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California King Size Mattress Covers

Most people believe that a mattress cover is not a valued entity. These people consider that a mattress cover is an accessory and not an asset. The truth of the matter is that a cover acts as an asset for your mattress. Today we will review some of the California King Mattress Cover

How will you protect yourself against accidental spills, dust mites, bed bugs, and urination without a mattress cover? The pamper leaks and accidental spills will dive deep into your mattress to ruin it forever. The mattress does not know how to protect itself because it doesn’t come with the covering.

A Mattress cover acts as a covering for a mattress and it protects this expensive entity with all its might. California king size mattress is relatively expensive than regular mattresses and it requires the ultimate protection. Smart people buy a mattress cover right at the moment, they buy the expensive mattress.

Let’s review some of the best California king size mattress covers. These are all assets and a must for mattresses.

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1. LUNA California King Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector

Without mattress cover, things can go really rough for your mattress. The smart option is having a mattress cover that provides you protection against bedwetting, dust mites, and many other external threats.

Your bedwetting solution by the company Luna is made of High-quality standard material. This one is the best mattress cover that you can get for your mattress.  It is 100% percent waterproof, which makes it a spill-free solution to the mattress problems.

This waterproofing is against minimal sweat as well.  With the assistance of this amazing mattress cover, sweat and urination will find no way to penetrate into your mattress. Staining and wetting can decrease the shelf-life of a mattress to a great extent.

Chances are you will need to replace the mattress many years before its life runs out. Definitely, ou wouldn’t want to replace your mattress because you have spent so many dollars on it so a mattress cover is the best choice.

This waterproof cover can add years to the life of your mattress and make it last longer. This sort of investment is financially beneficial. It is manufactured using the latest undetectable sleep technology, to ensure the quality of rest you get.

The high-grade natural material is vinyl and PVC. Thus, it does not pose a health risk and is perfectly safe for kids and pets. Moreover, it does not contain phthalates or its residues, making it non-carcinogenic.

The mattress is made on waterproof airflow technology. So it does not allow the water, sweat, and moisture to absorb into the mattress, but ensures airflow for the proper ventilation.

We shed thousands of skin cells every day. They tend to accumulate on the mattress. Mattress protector does not allow this accumulation to happen. Being easily washable, you can take off the cover and wash off all the dust particles very quickly.

It is also hypoallergenic and protects against dust mites. Luna is a perfect fit for the elderly with urine incontinence and kids. The fabric can be easily machine washed at home and tumble dried at low speed.

2. Kingnex Waterproof Mattress Protector California King

Accidental spills can be the greatest threat for your mattress. An average mattress cost around $300 to $400 dollars. A Single accidental spill can ruin a mattress in minutes.

Who does not like breakfast in bed? But this comforting act always comes surrounded by the spillage fright and stained mattress. The solution to this issue is this fantastic mattress cover by Kingnex.

It gets the protection task done and also has additional advantages and features. The material of this cover is made with a blend of organic bamboo material, which is called viscose rayon and cotton. The higher percentage (70%) of the material comes from bamboo and cotton is minimum (30%).

It makes the mattress cover extremely durable. This also makes it an environment-friendly solution to all your mattress problems.

The bamboo is fast-growing, biodegradable raw material. Thus, it is not a threat to the environment. Also, it has a smaller carbon footprint when it comes to manufacturing and life cycle.

The material also gives it a silky, smooth texture and does not take away the feel of the mattress. Most of the time you will forget that you even have a mattress cover for your mattress. Unlike plastic covers, it does not give off a synthetic feel. Even with the mattress cover on, you will have the natural environment of the mattress.

With its amazing thermal regulation properties, it retains a lot less heat as compared to cotton. This mattress cover can be the perfect choice for summer because it does not trap heat. Its waterproof material acts as an invisible barrier against water and sweat.

Let’s say that you have small kids at home and you are worried about pamper leaks. Having this mattress cover means never having to worry about leaks ever again. This feature also gives a more cooling feel than terry surfaces and is a plus point is getting a peaceful sleep.

It is a fitted sheet design that comes with a stretchable skirt. The size is flexible and can fit up to 18 inches deep mattresses as well. This one is durable and easy to clean. Just wash it with the rest of your laundry. Other times you can wash it separately as well with lukewarm water and mild detergent. It is hypoallergenic and does not let the dust, skin cells and bacteria to accumulate.

3. Cal King SureGuard Mattress Encasement

Well, it may look that we sleep normally at night but our mattress knows more. We do not want to believe it but we can be pretty gross while sleeping. An average human tends to perspire in its sleep as well. Sometimes the weather conditions and room temperature can exacerbate the situation. Human odor can be unpleasant and soon your mattress will start to give off an unwanted odor.

Also, spilling liquids and bedwetting cannot be avoided altogether, when it comes to children. They are mostly careless with liquids and are likely to spill a lot of things on a newly bought mattress. Sureguard ensures you avoid accidents of this sort. This is a wonderful mattress cover and it ensures that your mattress is not a victim of sweat and accidental spills.

It is a cover with multiple uses. Most coverings are only for five sides. This encasement is for the whole mattress on all six sides. It is a zippered cover with the sure seal technology that keeps everything out except air. The best thing about this mattress cover is that it will keep the dust mites and bed bugs away. We are well aware that pesticides thrive well in a humid environment.

In the case of accidental spills, the environment of a mattress becomes humid and then pesticides thrive. Because of the zippered technology of SureGuard things can go really well for your mattress because pesticides cannot penetrate in its presence.

The covering of this mattress cover is cool and breathable. The zipper, unlike traditional zipper, is invisible and does not show on the outside.

Say goodbye to the bedbugs and accidental spills. The encasement protects the mattress on all sides. Thus bedbugs are not allowed to get in and reproduce while feeding on your blood when you sleep. It also protects against mold and mildew that does not give them a damp environment to grow on.

It is free from plastic and all sort of harmful chemicals. It does not come with padding and does not change the feel of the mattress. The cover is certified by Green Guard for low chemical emission, which makes it a reliable option. It is effortless to clean and washable.

Its hypoallergenic technology does not allow the bacteria, dust mite, and allergens to make their way to your mattress. It is a healthy option to ensure goodnight sleep and mattress protection at the same time.

4. RUN2BED Cal King Size Mattress Protector

Sleep is one thing that is essential in the survival of the human. Ensuring good quality sleep is helpful for a healthy lifestyle. This mattress cover has got you covered in the sleep department. Made from luxury Turkish cotton, the mattress protector is 100% waterproof. The thing that makes it wonderful is not just it’s waterproof characteristics, its fabric is extremely breathable and let you peaceful sleep at night.

It is made of long fibers that are fluffier and softer than usually a terry coat to give you peaceful sleep. The mattress cover is flexible in it can be used by all family and comes in a variety of different sizes. The standard king size is the best one because it covers your king size mattress beautifully.

Its waterproof yet breathable technology will never let your mattress go yellow and stinky. Its material is like a barrier between you and accidental spills.

The breathable raw material gives you a cooling effect while sleeping and avoid the retention of heat and body fluids. It is a safe and toxin-free option for kids’ mattresses. Its deep pocket and elastic fit provide a firm grip on the mattress.

It is perfect for people that suffer from allergies or skin conditions such as asthma and eczema. You will be saving a lot of dollars because in the presence of this matters cover, you won’t have to visit your dermatologist because of skin allergies.

This protector is a clean living and healthy option for all. It built not only protects against water but also does not allow the dust and bacteria to get stuck on your mattress. Its fabric is strong and durable, which ensures longevity and long term protection. The product comes with a ten years long warranty.

Wrap Up

California king size Mattress cover is a perfect protection for a king size mattress. Because of the ultimate characteristics, these covers are likely to provide ultimate protection against all external threats.

We have reviewed some of the best California king size mattress covers for you. Now it’s your turn to go with your preference and make a nice choice.

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