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Best Waterproof Twin Mattress Cover

The average person has no idea about the different threats that can jeopardize a mattress. Just because an expensive mattress is lolling there on your bed with all its glory and luster doesn’t mean that it is not prone to triggers, bugs, and allergies. A best waterproof twin mattress cover adds protection to your sleeping bed.

A mattress protector is almost a prerequisite because it warrants the safety of your mattress from fluids, mites, allergy triggers, mold spores and bacteria.

But what kind of mattress protector is suitable for your mattress?

Underneath we discuss the features with each product in detail but if you want in-depth information then please consider the detailed resource of best mattress protectors.

To get the answer, we will have to relate these two, so let’s start.

Things to Consider

There are 2 3 points that should be considered before getting a twin-size mattress cover. Obviously, all of the mattress covers come as a waterproof accessory. It’s the main reason to buy the mattress cover, but still, you need to consider under-listed things.

  • Size: the twin mattress cover is mostly 39 inches wide under 75 inches long. When you look for this specific size, the selection process will speed up, and you only consider the right products.
  • Pricing: price can be different from every manufacturer; it can cost you less than fifty dollars in most cases, but if you want a premium solution that you might need to spend more. It’s not an item that needs a special allocation of budget; even you can get one under twenty dollars if you are tight on budget.
  • Comfort Level: materials and manufacturing matter a lot, like quilted options that can soak the moisture are more comfortable than others, but they are costly. At the same time, a simple twin-size mattress protector, which is noiseless and does not wrinkle, should be your first preference.

Today we will be talking about some of the best twin mattress covers. By comparing them all, it will be easy for you to choose your bed. To make this list, we consider more than 30 products, and after careful review, we finally select below listed ten products.


1. LUNA Twin Size Mattress Protector

Luna is a brand, and it sells rare twin mattress covers. Luna’s premium twin mattress cover is not only hypoallergenic, but it will also add a lot of value to your mattress. 

Everything is just so sublime about this cover. From its texture to its productivity, it is one of the most loved and cherished mattress covers that is available in the market.

The pleasantest part about this mattress cover is that it acts as a Guardian for your mattress. Its brand speaks for itself, it comes with a 15-year warranty.

Seeing the warranty, it is evident to see that the makers are confident in their mattress cover, and they know that Luna is here to stay. The best options among all waterproof mattress cover twin solutions.

We hire a person so he can safeguard our house. Same with this to secure your mattress Luna is THAT one option.

Luna has the reputation of being the best twin hypoallergenic mattress cover. It keeps the quality intact while adding years to the mattress. For the bug problem, it is the ultimate solution.


  • 100% waterproof barrier for a twin mattress
  • Every wash will give it a new look
  • Availability standard and XL twin size
  • It is hypoallergenic & safe for kids.

2. Tempur-Pedic Twin Mattress Protector

Refreshing sleep is a must to wake fresh and rejuvenated the next morning. Tempur-Pedic is one mattress protector that will allow you to rest peacefully on your mattress in a quiet environment.

The best thing about this particular mattress protector is that it has a Terry cotton top along with a waterproof membrane underneath. It is a hundred percent hypoallergenic.

The texture of this particular mattress cover is to die for, and it has been designed for quality sleep. The thing that makes it valuable is its elasticity. It will fit your sheets like butter.

You will find it extremely comfortable and a great protector against bedbugs, fluids, and accidental spills.

We will advise against the laundry because laundry means thinning of the mattress cover. It is advised to wash this mattress cover in a machine every 3 to 4 months. Regular spills can be cleaned away with a piece of cloth and mild detergent.


  • It has the softest top you can experience.
  • It’s completely noiseless and wrinkle-free
  • Reasonably priced


  • In first wash, may thin out its surface

3. Utopia Bedding Zippered Twin Mattress Encasement

Mattress protectors were never really popular because back in time, they couldn’t live up to the standard. Now things are shifting for good.

There are only two reasons why people don’t go for mattress protectors. Few say that mattress covers confine the heat, and few say that they make a lot of noise. What truly makes utopia bedding an outstanding twin mattress cover is the fact that it is noiseless, and allow air to flow that out rule the common problem.

The trials that have happened on Utopia Bedding were a little amusing because the experimenters jumped on the mattress cover to see if it’s going to make noise, but it didn’t.

Also, it will trap no heat, and you will feel fresh and fabulous while lying on it.

Best of all, Utopia’s bedding twin mattress cover does what it has been designed to do. It protects your mattress from almost everything. 

Not only is it a great guard against fluids or accidental spills, but it also protects the mattress against heat and bugs for allergies. Itis a twin mattress cover waterproof that we like most.

You can enjoy a free of stains mattress once you have this mattress protector with you. Laundry is not advised, but it is washable in the home. Bleach can be derogatory, but mild detergent will do, and your mattress cover will be cleaned.


  • Products of the reputed manufacturer
  • Keep the spills away from the mattress surface
  • It is elastic, and it fits easily on sheets
  • Securable zipper protects from the bugs


  • It cannot withstand full laundry.

4. TRU Lite Bedding Waterproof Mattress Protector

The reason dust mites thrive on a mattress is that all night we shed dead skin cells. These cells are a feast for these dust mites. We probably cannot stop sloughing dead skin, but we can do something that promotes protection from these dust mites, and TRU lite is here for that purpose only.

For your sumptuous mattress, this mattress protector can be such a sight. The best part of this mattress cover is that it has deep pockets. The way it grasps over the mattress is impressive, and you will not have to struggle with its installation at all.

TRU lite is a reputed brand in the market, and the reason why it is selling so much of its mattress covers is that it offers a 100% night guarantee.

Not only will it ensure quality sleep, but it will also make sure that you do not keep sweating on a mattress protector at might. Its breathability is also its strongest point, and it will ensure that there is a constant flow of air.

This protector has been through intensive experimentation. To test its effectiveness, people have summoned their children and pets to it. Few people have even eaten on their mattresses. Still, with the presence of this mattress cover, nothing could get into the mattress, and that is why it is so famous on Amazon.

It guards and covers the mattress from all sides, bed bugs or allergens do not find any way to get into the mattress. It can be the ultimate choice for all such people who want to make sure that their mattress enjoys a long life without getting into any chaos in the form of fluids or bugs.

It is prudent to clean the mattress cover right away, in case there is a stain on it. Other than this, it can be washed in a machine every three to four months. It is best to avoid intense laundry.


  • Extremely comfortable and protective 
  • It ensures exceptional durability of the mattress
  • Kids can enjoy their liberty on the beds.
  • It cuddles and fits on sheets properly


  • Its surface thinned because of intense laundry.

5. Everlasting Comfort Twin Size Waterproof Mattress Protector

People whine that they take the utmost care of their hygiene, but still, when they get on the mattress, they are bugged by bed bugs for dust mites. You must remember that you are not the cause of dust mites on the mattress, your mattress itself is the cause. 

Without any protection, it has no way to fight the threats, but with the security of a mattress cover, it is a different story.

Everlasting comfort, twin mattress cover may not be the good looking mattress cover you will find in the market, but it is the most authentic. Despite its thin surface, it is the softest mattress that you will find out there. 

The best part about this mattress cover is that it makes sure that there is no water leakage into your mattress. You probably have no idea about it, but your body leaks a lot of water when you are asleep, and this mattress cover has been designed to take care of it. 

Let’s say that you have got an excellent mattress for your guests, and now you have protected it with everlasting comfort. Even if you forget about the guest room for months to come still, no harm will come to it. 

The reason why you should look forward to this mattress cover is that it is entirely waterproof, and you can get it at an economical price. The cover has been tested several times for its waterproof effectiveness, and no-fault has ever been found.

For a few dollars, this is one of the best twin mattress cover that you are going to get from Amazon. It can be the perfect fit for your children and guest room, and probably it will stay with you for a lifetime because of its long-lasting abilities.

Laundry is still not advised for this mattress cover. It is best if you wash it in a machine when there is a need for it.


  • Effortless to manage, kids can easily apply and remove it
  • We find it easy to maintain product 
  • It ensures tranquility


  • It can be boisterous at times.

6. Twin SureGuard Mattress Encasement

For our children, we always feel like looking for the perfect bride and groom, so why not look for an ideal mattress cover for your mattress?

An excellent mattress can stay with you for a lifetime if it is treated in the right way. A mattress cover will ensure that you are taking good care of your mattress.

Few people even go to the extent of saying that your Sure Guard mattress protector is too good to be accurate, and they are mostly right. Sure guard is indeed an excellent product for all those people who are looking for ways to save their guest mattresses.

Not only will it provide you safety against bugs, but it will also offer you protection against spills.

Many tests have been conducted on this mattress cover, and it has always withstood the test of time. So this twin mattress waterproof cover worth of considering.

Its extra comfy hypoallergenic layer will add a lot of value to your mattress because this way, the bed will also be saved against any allergens. 

Not only has the perfect price, but it also has the ideal attire. It will match perfectly with the texture of your environment, and that is all the more reason why you need to go for it. This one is soft, noiseless, and very comfortable.


  • It snuggles comfortably on a mattress.
  • Do not make noise 
  • Its stability is also the talk of the town.


  • Sometimes it can make cranky noises.

7. Waterproof Bamboo Mattress Protector

Masris is that one mattress cover that has been appreciated by millions of people. This one is so compelling that mostly the mothers who are training their children for potty training go for it. 

When it comes to battling with different kinds of fluids, this one stands like a warrior and protects the mattress at all. It is indeed 100% waterproof, and it has passed many waterproofing tests as well.

Spill whatever you like on this mattress cover, and be confident that nothing will get into your mattress. Not only will it protect your mattress against urine or sweat, but it will also keep the bad odor away.

It is hypoallergenic, and it will fit the sheets correctly.

Full laundry and bleach are not advised. Other than this, it can be washed in a machine when the need arises. This twin mattress cover could be the ultimate answer for kids’ rooms or guest rooms.

8. Protect-A-Bed Premium Waterproof Twin Mattress Protector

Protect a bed isn’t just a beautiful name for a mattress cover; it is a slogan for this brand. Protect a bed is a very reputed name in the market, and it’s protectors are very well famous for its premium protection against a lot of things.

If you are battling a lot of issues like dust mites, bed bugs, fluids, urine, or sweat, then you need nothing more than this mattress cover. 

Not only will it fit perfectly in your kid’s room, but this mattress cover twin is also beneficial for kids, bed allergies, or even asthma triggers.

It doesn’t matter if the spill is accidental or intentional; if it is there, it is going to leave a bad odor. Odor eventually leads to bugs and dust mites. In such a scenario, we need nothing more than the ultimate protection of a mattress, and this mattress cover provides that.

The way this cover prevents bugs from entering through the surface of a protector is exceptional. This waterproof mattress cover twin solution makes a spot on our list because of its quality and durability.

Like we have guardians for children, this one is a Guardian for our mattresses. For quiet and restful sleep, this is the ultimate answer, and it even reduces allergy triggers.

Having this mattress cover means having better air quality in your room, and that is all the more reason why you should go for it.

As far as laundering is concerned then quarterly, it is excellent if you go for it, but more than that is not advisable.

Its exclusive membrane layer will keep the mattress fresh and up-to-date. For long-term protection, this one is the best twin mattress cover available on Amazon.


  • You will get the best protection for your mattress with this mattress cover.
  • This twin mattress cover will look lovely in the kid’s room.
  • It is more than comfortable.


  • Sometimes it may make a noise
  • You may need help while installing it
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We have reviewed some of the best mattress covers for you, and now it is up to you to compare and pick your options.

The products we reviewed are exceptional, and they can be bought at low prices. When it comes to quality and productivity, all these mattress covers will serve the same purpose. Still, it is better to do a little bit of your research and to look for that one reason why you want to buy any one of them.

It is our personal preference to go with a mattress cover of our liking, but it is good to have help. It is always a good idea to go for the mattress cover that comes with a warranty to ensure more protection.

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