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can you wash a mattress pad

A mattress pad is a remarkable addition to the comfort of your mattress. There is a huge market teeming with products that are made just according to your needs. In addition to comfort mattress pads also act as a barrier between your bed and the accumulating culprits in an environment like dust, mites, and other allergens. Now here the question is can you wash a mattress pad and it will stay in its shape?

Before taking on the topic if the mattress pads are washable or not, let’s take a look at what mattress pads and what are the types available in the market. Later we will cover if these types are washable or not and what are the consequences if you wash the product that was not made for washing.

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What is a Mattress Pad?

If you take the protecting qualities of a mattress protector and the comfort of a mattress topper and make a hybrid out of it, you will get a mattress pad. In other words, mattress pads are the covering that is 1-3 inches thick and stuffed with padding material that gives a relaxed feeling, and the covering acts as a barrier against the environment.

Types of Mattress Pads

Several different kinds of mattress pads fit the definition but vary a great deal in their installation method methods, materials, and filling. Despite that, the basic classification of the mattress pad is the same. Based on the method they are installed on the bed, mattress pads can be of two types- anchored and fitted sheets. Let’s take a look at this classification.


Fitted sheet: as the name indicates, these pads are like mattress protectors and have deep pockets that engulf the mattress on four sides. The only difference is the protectors are just sheets, and there is no padding at the top. The deep pocket is elastic and can reach the maximum size of 24 inches.

Anchored: these mattress pads sit on the top of the mattress much like a mattress topper and there no covering for the sides. They have thick elastic bands that run diagonally on the corner. These bands or anchors are used to install the pad and keep it in the place.


Some of the types of mattress pads based on the material used to make them are given below. Depending on the material, you can determine if they are washable or not. The manufacturer’s instructions should always be the priority and can vary with the brand and the item.

Cotton Mattress Pad

Description: these are mattress pads that are made from pure cotton or blended cotton in combination with polyester. Filling inside that mattress can be organic or synthetic. The cotton filling is usually the refined form that is responsible for immense comfort and support while lying down. These pads soften the mattress feel and enhance its life by layered protection.

Washable or not washable? Cotton mattress pads are one of the safest options that are easily washable and are dryer safe. Machine wash and tumble dry do not pose any threat, and you can effortlessly wash the cotton mattress pad without worrying.

Latex Mattress Pad

Description: like latex mattresses latex pads are very durable products but require good care to last long. Latex mattress pads are made up of natural rubber material that change the feel of your mattress and make it more comfortable to sleep. Some of the products also come with extra stuffing in them.

Washable or not? There is no right and wrong answer when it comes to the washing of the latex mattress pads. One of the best options is to follow the instructions given on the packing. The companies also offer details about whether you should wash them or not. It is best to follow these instructions.

Polyester/Polyurethane Mattress Pads

Description: polyester and polyurethane are both synthetic fiber blends use in paddings and well as protectors. If the pad is made from polyurethane, it will have additional waterproofing qualities. Sometimes blending with cotton is also done for both these materials. Either way, they are a perfect combination of both relaxation and protection.

Washable or not?  Polyester and polyurethane blends are mostly washable and dryer safe. You can also combine the washing with cleaning hacks to get rid of the stubborn stains that remain in even after washing.

Wool Mattress Pad

Description: as the name tells these pads are made of wool. Wool is very feathery and light material that is both comfy and relaxing. It also adds the effect of airy feeling. The material is very cool in summers and gives warmth in winters. The covering material can be of wool or cotton. These are among the most expensive mattress pads on the market.

Washable or can’t be washed? When it comes to washing the wool pad, it is always best to avoid it and stick to cleaning hacks. Some blends of wool, especially the organic ones, can shrink in water. If the manufacturing company does not specify the blend or if it is washable or not, avoid the washing all costs. In some cases, the wool made pads are washable; the providers will specifically mention it on the casing.

Heated Mattress Pad

Description: these mattress pads come with an additional thermostat attached to them that controls the inner heating mechanism. They control the temperature on the whole mattress pad and keep it heat. These products are of great comfort in harsh climatic regions and offer a deep and comfortable sleep.

Washable or not? Well, there is an electronic device attached to the padding; thus, these pads are not safe to wash in the machine. At most, you can clean the padding after turning it off. Steer clear of the remote control and don’t let the water touch the bare wires.

Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Description: don’t confuse these pads with memory foam toppers. Memory foam pads offer the same functioning as the toppers, but they are a lot thinner and don’t have a very sophisticated cushioning effect like that of mattress toppers. Nonetheless, they can add to the comfort and help the body relax by relieving pressure points.

Washable or not? It is big no when it comes to washing memory foam pads. They are very delicate, and washing can lead to a distorted shape which can affect the functioning. The foam will also suffer from great wear and tear when washed in a machine. You can wash the memory foam mattress pad only when the manufactures recommended it.

Consequences of Washing a Non-Washable Mattress Pad

Accidently or purposely washing a mattress pad that is not built for washing can have dire consequences. You can end up completely ruining the product, and it will be of no use to you. Here are some of the ways these effects can manifest.

  • Shrinking – non-washable cloth or padding is made from shrinkable fibers. Exposing such cloth and filling to water can lead to the collapsing of fibers. Thus, the covering will no longer fit the top of your bed.
  • Distorted form – in the case of fillings water exposure can sometimes also lead to distortion. Especially when it comes to memory foams washing and ruin the makeup of the pad and deform the whole thing.
  • Wear and tear – for delicacies like wool and memory foam, wear and tear can also happen, leaving your mattress pad completely unsalvageable. The tossing and turning during machine wash are responsible for this tearing.


It is crucial to know your product thoroughly before buying so you don’t run into any mishap for ruining the pad. The information you should know include the material of the cover and the filling. Moreover, the product’s durability and whether it is washable or not is also of utmost importance.

Knowing the type of pad will help you classify if the product is washable even when the product info is missing. Thus, know your mattress pad and choose accordingly.  

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