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full size heated mattress pad

One of the greatest pleasures of winters is being able to come home after a long day and slip into a warm and inviting bed. For us, this great opportunity is dearer than the trendy toast of lemonade during summers. But a bed become a nightmare when you are living in an extreme weather area. A fill size heated mattress pad can be a smart solution to stay comfy in such severe weather.

Full size heated mattress pad is an electronic accessory for your bed that covers the whole bed and adjusts between mattress and bed sheet, allows you to adjust the temperature, and sleep off time from the control panel or through the app.

The dilemma is that warmth cannot be obtained from layers of blanket alone without feeling like an avalanche passing. Maybe it’s time to try full-size heated mattress pads.

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What are full-size Heated Mattress Pads?

Technically, a full-size heated mattress pad is like a cushion between your mattress and sheets, but it is arguably a better option than an electric blanket. Possessing the heat under you and the covers are much more effective.

A full-size, heated mattress pad comes in a wide range of materials and prices, including some reasonable budget alternatives, which means that you can typically find one that fits your requirements.

The good thing about a heated mattress pad is its elastic skirting that keeps the pad firmly in place on the bed. Blankets are somewhat more likely to bunch up (which is not perfect for security reasons) and may slide around the mattress, leading to uneven heating.

However, a full size heated mattress pad stays on the place, and that’s why it is arguably a good option.


Temperature control is one of the essential features to look for in heated mattress pads. A timer that automatically shuts down the warmth after a specific interval will help maintain your peace of mind throughout the evening.

Some of the main features to look for in the full size heated mattress pads are:

  • Heating Ability An ideal heated mattress pad provides the required warmth through average to heavy winters. The best heating mattress pads
  • SafetyIt is imperative to see the manufacturers’ specifications and standard certifications to see if the heated mattress pads follow all safety regulations. Always pick the products that adapt to the UL964 criteria for heated mattress pads regulations.
  • Durability – Durability is one feature that cannot be ignored. Make sure you get a heated mattress pad that is durable and can stand the test of time.
  • Ease of Operations The mattress pads need to have access controls using a proper indication of the temperature and timer settings. Power cable positioning also plays a significant role. The capacity to clean the mattress pad effectively is also a plus.
  • Convenience – The ease of operating the controls of these heated mattress pads is of great importance. When you reach out groggily out of sleep to turn the temperature down, the controls must react immediately. Thinner but sturdy cables give flexibility to standard mattress pads, which makes their overall usage simple.

Best Full Size Heated Mattress Pads

In cold weather, even a little thought about lying in a frozen bed raises your goosebumps. A good night’s dream could be turned into a nightmare. But here comes the panacea of all sleeping solutions. A reliable, nifty, and trusted full-size heated mattress pad.

Heated mattress pads can chuck out uneasiness at the drop of your hat. But again, the choice of mattress pad matters a lot. This article is to review some of the top brands.

The ten reviewed mattress pads are not arranged in an ascending competence order, but you could select randomly after analyzing your requirements. Do consume five minutes to read till the end. It will help you in selecting the perfect match. Sleep is not a bounty to be compromised.

1. Perfect Fit SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Instant sleep solution This fantastic heated mattress pad is so comfortable that it ensures instant sleep solution.
  • Safe for everyone The radiation is not dangerous, and this heated mattress pad is safe for everyone.
  • Automatic turn off Fantastic technology that automatically turns off every 10 hours.

The Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad by Perfect Fit Store is an instant sleep solution to wrap you in gentle warmth. The electric-powered pad emits facile radiations, which are equally safe for humans and pets as well, with no hazardous EMF included.

A special control panel is installed to be shut-off automatically after ten hours. Additionally, the panel has ten different heat settings. Besides this, soft plush surface and anti-slip bottom make it the crown of your abode.

This Electric Mattress Pad is longer than life. A laminated barrier against liquid of all kinds and a stain repellent keeps it shiny forever. The glossy outlook sustains the wear and tear of time. 

Handling electrical products calls for a shrill safety call, and when it comes to lying and cuddling on an electric mattress pad, we have to be dead-sure about foolproof safety. Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad Safety resolves this issue by installing a unique converter for converting 120 volts hazardous AC into a static low voltage that is readily available.

We recommend this full size heated mattress pad most. Customers are wary of the complexities involved in any product. But here, you may choose this mattress pad with full confidence as the skirt is adjustable to sundry mattresses and is easily washable.

A brand warranty for five years is provided to boost customers’ morale. We believe that such glittering features make Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad a top choice in heated mattress pads. 


  • An exceptional choice for every household.
  • A wonderful addition.

2. Biddeford Automatic Electric Heated Fitted Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • No danger This heated electric pad has the perfect amount of electricity, and there is nothing dangerous about it.
  • Cozy The heated mattress pad is very cozy, and you are likely to love it.
  • Good for Chronic Pain You are likely to get rid of your chronic pain if you get this heated mattress pad for yourself.

Biddeford Automatic Electric Heated Mattress Pad is made up of pure polyester. This mattress pad bestows double protection. Extra thin wires design the electric circuit. There’s no chance of being electrocuted or poking out of the wires. And above all, the touch of the mattress pad is crazy cozy. You cannot resist plunging into the deep meadows of slumber.

The item is highly recommended for chronic pains concomitant of harsh weather. The skirt is expandable to the mattress of 19,” while the actual full size is 54″ × 75″.

Polyester can be rolled up comfortably, and a quick spin of the washing machine rejuvenates it into an exact crystal form within no time.

A commonly limited warranty of five-year is also provided. Buying this product would not be a bad idea, keeping in view its economical cost.

Mind-boggling five out of five ratings of this product on Amazon is enough for you to make a choice. Everything about this heated mattress pad is a thumbs up.


  • The mattress pad is extremely comfortable.
  • Nothing is dangerous about this heated mattress pad.

3. Serta Smart Heated Waterproof Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Protection against liquids this excellent heated mattress pad provides exceptional protection against liquids and spillage.
  • Silent temperature controller one of its striking features is its silent temperature controller.
  • Works immediately this heated mattress pad works immediately.

Serta Smart Heated Waterproof Mattress Pad is a perfect choice for humid localities or minors prone to dropping liquids. The pad is time-proven waterproof. Serta smart Pad is electrically heated with dimensions of 54″ x 75″ x 10″. The Smart Pad warms the environment within a short time. The unique feature incorporated herein, nonexistent in any other contemporary pad product, is the silent temperature controller.

Slumber is a susceptible phenomenon, and a little buzz can spoil the party. We all are conscious about peaceful slumber, and like-minded people would be craving this silent comforter. 

The waterproof heated mattress pad is wired delicately. The 233 wire-count is wafer-thin. Being certified in safety by UL is the feather in its cap. The brand claims to be the only valid certification in this genre.

The item is also returnable, and a general five-year care privilege is extended to potential buyers. The shipper earned a four-plus grading, which is more than satisfactory. This full size heated mattress pad is smart in the real world.

The waterproof pad is available in limited stock and is served on a first-come, first-serve basis. You can reach the product here on Amazon’s official portal.

4. Beautyrest 100% Cotton Electric Heated Mattress

Beautyrest Cotton Electric Heated Mattress Pad is a fine product of pure cotton with deep pockets of 21″. The pad is equipped with germ repellent technology called hypoallergenic. The prime feature is of its twenty-tier heat setting as compared to the general ten-tier thermometer. You could adjust even the minor variation of temperature.

100% pure cotton composure enhances a luxurious feeling. So the freezing temperature outside cannot make a dent into the cotton barrier. The diamond quilted pattern is an eye-catching design. Simultaneously, an elastic band is also provided to affix the pad to various types of 21″ mattresses.

The seller grants a five-year warranty. While the stock availability is in two pigments; white and deluxe-white.

Another unique feature is resistance to static electricity build-up. Taking care of your skin has been a prime priority for the Beautyrest mattress pad. Your delicate skin is saved from bruises, friction, and lumping.

If you are looking for a reliable cotton product, this could be jotted down at the top of the bucket list. We do prefer this cotton pad owing to breathability and organic warmth. 

5. Woolrich Heated Sherpa ELEC MATT Mattress Pad

Woolrich Sherpa Mattress Pad is a super hot pad blended with an electric panel of five tabs. The deep pocket design is a special feature, and a unique elastic band renders it a handy product. Pads can easily be leashed and detached to up to 17” mattress. The timer auto shuts down the warmth after a ten-hour stint. Top of it, Woolrich Sherpa Mattress Pad is 100% EMF radiation free.

Sherpa face design extends a royal feature to the pad. Furthermore, the look is aesthetically pleasing. 

Bleaching and ironing may plunge the product’s life steeply. Nonetheless, to get a fresh look, you need to wash and tumble dry low. it is a quality full size heated mattress pad.

This 182-year old brand is giving a five-year care warranty to the esteemed buyers. The brand has been winning the trust of customers since 1830.

The lacuna which I noticed is the provision of five intensity controllers rather than standard ten. But still, the quilted sherpa fabric can make up the loophole. A four-star rating is not bad at all.

6. SoftHeat Smart Heated Electric Mattress Pad

If you are a soft lover, then it’s a quality choice for you. Its in-depth pocket protection gives an iron grip on the bed. This firmness is not a bothersome hold but cozy snugness.

Favorland Full Mattress Pad is made up of super-soft microfibre, which protects you from unwarranted heat. Your skin remains protected from noxious elements. Favorland mattress accommodates all of your beauty needs.

This mattress pad gives you the nostalgic luxury of sleeping on feathers’ stuffed bed. But please don’t be offended. This gentle sense is not ensued by inhumane medieval practices of plucking out the bird’s feathers. This luxury is synthetic.

The mattress pad is fittable to an 18″ thick mattress.

Hold your breath; a scintillating offer is ahead; yes, the most exuberant part of this product is the generous lifetime free customer service offer. Besides, you can return it to the shipper within 90 days of purchase.

7. Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad 

Cutting edge technology provides top-notch solutions; Sunbeam Heated Mattress pad is equipped with EasySet Pro Controller, a reliable panel for setting heat intensity in ten different tiers. Plus, the ten-hour auto-off function is the icing on the cake.

By turning the panel on, the magic begins within no time. Auto adjustable technology provides you head-to-toe comfort all night long.

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad’s electronic panel adjusts with body warmth and keeps supplying a conducive environment.

You need not bear expensive dry-cleaning costs.

You can choose the size as per your whims and wishes. The size variety is fantastic. It is available in four different variants; Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King.

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad is a perfect match for the aesthetics of your house’s interior design. Its pure polyester with quilted construction allures the eyes. After looking at this quality structure, you can’t stop tempting yourself to have a deep dive.

Say a loud cheering goodbye to aches caused by a chill. You will be protected by the charismatic shield of Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad. It is considered the most economical therapy for chronic pain and aching joints.

Sunbeam’s brand is not the new kid in town. Sunbeam is a household name and has been providing innovative solutions for more than a century. However, this brand never compromises on quality and reputation. So you could pick it up blindly. Sunbeam will not discourage your entrusted choice. To bolster your confidence, Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad grants you a five-year limited warranty.

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad is also a good gifting option for your elderly parents and loved ones. The toasty warmth bestowed by its electronic control will remind them how desperately you love them.

8. SensorPEDIC Warming Digital Controller Electric Mattress Pad

The uniqueness of sensorpedic Heated Mattress is its durability. It can be used for a very long time. Additionally, a five-year brand warranty is provided.

 The perfect size of 78” × 80″ with a deep pocket is easily adjustable on any mattress. The Heated Mattress Pad is fittable up to a depth of 19” mattress’ depth.

This Heated Mattress Pad is specially designed to prevent the delicate human body from EMF radiation. The quilted design is one of its own.

The fantastic Heated Mattress Pad is electric, quilted, and warms up the surface sans wait. Its electric power proffers a toasty ZZZ. The electric panel is adjustable to five options as per your requirements. Considered best among full size heated mattress pads.

The constant fear of e-bed dwellers is of getting a trembling electric shock. This Heated Mattress Pad relieves you of this resentment. It is 100% UL certified for ensuring optimum safety. You can curl up on its rosy terrain without fear. This crib is suitable for children as well.

This nifty polyester pad is machine washable; the only caution you have to take is to unplug the panel before throwing it into the laundry bucket. In short, this could be a better match, keeping in view its economical cost.

9. Signature Fleece Quilted Plaid Electric Heated Mattress Pad

The next in our list is Eddie Heated Mattress Pad. We love the product owing to its luxurious setting. The surface is comprised of an extra soft layer, and the warmth it extends is therapeutic.

This pad provides you with a spacious skirt fits up to 22″ mattress. The agility wards off the hectic exercise of replacing the whole mattress. This is a one size fit all solution.

This Electric Heated Mattress Pad is digitally controlled with a ten-hour auto switch-off timer. You can adjust the heat intensity up to ten different variations.

This 100℅ pure polyester pad is safety certified and turns off quickly after sensing an iota of disruption. You can lie fearlessly. Mark my words, you will not be electrified.

The Electric Heated Mattress is delicate in design, the wires are extra thin, but the quality is harsher to the core. You can clean and dry this dainty item at your home.  

10. Electrowarmth Two Controls Heated Mattress Pad

full size heated mattress pad

Last but not least is U.S.A.’s manufactured dual-layered, quilted, fiber-filled, and gel memory foam.

We would not recommend it for freezing temperatures. However, it is a perfect choice for moderate to warm areas.

The pad provides double joy; pillow comfort design is bolstered by a two-inch fiber foam overlapped in two-inch gel memory foam.

Sleep Innovations Foam Mattress Pad is supplanted with a cooling agent. Coolant keeps it breathable and avoids excessive sweating. Once you leap into bed, you will get an uninterrupted sleep till dawn.

More than often, mattress pads’ manufacturers provide a five-year limited brand warranty, but Sleep Innovations has upheld its custom of being a step ahead and are providing an age-long warranty of ten years.

The pad is hypoallergenic and washable.


Now that we have reviewed some of the best full size heated mattress pads, we hope to have helped you. Hopefully, after reading this article, you must have understood the intricacies of mattress pad choice. Good luck.

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