Up to 15 inches deep, this mattress cover can fit any mattress. You are likely to get your beauty sleep on this splendid plastic mattress cover.

There is no need to put this one in a machine to wash.  Just clean it with a damp cloth when the need arises.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to manage
  • Waterproof 


Looking for a perfect plastic wrap for a mattress that will protect your mattress from unwanted troubles? New Deluxe Vinyl mattress cover has all the features that will convince you to try it out for at least once in this lifetime. This plastic mattress cover is mainly composed of vinyl that is very easy to take care of at home.  Not only Vinyl is durable it is also very comforting.

One of the best features of having a vinyl mattress cover is that there is no hard and fast procedure to clean it up. You may need a washing machine to clean other kinds of mattress covers but a plastic mattress cover only requires a damp cloth and the deed is done.

This plastic mattress protector fights of bed bugs and fluids in a single go. Being one of the most amazing zippered plastic mattress covers, it leaves no space or room for the bugs to pass through it and destroy your mattress.

Along with its allergy protection and dust mite proof features, it is also an excellent water repellent. You no longer have to worry about bedwetting issues because of your child anymore. If there are pamper leaks then this plastic mattress cover will amazingly handle that.

It does not just save you from the bedwetting headaches but also gives you a sigh of relief when it comes to night sweats, unwanted spills or accidents. None of it has enough power to break through it and reach your mattress.

This one is the best plastic mattress cover because it provides a lot of relief to the user.


  • A perfect choice for bedwetting and bed bugs.
  • It can be cleaned at home with a simple damp cloth.


  • It can be noisy at times.

7. Home Expressions White Fitted Vinyl Mattress Protector

You definitely do not want bed bugs to keep on sucking your blood for the rest of your life.  These nasty creatures keep on looking for that one space where they can thrive. Once there is any spill or liquid on your mattress then these bed bugs thrive on that.  

Bed bugs in a mattress is a dangerous prospect because then you are likely to wake up with runny nose and red eyes. To have the necessary protection against Bedbugs you definitely need a plastic mattress cover.

Also, if you do not protect your mattress cover on time, then you will have to go through a lot of trouble of buying new mattresses again and again because of bugs. If you do not want to suffer from this problem, then home expressions white fitted vinyl mattress protector is the best option.

It is a plastic mattress cover for bed bugs as well as bedwetting. This perfect full-size plastic mattress cover has excellent tendencies to defend your mattress against bed bugs and other pests.

You no longer have to suffer from itchy skin, reddish eyes, or runny nose anymore because of the bugs or the allergens. Also, you can sleep with your pet on your bed without getting to worry about bedwetting problems.

Its extra strong vinyl protection saves your mattress from filthy stains. Even if you accidentally spill something on it, you can simply wipe it off with a damp cloth.

This full-size plastic mattress cover fits mattresses up to 11.5 inches deep. This most certainly is what you have been looking for your entire life. Easy to wash and easy to fit, this little plastic wrap for mattress has all the features that make it worth your money.


  • It can usually be cleaned with mild detergent and a damp cloth.
  • Provides the perfect protection against bed bugs and bedwetting.

8. Bargoose | Zippered Mattress Cover 

A mattress needs protection from a lot of threats, and Bargoose zippered plastic mattress cover makes sure that it provides the necessary protection.

The hundred percent waterproof characteristics of this fantastic plastic mattress cover will make sure that you have your peace of mind when you sleep with a baby.  In the presence of this mattress cover, there is no need to fear bedwetting and urination. The zippered technology of this cover guarantees the prevention of urination into the mattress.

You can trust this mattress cover because it will protect you against bed bugs and dust mites like a warrior. Even if it has to take the strikes to itself, it is up for that. 

The best thing about this mattress cover is that it is hushed. It will not be making any crackling noises, and you will have a quality sleep you deserve on its extremely breathable fabric.

People are right to doubt the fact that because a mattress cover is an inexpensive asset, it may not be very comfortable. This is not the case. Bargoose is not only convenient, but it is also very breathable. Bed bugs will not be able to get through your mattress, but air will be able to get through it so you can have a night of quality sleep. 

Another striking feature of this mattress cover is its cotton terry top plus hi-tech backing. The backing will keep you and your family safe because it will help eliminate bed bugs and dust mites.

Having this mattress cover means that you will have the protection against mold and mildew as well. If you are willing to make the right choice then purchasing this plastic mattress cover will prove you right.


  • The mattress cover will fit comfortably without any difficulty.
  • It acts as a warrior against bed bugs and dust mites.


  • It can definitely make noises sometimes.

9. Plastic Mattress Protector Fitted King

A mattress can be too vulnerable when it is without any protection. Bed bugs and dust mites are always looking for a weak spot in a mattress. These tiny pesticides consider mattress a perfect breeding spot. It requires just one accidental spill for these bed bugs to get your mattress and ruins it. 

Once they penetrate into the mattress they are likely to lay eggs and these eggs will multiply rapidly. With the passage of time, you are going to get into a lot of allergies because of the invasion of these tiny pesticides. Along with spending money on changing your mattress,  you will be charged by your dermatologist as well.  The invasion of bedbugs can be avoided with the right plastic mattress cover.

Royal Mystique fitted vinyl mattress cover protects your mattress from unwanted spills, from perspiration, from urine, from all sorts of liquids because of its 100% waterproof capabilities. It doesn’t matter what is on the cover, it will not get to the mattress because of the waterproof barrier of Royal mystique.

As it is made of vinyl, that is why it is easy to clean or wash when something spills on it. There is no need to wash it because the mattress cover can be cleaned with a simple damp cloth and mild detergent. It keeps bed bugs and pesticides away from your mattress.

Parents who have children that go through potty training should definitely go for this mattress cover because it prevents the invasion of liquids and urination. This one is indeed the best choice for bed bugs and bedwetting.


  • It is noiseless and will not bother you at night.
  • Probably the only plastic mattress cover that is going to stay with you forever.
  • It is indeed the best choice for bedwetting the bedbugs


A mattress is valuable but without any protection it can lose all is worth. Do not commit the mistake of thinking that a mattress cover is just an accessory and not an asset.

A plastic mattress cover is the best asset for your mattress because it is going to protect it against bed bugs and bed-wetting.  Just like a mother is always out there for his child, a mattress cover is always out there for a mattress.

An exposed mattress is vulnerable and bed bugs try to take advantage of this vulnerability all the time. With the help of a plastic mattress cover bed bugs, dust mites, mound or pesticides will not be able to get to your mattress.

Also plastic mattress covers provide the best shield against urination or fluids and that’s why they are the best against bed-wetting. You cannot ask your  baby to stop wetting the bed but you can always do something to protect your mattress. An average mattress cost about $4,000 and definitely you wouldn’t want to ruin it with bed-wetting and bed bugs.

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