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biddeford electric mattress pad

Modern luxury bedding has come far from the good old feather beds. Today, convenient and fortunate bedding items like mattress pads make the perfect feather bed feel possible with more sustainable raw materials. Today we are going to dig into deep that what is Biddeford electric mattress pad and what pros and cons.

Who is Biddeford?

Biddeford is a provider that makes modern and luxury bedding items more accessible for the average individual. Why dream about the perfect cozy climate? And why not create your own.

This exclusive brand provides customers with a series of bedding options. These options differ in the raw material and production process; one of these categories includes their very own heated mattress pads.

The Biddeford Electric mattress pad is one of a kind. They are produced with unique fibers and a blend of just the right materials.

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Biddeford Electric Mattress Pads

Biddeford electric mattress pad is an amalgam of state-of-the-art technology and nostalgic aesthetics of duck and goose bedding. The electric mattress pads serve in three different variants of polyester, quilted, and sherpa fabric.

You may select any of the customized variants that suit you.

  • Polyester is suitable for instant heat seekers. The down-fill is super soft, comfy, and cozy.
  • Quilted cotton is a match for organic lovers. Cotton is a natural healer and heater.
  • Sherpa fabric is a quality work to emulate the classical goose feathers stuff. The touch of sherpa fabric is enchanting.

Biddeford electric pads are designed with extra thin wires to ensure foolproof security from electrocution. This product is also featured with a ten-hour auto shut option to ensure maximum energy saving. This sane addition reduces utility bills up to the optimal level. The Biddeford brand does provide ten different tiers of heat settings that are unparalleled in any contemporary brand. You can adjust a minor variation of the heat intensity.

Biddeford mattress pads are not only technically sound but also have stylistic beauty incorporated into them. The icing on the cake is a double stitch sewing that is heavenly fine.

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History of Biddeford

Biddeford is not the new kid in town. Rooted back in 1865, this brand has been adding an invaluable addition to your household products incessantly. This California based company’s forte is the quality provision of throws, blankets, and mattress pads to brace you for the thick and thin life.

The company has expanded its customer base by extending a variety of quality products with constant follow up.

Today, Bedford is considered a reliable name in the world of bedding items.

Biddeford incorporates both classical and latest trends into its products. The relishing quilting design reminds of royal bedding while the digital features are along with Generation Z’s demands. All these inciting features are available in an economical price bracket. This high-end product is entertaining the customer segments from all socio-economical backgrounds.

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What Technology Biddeford Brand Use?

Biddeford uses cutting edge technology in its brands. It does not compromise on customer satisfaction and keeps you updated throughout the eras. Some of the salient features of this smart technology are:

Usage of Microprocessor Sensors

The fitted sensor senses an iota of heat intensity and responds accordingly. It tells the circuit intelligently about the even distribution of heat from head to toe. This technology feature is highly helpful and recommended for chronic pain. Even distribution of heat is therapeutic and relieves the chronic pains within no time.

Auto-Shut Timer

The installed auto-shut timer shuts off automatically right after a ten-hour time-span. You need not worry about shutting off to break up the serene sleep cycle. On the other hand, this option also helps with energy-saving. For exceptional extreme weather terrains, such an Arctic region, you may again set the timer for a full ten-hour cycle.

Foolproof Safety

The wafer-thin delicate wires used in Biddeford mattress pads are insulated from a dual wounded wire. Helically wounded, the resistive capacitor is an additional feature that acts as a backup. The wire is doubly protected to bestow you a worthy majestic slumber. Electrocution is a far cry from the Biddeford brand.

Advance 3-P Heating Wire:

The advanced 3-P wire circuit heats up the pad instantly. It does not take warmup time like the other common brands. This sensing wire also acts as a thermometer to equate the body heat with the pad’s warmth. This cutting-edge technology readies up the bed to plunge within a few seconds. You need not wait tiresomely for the warming up. With Biddeford, there is no hassle in your life.

Digital Display

The digital display helps in monitoring the heat tier setting comfortably. This feature also enhances the user compatibility of the pad. The glittering neon lights keep you updated about the notifications in the darkness and broad daylight equally.

Biddeford is There for your Worn-out Mattress.

When your mattress is worn and uncomfortable, don’t you wish you had a better option than to go out and get another expensive mattress? Well, of course, there is. Mattress pads are a sheet or extra layer of comfort that can be laid on top of your mattresses.

These mattress pads can be used to give your bedding the features of comfort and convenience that your worn-out mattresses would not. Biddeford electric mattress pads add to that comfort, but what makes them so different from any other mattress pad on the market? Let’s have a look at this unique mattress pad:

What makes Biddeford so unique?

There are many brands, some novice, while some from donkey’s age. But Biddeford is still a unique name among all. These are some of the takeaways that stand it out of the ordinary lot.

Variety of Material

This is perhaps the only brand providing heated mattress pads for overarching myometrial types, i.e., polyester tones and sherpa fabric. You can opt-in to a variety of materials under the umbrella of Biddeford. Different people have varying preferences. And this is Biddeford that incorporates all of the trendy materials into its products.

Designing Wonders

Since 1865, every new edition of the Biddeford brand has been an engineering wonder. The brand keeps aesthetics at the top of its priority list. You would not find such elegance and reliability in any other brand. The quilted setting, double stitch, alternate down fill makes the brand lavish. You cannot resist the temptation to add Biddeford to your room’s decor.

Customer follow-up

Biddeford is not a sell and run brand. It incessantly follows up with customers to elicit priceless feedback. This, in return, helps Biddeford to keep improving its quality. On the other hand, customer morale boosts up, and references are given. An informal survey conducted by, a tech startup, to evaluate consumer patterns has summed up the assessment with Biddeford, a forerunner.

Hard-core durability

You will find decades-old Biddeford mattress pads still in use with ease in different houses if you look around. It is the brand’s resilience that makes it rock hard and a top choice for classical customers. The durability of Biddeford is widely recognized and proven.


The Biddeford brand is a mixture of nostalgic sentiments with cutting-edge technology. The brand provides the good of both worlds. The quilted stitching bestows a sense of classic duck and goose feathers perch. Meanwhile, the instant heat circuit rejuvenates the bedding item with alluring warmth. The protection feature is foolproof. This perfect mixture is unbeaten and has been enhancing the customer by leaps and bounds.

Types of Biddeford Electric Mattress

Biddeford Electric Mattress Pads are of three types:

1. Biddeford Electric Heated Mattress Pad

This kind of mattress pad comes with heating systems. They are the most convenient item for colder climates. Instead of getting an expensive heating system, you can get a heated mattress pad, indeed much cheaper.

The additional warmth that is supplied to the lower body makes it extra comfortable for use. Here are some of its other features that will surely interest any shopper:

  • 10-Hour Auto Shut-off: The auto shut-off system is designed to ensure that safety measures are ensured. You can sleep with peace of mind that even if you do not turn off the heating system, it will not end up over-heating. After 10 hours, it will auto turn-off.
  • Personalized Heat Setting System: This option makes it possible for you to adjust the heat setting to, however, warm you want. It makes it very convenient for hot or cold sleepers.
  • Ultra-thin Wire: This feature ensures that the surface remains soft and friendly for all kinds of sleepers, whether stomach, back, or side sleepers. No position on this shift mattress will make your sleep uncomfortable. The thin wires are meant to be undetectable to the sleeper on top so that a comfortable even surface is maintained.
  • Dual-Heat zone: While this feature is only available for a king- and queen-sized beds, it makes sure that you can regulate the heat temperatures according to your personal preference without compromising with your partner.

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2. Biddeford Quilted Electric Mattress Pad

This type of Biddeford mattress pad is ideal for its hypoallergenic qualities. The quilt on top of the soft mattress pad material is tightly woven so that it makes it much harder for the dust-mites or molds to gather up on the surface. It is machine washable so that you can maintain extra cleanliness. Here are some of its best features:

  • Cotton and Polyester Material: The cotton material aids with the heating system since it is a durable fabric that is washable, hypoallergenic, regulates moisture. The polyester also adds to the durability of the material; it is flexible and resistant to wrinkling and shrinking of the fabric. The combined combination makes for a very durable and comfortable mattress pad.
  • 10-Hour Auto Shut off: Just like the heated electric mattress pad, it has a 10-hour auto shut off for safety purposes.
  • Therapeutic Warmth: This is a feature that is common to all Biddeford Mattress pads.

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3. Biddeford Sherpa Electric Mattress pad

Sherpa heated mattress pad is a cozier type of mattress pad by Biddeford. The Sherpa material itself adds to the many convenient features that users enjoy with this product:

  • It is a synthetic material that is easy-to-clean
  • The loft of Sherpa products makes it incredibly warm.
  • It provides better insulation than shearling without adding an uncomfortable bulk to the mattress pad.
  • This dries quickly, which makes it much easier to machine wash.
  • Less expensive than shearling products

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Best Features of Biddeford Electric Heated Pads

As the winter season arrives, everyone starts looking for cozy and comforting sleep. Biddeford electric or heating mattress pads are the best options for the winter season.

Preheat Features

Biddeford’s electric heated mattress pad is exceptional. A control (knob) present on the pad helps it set to a pre-heat position before sleeping. This control delivers the heat to the required level of 20 to 30 minutes or up to a specific temperature.

This feature averts the cold and makes the mattress pad much more desirable.

Built-in Soothe Muscles Technology:

Biddeford Electric mattress pad warms various parts of the body. Therefore, a person can use it for handling pain. The heat transmitted from the mattress to the body dilates the blood vessels and increases perfusion to the tissues. Besides, it’s built-in soothe muscle technology eases muscle pain by warming them.

This technology works in opening the muscles’ blood vessels and allows readily flow of the blood and oxygen to the sore parts.

Furthermore, this built-in feature reduces muscle spasms and leads to muscle relaxation.

Digital Programmable Control Technology

Biddeford electric mattress pads have digital programmable control features. This feature provides exceptional comfort and safety to the users. Moreover, this technology consists of a timer for customizing the time and mattress temperature. The timer can be switched on by touching the button.

Further, it gives an auto-off approach and ten head settings to the user for personalized comfort. You can select a custom set up for 12 hours of heat.

Dual Control Functionality

It is the most attractive feature of the best electric mattress pad. Sometimes, two varying body temperatures sleep on the same mattress. In a dual control feature, the mattress pad holds dual zones that are able to manage the personal comfort of two people at the same time.

Hence, two temperature controllers are present. These controllers work independently and differently to control the temperature.

For instance, one side sets at a low temperature, and the other side is set at a high temperature.

Advanced Thermo-Fine Technology

The Advanced Thermo-Fine system distributes heat in an evenly form. It means that both sides of the bed are equally heated. This feature helps to monitor both body and bed temperature as well. It can sense a positive temperature coefficient for providing heat uniformly.

Furthermore, you can enjoy comfortable sleep on any side of the bed. However, this thermo-fine feature is present only in the best electric mattress pads.

Consistent Feature

A Biddeford electric mattress pad provides consistent heat source availability with easy controls.

This feature excludes hot or too cold issues while giving electricity to mattresses for heating up.

Water-Resistant Property

Usually, some people love to eat and drink their favorite beverages and food in their bedroom while watching movies. In those cases, chances of accidentally falling liquor may occur.

Nevertheless, the best mattress pad will hold a water-resistant property.

Therefore, water does not move into it, and you can clean it easily from the top and enjoy your movie. The Biddeford electric mattress pad is waterproof, and it does not allow spillage of bodily fluids to penetrate inside the mattress.

Constructed with Cotton and Polyester Fabric

Construction, or the material used in making a mattress pad, matters a lot as it gives softness and comfort to users. The Biddeford Electric mattress pad is the best absorbent for moisture.


Personalization and adjustability feature set the heat settings, cooling & heating options, and auto on-off timer. The best thing about Biddeford electric mattress pad is that it has the personalization option.

  • Heat settings: Biddeford Electric mattress pad heat settings range from 1 to 10. This electric mattress pad even has an advanced level of heat settings.
  • Heating & Cooling property: With Biddeford, it is entirely possible to get a mattress pad with dual heating and cooling property.

Although Biddeford is an exceptional brand that makes some beautiful mattress pads, however, there are also some loopholes, and it is time to discuss those. As Biddeford mostly makes electrically heated pads, they may not be suitable for certain people.

LoopHoles In BiddeFord Elecrtic Mattress pads

Hazardous for people with sensitive skin: Sensitive skin people will feel itchy on their body and face if they slumber on electric mattress pads. Heat does not suit everyone because of the warmth of their own body. So if you are a person with sensitive skin, beware of utilizing electric mattress pads regularly.

Cancer-Causing Radiations: Heating mattress pads emit electromagnetic radiations that are cancer-causing for your health. Children, pets, and elders especially need to evade their utilization. It is imperative to have the desired voltage while using these electric mattress pads to avoid issues.

Limited to Bed: Technically you cannot fold this mattress pad to take it with you and that is the biggest loophole.

Less Average Life: Electric mattress pads are not long-lasting. In most favorable scenarios, these pads can last for long with proper care and attention, but their lifespan is just two years. Looking for endless options than the Biddeford electric mattress pad is not a good choice.

Final Verdict

Biddeford is a reputed brand that has been serving customers for so long. Over the years, this brand has gained immense popularity because of its quality.

Although there are few loopholes yet the advantages overpower them. This brand is worth a while, and you should try their mattress pads.

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