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cal king mattress pad

You have to decide the size of your bed at the time of buying it can be any like queen or king, but there is an impressive size that is called California King. When you have this size of the bed, you will need the same size mattress and other accessories. Today we are discussing a cal king mattress pad that is used to enhance the cushioning and to provide protection to the bed.

The best California King mattress pad is a thin quilted pad that functions as a covering of your mattress. This mattress pad enhances the comfortability of a mattress. It also serves to enhance the lifetime of a mattress.

Cal king mattress pad adds another layer of softness to your bed. In case your mattress is dipping, broken down, or too soft/not supportive enough, you can always count on a cal king mattress pad.

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Why Cal King Mattress Pads?

As we discuss earlier Cal King is a name of a size that is used for beds, mattress, and all of its accessories, here it is few facts about California King:

 California King
Dimensions72” wide, 84” long
Surface Area6,048 square inches
Best ForTall people, ideal for 6 feet and above
BenefitsExtra length is ideal for tall people fits well in narrower rooms, ideal for large bedrooms
DrawbacksDifficult to move Difficult to find accessories, the higher price tag

Over time, even the most expensive mattresses get soiled because of spillage and bodily fluids. To enhance the lifetime of a mattress, we use a cal king mattress pad.

Cal King mattress pads play a vital role as they can perform multiple functions. These pads are significant to protect the surface of a mattress from general wear and tear.

Cal King mattress pads insulate and keep the user warm and provide extra comfort. Also, they protect from spills or accidents because they are cheaper and easier to replace as compared to the mattress.

Why the Audience Should Use Mattress Pad?

  • Compatibility Cal king mattress pads enhance the compatibility of a mattress.
  • Life Expectancy – These pads increase the life expectancy of a mattress as compared to others.
  • Protection from stains Mattress pads protect the mattress from stains. They can be placed beautifully on the top of your existing mattress. These pads add an extra layer of comfort and Fluffiness to your old/new Mattress.
  • Good for pain Pain relief, especially from back pain, knee pain, headaches, and migraines.
  • Healing Properties California mattress pads alleviate sleeping problems, and they ensure faster tissue and bone healing.
  • Improved blood circulation These pads improve blood and capillary circulation.
  • Improved Posture These Mattress pads keep your body straight and the spine neutral while you are sleeping. Due to this, the pressure on your internal system gets reduced, and your body maintains a better flow of functions and efficient blood circulation throughout the night to give you a better sleep.

A cal king mattress pad provides an easy solution to add comfort to an older or uncomfortable mattress. These Mattress pads are an inexpensive way to add a little life to older or otherwise uncomfortable mattresses. With a cal king mattress pad, you can make your soft mattress more supportive and cushiony.

10 Best Cal King Size Mattress Pads

To make a list of cal king mattress pad that we can share with our reader we review more then 50 products and consider 3,000+ comments and finally we made a list of best cal king mattress pads that are:

1. Safe and Sound Cal King Quilted Fitted Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Remarkably cozy fluffy filling of cotton provides the comfy feeling and let you rest cozily.
  • Waterproof with added perks of layering, this padding is 100% waterproof against all kinds of spills.
  • Sound sleep With this cal king mattress pad, you are sure to get the best sleep.

To make your mattress even comfier and protected, we bring an incredible product from Safe and Sound Store. Like that company’s name, their mattress pads to provide safety against all accidental spills with an astonishing touch of comfort and coziness. Its quilted top is made from hollow cotton filling.

Which gives the mattress pad the softness you require for a goodnight’s sleep. Covering made from fine micro-fibers is gentle against the skin and carries the additional absorbent quality. Even if sweating does not stop in sleep, this pad will allow the body to breathe peacefully.

In addition to that, you can wash the padding-right in the comfort of your home. Overall it is an excellent addition to any bedroom.


  • These mattress pads are extremely comfortable.
  • They provide extra cushioning.

2. ENITYA California King Size Mattress Pad 

Key Features

  • Eco-friendly made from bamboo material; this mattress pad does not pose a threat to the environment.
  • Made for the whole family whether you have toddlers, pets, or elderly; the padding is friendly to all family members.
  • Extremely comfortable  these mattress pads are extremely comfortable because they add an extra layer of comfort on the mattress.

If your old mattress is worn out and you don’t quite want to buy a new mattress yet, then we have got you covered. We bring you a perfect mattress pad that will add the newness to your old mattress. Say goodbye to the worn-out feeling because with this pad-your mattress will be as good as new.

Unlike most padding, this cover is made from bamboo material. The padding’s soft and smooth surface not only ensures the excellent night sleep even on the old mattress but also provides you the cooling effect. The mattress feels stuffy at night?

Put this padding to get rid of night sweats. Does not matter what thickness your mattress has; its deep pocket design is elastic and made to fit up to 21 inches thick mattress.


  •  This mattress pad is the best solution for back pain.
  • It is soft to touch.

3. MEROUS Cal King Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Quilting technology a fantastic filling method that does not let the padding move and slag off.
  • Cooling the feathery top gives the breezy effect and sleep and quality sleep at night.
  • Nothing toxic  there is nothing toxic about the making of this cal king mattress pad.  It is safe to use anywhere.

We have all fallen victim to the allergy and irritation caused by tiny culprits accumulating in our mattress. No more sneezing and coughing, MEROUS store brings you a mattress pad with two-way layering. You can get rid of all the allergens and even add comfort or a deep night’s sleep.

The exclusive down alternative cotton filling of the mattress pad makes it hypoallergenic, extra soft, and friendly for the skin. Any extra sweat is absorbed by the topmost layer, and not body heat is retained. Extend that life of your mattress by keeping out the external harms and sleep in the clouds simultaneously.

Moreover, the additional waterproof encasement is no longer required; the padding does not let the water seep through. 


  •  Stain resistant.
  • Comfortable

4. KARRISM Extra Thick Cooling Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Odor-free fibers of this mattress are designed to lock away the moisture and keep the covering odor-free.
  • Machine washable no need to spend on expensive commercial cleaning; this pad can be washed at home.

Upgrading your mattress to a new one is tricky, but upgrade to a mattress pad is economical and makes your mattress as good as new.

If you cannot sleep in the bed and your mattress does not feel right, then here is the product you have been waiting for. For deep comfort and relaxation, bring home this mattress pad 50% thicker than the standard mattress pad.

Get your hands on this mattress pad, fluff it up in the dryer, and it is good to be used on the bed. The secure pocket of this mattress will compensate for the all low and high profile mattresses equally well.

5. Cooling Cotton Pillowtop Soft Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Two in one protection adds a protective coat over your mattress and protects your skin from abrasion.
  • Hypoallergenic the layering keeps away all the mites and pollen to keep your nose non-stuffy.  

Stains, sweats, oils, and spillage can be damaging to the health of your mattress. The debris also allows the bacteria and mites to multiply in your bedding. To combat that, get TAUPIRI fitted mattress protector for healthier living.

Whether you have an old mattress or you want to add a luxurious layer to your new mattress, this padding is ideal for both. With its extra cushioning effect and brilliant filling, you will not need to toss and turn every minute to find a comfortable position. 

Fibers of the covering efficiently maintain the temperature to keep it cool as long as you sleep. No more cutting short your afternoon siesta because it is too hot to lay down. 

6. TEXARTIST Mattress Pad Cover California King

Key Features

  • Noiseless the padding is made from extra soft and noiseless fibers. 
  • The breathable top layer is breathable does not cause any sweating.

The softness and firmness of your mattress are now in your hands. You have bought a brand new mattress, and it is too hard, no worries. Your bed covered in a mattress pad can be a significant upgrade and get you the softness you want on your bed.

It is a durable build that keeps the shape even after being used for a long time. Fluffed padding is securely held in place by quilted stitching. Now you can enjoy the 5-star hotel sleep right at your home. Temperature control and moisture-wicking tech is another reason you should buy this padding.

In addition to that, the padding it noiseless and won’t add any crinkling feel to the bed. 

7. Oaskys Cal King Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Squared jacquard this design offers more support and keep the stuffing in place.
  • Wipe clean facility you can also wipe clean the stain if you don’t want to go for a wash immediately.

A mattress pad can be a fantastic addition to your bed. They keep all the dirt and debris in check also adds to the comfort of your mattress. If you are looking for an innovative and supportive design, this mattress pad is the one you are looking for.

And ideal quilted cal king mattress pad that will give you more comfort and extend life of your mattress.

Squared stitch keeps the feeling in place and adds more comfort as compared to the styled stitch. A fabric pocket is perfect for the mattress of any thickness. For quality comfort and support, while sleeping, this mattress pad is the one you need.

It is an easy investment, and you can even wash and dry the padding at your home. 

8. SLEEP ZONE Quilted Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Temperature regulation high-grade fibers are treated with a moisture wicking system to keep the temperature for rising. 
  • High-quality fiber advanced fiber tech makes the padding extra soft and smooth against the skin.

A good night’s sleep is all about how temperature is maintained on the mattress, and if the body is allowed to breathe. To take you away from the bounds of the stuffy mattress and into a smooth sleep experience, we bring you a great mattress pad by Sleep Zone.

The five-dimensional fiber technology keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. For temperature regulation, the filling is puffed up with advanced technology that keeps the moisture away. At the same time, the covering or surface is exceptionally soft that does not cause skin abrasion. Unlike standard white padding, this cover is also available in black color.

Add the glam look to your bedroom along with all the functionalities of this ideal mattress cover. 

9. Murpheeya Cooling Cotton Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Heavy padding thicker padding of this mattress pad supplies deep comfort and relief from the daily grind.
  • Silky smooth luxurious cotton surface offers a gorgeous blend of softness and breathability.

Extra comfort and ultra-smooth mattress tops are qualities that are sought after by many. If that is what you are looking for, then you are in the right place. This fantastic product with heavenly padding that is thicker than most mattress pads is to die for.

It is one of best cal king mattress pad.

Now avail of all the qualities of comfort, breathability, and protection is a single mattress pad. The filling is made to wick off the odor and keep all the allergens at bay. With this product, you can rest at ease, even with eczema and respiratory allergies. In addition to that, the deep pocket has extra elasticity and does not come off quickly.

For acrobatic sleepers and kids that don’t stay still in sleep, this mattress pad is just perfect.

10. Bedsure Mattress Pad California King Size

Key Features

  • Wear and tear protection adds a protective layer that keeps your mattress safe and sound.
  • Firm grip fitted sheet build strong grips the mattress and does not let loose. 

What your mattress needs is protective covering, and what you need is a comforting mattress feel. The one product that provides you both is the mattress pad by Bedsure.

Made with microfibers, these mattress pads are fluffy and cushiony. It not only extends the life of your mattress but also protects against wearing and tearing of the foam inside. If you want to add years to your mattress’s life, then this mattress cover is a must-have.

In addition to all its qualities, the unique fiber composition effortlessly gives you noiseless sleep.  The deep pocket helps the mattress stay on for a long time.


There is no need to buy a new mattress in case it is not serving you in terms of comfort and durability. You can always get yourself a mattress pad to add an extra layer of cushioning on your mattress.

As we have reviewed some of the best cal king mattress pads so there are plenty of options for you to make a choice

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