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heated mattress pad reviews

Full heated mattress pads are similar to other mattress pads and provide a consistent level of warmth to your bedding. They work by sending the heat upwards to your body compared to heated blankets, where half of the generated heat is released into the air. Our full heated mattress pad reviews will help you to make an informed decision.

A heated mattress pad adds a layer to your mattress, equipped with the heating technology to keep the sleeping space warm, and comes with an effective control that allows choosing heat setting.

What are Full Heated Mattress Pads?

Technically, a full heated mattress pad is like a cushion between your mattress and sheets, but it is arguably a better option than an electric blanket. Possessing the heat under you and the covers are much more effective.

It comes in a wide range of materials and prices, including some reasonable budget alternatives, which means that you can typically find one that fits your requirements.

The good thing about a heated mattress pad is its elastic skirting that keeps the pad firmly in place on the bed. Blankets are somewhat more likely to bunch up (which is not perfect for security reasons) and may slide around the mattress, leading to uneven heating.


Temperature control is one of the essential features to look for in heated mattress pads. A timer that automatically shuts down the warmth after a specific interval will help maintain your peace of mind throughout the evening.

  • Heating Ability – An ideal heated mattress pad provides the required warmth through average to heavy winters. The best heating mattress pads
  • Safety – It is imperative to see the manufacturers’ specifications and standard certifications to see if the heated mattress pads follow all safety regulations. Always pick the products that adapt to the UL964 criteria for heated mattress pads regulations.
  • Durability – Durability is one feature that cannot be ignored. Make sure you get a heated mattress pad that is durable and can stand the test of time.
  • Ease of Operations – The mattress pads need to have access controls using a proper indication of the temperature and timer settings. Power cable positioning also plays a significant role. The capacity to clean the mattress pad effectively is also a plus.
  • Convenience – The ease of operating the controls of these heated mattress pads is of great importance. When you reach out groggily out of sleep to turn the temperature down, the controls must react immediately. Thinner but sturdy cables give flexibility to standard mattress pads, which makes their overall usage simple.

Should you Buy a Heated Mattress Pad?

Full heated mattress pads are useful for people who live in excessively cold regions and need to combat chilly winter nights. They are also helpful as an accessory to enhance your comfort levels and make you feel cozier and toasty when at home.

A full heated mattress pad may be the right option for you if you get cold feet at night, making it difficult for you to fall asleep. They are also helpful when dealing with the flu, fever, or body aches and sore muscles. They are also useful for people who are dealing with some long-term injury or chronic pain.

  • Dual temperature Controls Full-heated mattress pads can offer a more personalized experience than room heating; they often come with dual-temperature controls, which means you can use different heat settings at other spots of the pad. If you get cold feet, you can raise the heat level for the feet area only.
  • The best alternative to Heaters These pads keep you warm throughout the cold winter nights. They can also be used as an alternative to heaters and smart thermostats that can be very expensive.
  • Soothing Experience Full heated mattress pads have soothing properties that relieve tension and stress in the muscles and help you get a relaxing sleep throughout the night.

Things to Consider Before Buying

We discuss few of very important things which are useful to stay relaxed and comfortable; especially when you are on bed. Like:

i) Level of density and firmness

These pads come in a myriad of different versions with varying density and firmness levels. The level of density will guide how much support and comfort your body gets.

Before buying a pad, you should check the density and firmness of your previous mattress or pad. This will help you get a pad that offers the same level of softness and density which your body is used to.

However, if you are not happy with your current mattress or topper’s density, then looking into your current issues and health or sleeping problems can help you understand which type of pad you should get.

ii) Control Options

Control options are how you can change the heat settings and adjust them for your needs. Many pads come with remote control features such as through an app or a simple remote. But it is still important to check the control options because some only offer a centralized control option, which is not convenient every time.

Definitely, you wouldn’t want to wake up and move out of your bed to change the heat settings in case your pad does not warm up as per your needs or heats up excessively. For this reason, it is preferable to have one with a remote control option.

iii) Dual or Singular Heating Zones

Some pads have dual heating zones that allow you to control the heat level at each side of the pad. This is good when you share your bed with your spouse. You and your partner may have different preferences, and a dual heating option can allow both of you to control the level of heat on your sides of the bed.

Pads with dual heating zones can be pricier, and you can save money by buying the simpler version if you don’t share your bed with a partner.

iv) Heating Range

The heating range is the number of temperature settings available in the heated pad. Usually, the pads offer a heating range between 1-10 different settings.

Getting a pad with a lot of heating ranges can be a preferable option as they allow you to match the level of heat with the weather on a particular day.

Top-Rated Full Heated Mattress Pads

To support your decision-making and to make your selection process easy here we review our shortlisted mattress pads. Hopefully one will suit your needs.

1. Beautyrest Cotton Blend Heated Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Wrinkle-resistant for people who move too much in their sleep, this is the perfect mattress pad
  • Low Emf radiation  The electric heating system will not harm you with the electronic radiations
  • 5-year warranty The producer offers high-quality material with a 5-year warranty

This ultra-soft mattress pad is a blend of traditional cotton and polyester, which provides an amazingly comfortable and relaxing mattress design. It offers five heat levels that allow you to preheat your mattress or even leave it on throughout the night.

Because the mattress heating system will auto-shutoff after a 10-hour duration. Given the water-absorbent nature of the mattress, you can unplug the heat controller, toss your mattress into the machine, and it will be as good as new. Size adjustable for regular, queen, king, and California king-sized beds.

However, the standard is perfect for a regular size, which is 54 x75 in dimensions and is 18 feet tall. It is 100 percent safe with certification. It has 12 feet and 6 inches controller cord length and a 6-foot power cord as well.


  • Overnight heating relief
  • Easy on the skin
  • Therapeutic relief
  • Machine washable

2. Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Thermophile warming system  this auto-regulated system senses and then auto-adjusts the heating system to the optimal
  • Auto-shutoff after 10 hours you will not have to worry about overheating at night
  • Ten heat settings you can choose your temperature with the heat setting options

The imported high-quality cotton material of this mattress pad is incomparable both in comfort and durability. You can have a full night’s sleep with its perfectly comforting technology.

It has multiple heat settings that can be adjusted according to the climatic conditions and atmospheric temperature. Just because it is a heating mattress pad does not mean it will be useless in the summer or spring season.

The Thermophile system allows the entire mattress pad to be heated up enough to be comfortable sleeping. You will not feel uncomfortable with the top half of your bed heating up and the lower half not being as warm.

The mattress pad can be thrown into a washing machine and easily washed to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. It offers all the best features for a heated mattress pad


  • Stay warm throughout the night with the best heat retention
  • This helps maintain cleanliness since it is easily machine washable.

3. SOPAT Extra Thick Mattress Topper

Key Features

  • 8-inch deep pocket it allows you to keep the mattress stationed and not be easy to move or wrinkle
  • The cooling effect Its construction is such that you can spend the entire night without sweating.
  • Soothing to touch the mattress pad is exceptionally soothing to touch.

This is a one-of-a-kind mattress pad with almost 50 % more cotton filling than that of other mattress pads. This gives a charming, comfortable feeling like no less than sleeping on a cloud.

400TC on the surface and a pure cotton microfiber makes it possible for you to sleep on a comfortable and soft bed and cool your bed throughout the night.

For heated mattress pad manufacturers, it’s not easy to main air breathability. But yes, SOPAT Extra Thick Mattress Topper has this capability. This is the reason we include it in our heated mattress pad reviews.

It is machine washable and absorbent so that you won’t be sleeping in a pool of sweat in the hot summers. It is 21 inches thick and comes in sizes for regular, queen- and king-sized beds.


  • Breathable fabric is made out of cotton that is soft and light
  • It improves sleep quality and provides comfort for all ages of children.

4. SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Micro-thin water the micro-thin wires make the sleeping experience extremely comfortable.
  • Low Voltage technology — the mattress is perfect for both summer and winter seasons because they offer low voltage heating.
  • Uniform heat distribution With thin wires and low voltage technology, it will be much easier to spread the heating evenly throughout the bed.

This wonderful mattress pad is waterproof with 80% cotton and 20% polyester material. The built-in wires are helpful even in the distribution of energy.

It does not emit any Emf, which means that it is safe for pets and for young babies. The auto-shutoff can be activated in a matter of 10-hour.

It has low voltage so that the healing process is slow and your body will get enough time to adapt to the heat. Also, the pad is waterproof, which means that you won’t have to worry in case water or tea spills on your bed. You can simply throw it in the machine and wash it out.


  • It is machine washable which means that it can help you keep your sleep environment clean
  • Easy to adjust with features like a giant backlit display and the auto-dimming feature.

5. Perfect Fit | Smart Heated Electric Waterproof and Stain Repellant Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Safe and non-hazardous technology   low voltage technology is safe for pets and yourself. With the regulation of heat, there is very little chance of overheating
  • Low electromagnetic radiation  low voltage technology emits very little Emf, which makes it much safer than other mattresses
  • Waterproof technology as the mattress pad is waterproof, thus it is stain repellent and easy to clean in case of spills.

This is the perfect mattress pad to accommodate you for nights, this is your answer. The patented non-hazardous mattress pad technology is certified as being safe for use. It auto shuts off after 10-hours hours of use.

It has other features that make it easy to use in the middle of the night without even turning on the light in the room. It has that auto-dimming and giant backlit display features

It is most simple but durable product this is the reason we give it a spot on our list of heated mattress pad reviews.

This mattress pad is convenient in case you spill any liquid on the mattress by accident. After machine-washing your mattress pad, you will not experience any shrinkage, stretching, or any kind of change in the quality of the material. It is mainly made of polyester, which means that it offers a surface that is soft but not too soft.


  • It offers much more heat distribution without any bulk.
  • Effective to use in every season.

6. Shield Life TheraMat Far Infrared (FIR) Heated Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Dual Climate Control available the dual climate control is available for both king- and queen-sized beds
  • Emf Shield technology   with advanced radiation blocking technology, it blocks 80% of the magnetic radiation
  • FIR technology far Infrared radiation technology allows the mattress to keep your body warm for a longer period of time

This modern technology mattress pad incorporates many such features that make it much more convenient for the user. It offers the Heat safe technology with an auto turn-off feature that prevents overheating through the night even if you do forget to turn off the heating system.

The modern FIR heating system is much better than the other option because the heating technology targets your muscles and bones to provide therapeutic warmth to your body. You will wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed even in the winter seasons.

it provides safety and comfort at the same time. It is structured with 6 layers of material for both better comfort and functionality.


  • FIR and Negative ion spring technology allow for minimum radiation
  • It also consists of radiation shield technology.

7. Woolrich Heated Sherpa ELEC MATT Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • 100% Sherpa Berber fabric the imported Sherpa fabric allows ultimate comfort with a soft mattress
  • 5 heat controllers allows you to adjust the heat according to your personal preference
  • 5-year warranty you would be purchasing a product with a 5-year guarantee of all time assistance

With the soft and comfortable fabric that is mainly made of Sherpa product and the convenient 5-temporal controls to adjust heat, you will have the opportunity to easily adjust to your convenience.

It has elastic bands on its side that allow it to adjust to any mattress. The standard depth of mattresses that are perfect for this mattress topper is about 17 inches deep

It is machine washable which means that it can easily be cleaned up so that you will have a clean and hygienic sleep environment.

You can simply unplug the controller of the mattress and then threw it into the washing machine. This is a best Sherpa mattress pad on our list of heated mattress pad reviews.

It has soft and flexible wires so that an even heat zone is distributed and also so that you do not have to sleep on an uncomfortable surface.


  • Soft surface for a good night’s sleep
  • Two controllers for a queen- and king-sized beds

8. Serta | Smart Heated Waterproof Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Low voltage and safe — this low voltage technology is very safe even when there is moisture around.
  • Machine Washable the machine-washable mattress pad is easy to use while maintaining cleanliness
  • Pre-heat feature it allows you to warm up your bed before you get into it for added convenience.

This mattress pad features a comfortable double-layered mattress pad that is comfortable to sleep in. However, it doesn’t just offer comfort but also the quality of the latest technology products that are used to add to comfort and quality.

You will be able to adjust heat levels and make temporal changes on your side of the bed with the technology and convenience that this mattress pad provides. Its dimensions are 54 x 75 x 10 which makes it perfect for an average-sized bed although you can get sizes for the queen- and king-sized beds as well.

The mattress pad is durable so it does not allow your mattress pad to be shrunk, or stretched in the process of washing your mattress pads.

You have the giant backlit and auto-dimming features that allow you to control the temperature without having to open the light.


  • Auto-shutoff after 10 hours so you can sleep with a peace of mind
  • Comfort with high-end technology to control the temperature system.

9. Perfect Fit SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad

Perfect Fit SoftHeat | Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad with Safe & Warm Low Voltage Technology, Micro-Plush Top, Full, White

Key Features

  • Instant sleep solution – This fantastic heated mattress pad is so comfortable that it ensures instant sleep solution.
  • Safe for everyone – The radiation is not dangerous, and this heated mattress pad is safe for everyone.
  • Automatic turn off – Fantastic technology that automatically turns off every 10 hours.

The Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad by Perfect Fit Store is an instant sleep solution to wrap you in gentle warmth. The electric-powered pad emits facile radiations, which are equally safe for humans and pets as well, with no hazardous EMF included.

A special control panel is installed to be shut-off automatically after ten hours. Additionally, the panel has ten different heat settings. Besides this, soft plush surface and anti-slip bottom make it the crown of your abode.

This Electric Mattress Pad is longer than life. A laminated barrier against liquid of all kinds and a stain repellent keeps it shiny forever. The glossy outlook sustains the wear and tear of time.

Handling electrical products calls for a shrill safety call, and when it comes to lying and cuddling on an electric mattress pad, we have to be dead-sure about foolproof safety. Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad Safety resolves this issue by installing a unique converter for converting 120 volts hazardous AC into a static low voltage that is readily available.

We recommend this full size heated mattress pad most. Customers are wary of the complexities involved in any product. But here, you may choose this mattress pad with full confidence as the skirt is adjustable to sundry mattresses and is easily washable.

A brand warranty for five years is provided to boost customers’ morale. We believe that such glittering features make Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad a top choice in heated mattress pads.


  • An exceptional choice for every household.
  • A wonderful addition.

10. Biddeford Automatic Electric Heated Fitted Mattress Pad

Biddeford Automatic Electric Heated Fitted Mattress Pad - White (FULL)

Key Features

  • No danger – This heated electric pad has the perfect amount of electricity, and there is nothing dangerous about it.
  • Cozy – The heated mattress pad is very cozy, and you are likely to love it.
  • Good for Chronic Pain – You are likely to get rid of your chronic pain if you get this heated mattress pad for yourself.

Biddeford Automatic Electric Heated Mattress Pad is made up of pure polyester. This mattress pad bestows double protection. Extra thin wires design the electric circuit. There’s no chance of being electrocuted or poking out of the wires. And above all, the touch of the mattress pad is crazy cozy. You cannot resist plunging into the deep meadows of slumber.

The item is highly recommended for chronic pains concomitant of harsh weather. The skirt is expandable to the mattress of 19,” while the actual full size is 54″ × 75″. Polyester can be rolled up comfortably, and a quick spin of the washing machine rejuvenates it into an exact crystal form within no time.

A commonly limited warranty of five-year is also provided. Buying this product would not be a bad idea, keeping in view its economical cost. Mind-boggling five out of five ratings of this product on Amazon is enough for you to make a choice. Everything about this heated mattress pad is a thumbs up.


  • The mattress pad is extremely comfortable.
  • Nothing is dangerous about this heated mattress pad.


Full heated mattress pads are too good for words and these products we have reviewed can assist you in the best way.

In case you are not considering a heated mattress pad to stay warm in cold nights that means you did not consider heated mattress pad reviews. There are millions of people who are getting cozy with heated pads.

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