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egg crate foam mattress pad

Mattress pads are rather on overlooked bedding items; however, they are very important. There are several types of mattress pads available. However, the egg crate foam mattress pad, also known as convoluted foam, is simple to differentiate because of its design.

As its name implies, egg crate mattress pads look like egg cartons. Egg cartons are a regular thing in every household, and we have all seen it. The pattern of egg crate mattress pads has shifted a little through time, but they seem like the interior of an egg carton.

It would be nice if every mattress were perfect. But some mattresses are too firm or don’t offer enough pressure relief to relieve pain, or even worse; they cause you to wake up in pain.

Luckily, some mattress pads can help make an uncomfortable bed more comfortable. The purpose of having a mattress pad is to improve our sleep quality without making you buy a new bed.

There is another resource that will help you make an informed decision that is Best Egg Shell Mattress Pads available on a separate page and we also publish a review on the Twin Heated Mattress Pads as winters are ahead and stay warm at sleep time is vital.

Egg Crate Mattress Pads are Famous for all the Right Reasons

One of the most popular mattress pad is egg crate foam mattress pads.

Egg crate pads are very popular with healthcare facilities because they allow air to flow under the individual and are mostly used in hospitals, which can be good for preventing bed sores and fevers. These mattress pads can also be a great addition for household use because they are extremely comfortable and good for people with sore muscles.

However, while the egg crate foam layout makes it more breathable, it may be warm to sleep in the summertime on an egg crate foam mattress pad.

Since a mattress pad would intend to extend your present bed’s life or make a dorm bed more comfortable, you are probably not planning to invest a good deal. Egg crate pads are typically quite affordable, and won’t burden your pocket.

You might be wondering whether there are any benefits to this unique pattern and whether or not it improves your sleep.

The plan of an egg crate mattress pad, which many describe as “peaks and valleys,” helps enhance airflow.

Based upon your comfort preferences, you may either put the pad on its side or set the bumpy side down.

How Egg Crate Foam Mattress Pad is Different from other Pads?

Although egg crate mattress pads are nothing new, many folks are missing out because they don’t recognize the fantastic advantages provided with these pads.

  • Good for a fantastic night’s sleep Egg crate foam mattress pads could be the only solution you need for a fantastic night’s sleep.
  • Easy to use They’re also quite simple to use. You merely set the pad in your bed underneath your routine sheets. There’s not any need for establishing a completely new bed or purchasing any additional pieces.
  • Extreme Relaxation The most significant difference lies in the shape and size of this pad. Rather than being of a flat, strong pad, the egg crate mattress pads have an egg crate layout all together with them. This makes sure your whole body receives precisely the same relaxation instead of only portions of you.
  • Available in different sizes These pads are made from closed or open cell foam and are available in all bed sizes, from single to king.

Ensure that you check the pad is made from only the very high-quality substance, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin or allergies.

Whether you are using reflex foam or memory foam egg crate mattress pads, they are made from polyurethane, creating an off-gassing odor.

Ordinarily, these goods are on the upper layer of the mattress to offer more Comfort to sleepers. But, they may also be found at the foundation layer based on the version you’re using.

By putting a mattress pad onto your bed, your body can enjoy ultimate Comfort, particularly on pressure points like the shoulders, hips, and rear.

Why Egg Crate Mattress Pads are Good for Back Pain?

The right mattress pad for you may deliver the peaceful and relaxing night sleep you have been wishing for back pain sufferers. However, they are not cheap.

Thus, you need to understand a couple of things before purchasing a mattress pad for back pain.

To begin with, the very best mattress pads for back pain are generally made from memory foam because, according to specialists, this material conforms to your body shape, relieving pressure points by assigning your weight evenly to the mattress.

An egg crate mattress pad is worth getting as it is the only mattress pad designed to provide pressure and pain relief for the human entire body.

Even if you don’t suffer from back pain, arthritis, shoulder, or neck pain, you will still benefit from the Comfort and support provided via this pad.

Plus, most manufacturers are far cheaper when compared with standard memory foam mattress pads.

Egg Crate Foam Mattress Pads will aid in the proper alterations of your spine. You do not wish to select something too firm or too soft. In case you’ve got a hard mattress to start with, and much more firm mattress pad is not going to help you a lot. All it’s going to do is create a misalignment on your spine. In case your pad is too soft, it will push pressure points in your back and interfere with your posture while you sleep that could aid in back pain.

Egg Crate Foam Mattress Pads may perform wonders with back support. They’re also cheaper than purchasing a completely new mattress.

If you prefer your mattress for any reason and can’t part with this, a duvet or mattress pad could be the perfect option.

There are several different kinds available on the marketplace that explain why you ought to do a bit of research before purchasing one.

Egg Crate Mattress Pads are made from different substances and extend several peaks, densities, and attributes like memory and gel foam.

Egg crate foam mattress pads are great for people who want to feel for the five regions of the human body. They could either be thicker or more difficult based on how the foam is cut and sculpted.

5 Best Egg Crate Foam Mattress Pads

1. Duro-Med Foam Bed Pad, Foam Bed Pad

Key Features

  • Excellent air circulation Duro-Med pad provides excellent Air Circulation and Weight Distribution.
  • Suitable for hospitals It comes in different sizes, and it is mostly used in Hospitals for medical purposes.
  • Good for comfort the mattress pad is designed for Comfort.

The Duro-Med foam pad is lightweight and contains the traditional “peak and valley” design.

The foam pad is versatile and perfect for all sorts of sleeping scenarios. This pad’s weight depends upon the dimensions, but the tiniest one weighs about 14 ounces. 

The Duro-Med pad is simple to prepare and is ready to be used soon once you unroll it in the packaging.

Medical supplies companies manufacture many of the convoluted foam toppers sold now due to their extensive use in hospitals, nursing homes, along with other medical/long-term maintenance facilities. These models tend to supply the ideal pain and pain relief for sleepers. The Convoluted Foam Mattress pad from Duro-Med is a standout due in part to its depth; in 4″, it’s especially suitable for heavier sleepers.

The pad is also ‘Medium Soft,’ making it less business than many convoluted pad models and a fantastic solution for milder people.

Because of this, the Duro-Med Convoluted Foam Mattress pad can adapt sleepers in almost any weight group.

It comes in smaller sizes made for hospital beds, in addition to Complete, Queen, and King Alternatives.


  • It is an excellent option for medical purposes.
  • It is versatile and portable.
  • A top-rated egg crate foam mattress pad


  • At times, the pad may feel too spiky.

2. Essential Medical Supply Convoluted Bed Pad

Key Features

  • Medical grade foam the mattress pad is made up of a Medical Grade Foam.
  • Reduces pressure from the spine The Egg Crate design of this mattress pad reduces pressure from the spine
  • A perfect queen size mattress pad It will fit the queen size mattress.

Essential Medical Convoluted Foam Bed Pads are made from high-quality medical-grade foam. Egg crate style layout helps reduce stress for users while increasing user comfort.

Pads can be found in several sizes and thicknesses to suit bed dimensions and need. They’re packed with zippered blanket bags.

When you’ve got a relative that’s bed-bound, whether permanently or temporarily, what’s the best approach to provide them with Comfort and encourage in bed? One way is to get them this mattress pad.

There’s no point in them remaining at the hospital when they can be cared for in the home. It is a wonderful mattress pad for such people who are bedridden because it was effective nature.

However, there’s no requirement to give up to the best medical gear if they’re functional, affordable, and valuable.

This egg crate mattress pad might help people find relief from medical conditions in a way that traditional mattresses can’t. It is the most durable egg crate foam mattress pad.

It has a distinct style, functions, and materials to help with pressure sores and spine pain.

Pressure sores are a common problem that many bed-bound people need to deal with. They’re unpleasant, painful and may become infected with improper maintenance. One approach to make sure this will not occur is to substitute the pressure given by the mattress. Electric-powered alternating models would be the ideal approach.


  • Effective for Patients.
  • Better construction as compared to the price.
  • It can fit in queen size mattress.


  • Nothing found not to love.

3. Best Price Mattress 4 Inch Egg Crate Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Surprise the mattress pad comes with a 3-inch egg crate topper.
  • Copper infusion This mattress pad remains fresh with the help of copper infusion.
  • Comfortable this is the most comfortable mattress pad you can ask for.

When you want to give your mattress a boost, a mattress pad is a straightforward way to turn your mattress more comfortable and supportive.

And, because egg crate mattress pads have a textured surface, supportive surface unlike horizontal mattress pads, so they permit more air to flow under you as you are sleeping.

So if you are a hot sleeper or only trying to find the excess aid, investing in a few of the most incredible egg crate mattress pad can allow you to sleep soundly during the evening.

This Best Price Mattress pad is 3-inch and is a beautiful alternative for standard pads.

It is made from CertiPUR-US-certified memory foam and is offered in a vast assortment of sizes, even hard-to-find twin additional large and brief queen.

Its purple color is also not only for display; the mattress pad is infused with lavender, giving it a relaxing, pleasant odor.

If you are not a lavender fan, you could also choose the copper-infused topper touts anti-microbial benefits.

This mattress pad comes with a seven-year guarantee and is lasting and durable even with daily usage.


  • It comes with a 3-year official warranty.
  • It comes with a 3-inch egg crate topper.

4. ZINUS 2 Inch Copper Antimicrobial Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Continuous body heat best mattress pad works smarter, due to its copper-infused foam, it is highly conducive to decreasing continuous body heat.
  • Nice airflow the mattress pad ensures there is continuous airflow.
  • Good for back pain this pad is a wonderful choice for back pain.

The ZINUS 2 Inch Copper mattress pad draws on precisely the same technology utilized by market-leading mattress companies. It is infused with copper microparticles through the memory foam!

Not only copper draw away heat from the human body, but it’s also anti-inflammatory (kills germs) and will not hold onto bad smells.

This makes it a much pleasant sleeping encounter and prolongs the life span of this mattress. It is also available in different sizes from twin to king. This egg crate foam mattress pad is known best for the longevity of life.

The biggest issue with this copper memory foam pad is that the foam is soft. You can buy it in various thicknesses (1.25 inches, 2 inches), so picking the thinnest will help you lessen the sinking feeling. 

Keep in mind that compared with other memory foam pad mattresses, this one from Zinus is expensive once you compare just how thick it’s for the purchase price.

Ultimately, there is no elastic or cloth to fasten the mattress pad for your mattress, which may be an issue if you toss and turn through the night. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic cooling mattress for people who enjoy the Comfort of a timeless memory foam texture, instead of gel memory foam.

This 2-inch egg crate pad is copper-infused that will help keep your mattress cool and tidy. It also adds additional contouring to your present mattress.

Should you suffer from painful pressure points, this is a massive plus that provides deep relief. It may also help individuals who do not carry much weight because it can be harder for them to appreciate deep contouring support in their mattresses.


  • It contains copper that draws away heat.
  • The pad has an odor-control mechanism.


  • It’s a expensive solution.

5. Thomasville HDDOD004LQN 4″ Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • An exceptional household choice this mattress pad is an exceptional household choice because of its productive nature.
  • Superior support The foam is gel-infused that provides superior support and pressure.
  • Suitable for back pain the pad will assist you greatly if you are suffering from back pain.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded pad that will last for years, your best option might be Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress pad.

It’s quite comfy, provides you with the ideal quantity of support, and the experts thoroughly analyze it. And of course that as its name implies, the price is excellent also.

This pad will arrive at adequate vinyl packaging, and you’ll receive a five-year warranty with your purchase.

You’ll also receive a polyester mesh cap with a zipper that is a beautiful addition.

Since this is a 4-inch pad, it’s incredibly helpful for people that are experiencing lower back pain. That is correct; this topper is dual-sided. One side of the standard compact foam that is great for back sleepers.

Another side comprises some unique memory foam, which is excellent for those better to side sleeping. It’s super comfy, and you’ll have the ability to sleep soundly through the evening.

Also, this egg crate pad isolates motion, which surely adds to the quality of your sleep.


  • It is thick and very comfortable.
  • The pad has five years of warranty.
  • It provides us a fair amount of support.


  • Its cover is not waterproof.


A mattress pad is a beautiful addition because it enhances the quality of your sleep, manifold. the best thing about egg crate mattress pad is that they are exceptional in tackling different body pains.

We have reviewed some of the wonderful egg crate foam mattress pads for you. Go ahead and make your choice.

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