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heated mattress pad king dual control

A heated mattress pad is just another type of bedding item that is multifunctional. It adds comfort by providing extra cushioning and softness to your mattress. Moreover, it keeps you warm in winter with its circulation heating technology. To stay warm and comfier, all you need is to buy a heated mattress pad king dual control so you and your companion both can have separate control over temperature settings.

These bedding items are useful when it comes to a peaceful sleep. However, people might wonder how heated mattress pads can help you to get better sleep.

You might be curious about how a heating mattress pad works? Well, water circulating tubes are used within the mattress pad, making your bed warm. The heating unit inside the pad slowly raises the water’s temperature and sends it into the tubes.

After the completion of one circuit through the mattress pad, it is returned to the unit. This process helps to ensure that the temperature of your bed is comfortable for you. It prevents your mattress from boiling and vice versa.

We recently published a detailed review of the waterproof mattress protectors, and we also share our in-depth study of the Serta cooling mattress pad available on a separate page.

Why Heated Mattress Pad King Dual Control is More Beneficial Than Heated Pads?

 There are a lot of benefits of using dual control heated mattress pads. Still, the main feature that differentiates and makes these pads better than the standard ones is their modern technology, which ensures that your partner feels the same heat when you are on a single mattress.

  • Suitable for couples A heated mattress pad with dual controls helps your partner get warm in cold weather and allows them to adjust the temperature according to need. Therefore, you don’t need to wake up at night to adjust the temperature again because your pad temperature will not be affected by your partner.
  • Extra Comfort a heated mattress pad with dual controls is a bit more expensive but spending some more bucks on the bedding item, which provides additional comfort, is always worth it.
  • High-Quality Cotton High-quality cotton is used in heated mattress pads with dual control, ensuring proper functioning. Most dual control heating mattress pads are made with high-quality material to avoid disturbances at night.

In a nutshell, coming home after a tiring day and not getting a peaceful sleep is frustrating. These mattress pads provide a complete solution for comfort issues.

Other Benefits of King Heating Pads with Dual Control

  • Suitable for body pains – As a heated mattress pad with dual control provides direct heat to your body, it is considered very useful for pain and arthritis patients.
  • Comfortable and durable – Heated mattress pads provide a soft, comfortable base while providing heat. As a Heated mattress is thicker, it extends the life of our mattress.

How They Differ From Blankets

Although the primary function of both products is the same, both deliver heat. Yet, we can compare them with the car heater and heated seats of our car. They both provide heat but from different sides.

A heated mattress pad does not heat your whole body. It only heats the surface that is in contact with the body. If you are treating body pains or arthritis, this might be very helpful for you. There is a 90% chance that your doctor would recommend the heated mattress pad.

A heating mattress pad has coils inside it, which takes electricity to heat up. It generally has different settings to adjust the heat. Moreover, it is installed just like a regular fitted sheet. 

On the other hand, if you want your bed to be a bit warmer so you can stop shivering at night, then a heating blanket would be a better choice.

Heated mattress pads are also made with material that is thick enough to add comfort. However, blankets are of different material; they do not add comfort to your bed but provide heat to keep you warm.

How to Get a Right King Size Dual Control Heated Mattress Pad?

 Honesty, we should not walk into the store and pick up a random heated mattress pad and take it home. Therefore, we have organized a list of a few things which should be considered before buying a dual heated mattress pad.

Safety Feature

It is imperative to see whether the heated mattress pad complies with UL964 requirements. These are the safety standards for heated mattress pads laid down for electric bedding items in the United States.

Some manufacturers will give you the choice of non-hazardous DC voltage, so make sure you read the labeling very carefully. Not all heated bedding items like that are safe for everyone.

Build Quality

There will be at least a three-year warranty on a well-made heated mattress pad. The material from which the covering is made should also be well-made and can not easily be pulled, picked, or pilled. A good quality mattress pad has a higher thread count and has flexible and thin wires which ensure a comfortable sleeping base.

Extra Features

It is better to get a dual controller mattress pad with extra features such as auto shutoff, multiple heat levels, customizable settings, etc. Your mattress pad may also be machine washable for you.

You can read the instruction booklet that comes with it before you do something with your product and checks the tag because most of the time, the heated mattress pads artery cleaned only. 

Easy Controls

Not only should it be simple for you to regulate the temperature, but it should also be fun. All should be easy to use, whether you have a knob or digital power. You should always be able to work it out in a short period, even if you are using it for the first time.

3 Best Dual Heated Mattress Pads

You pile so many blankets and comforters onto your bed until you drown in the fluff as winter temperatures begin to drop. A quick remedy is to opt for a heated mattress pad that provides your room with warmth and adds a little structural support to your bed.

Mattress pads also protect the mattress from damage, so it remains in its top condition.

1. Heated Mattress Pad Underblanket Dual Controller for 2 Users

Key Features

  • The ten heat settings   the mattress pad has ten heat settings, and the temperature can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Suitable for back pain the pad is an excellent choice for back pain.
  • Comfortable to touch it is comfortable to touch and effortless to sleep on.

Maxkare dual controller heating mattress pad is considered best because of its productive nature. Its dual removable control feature allows two zones to be heated adequately with a choice of 10 heating settings. This heated mattress pad also has nine timer settings of 1-9 hours, which helps two users get the best experience simultaneously. This could be the best dual controller mattress pad for you if you are a couple.

Moreover, it is designed with a gray color, which further adds perfection to it. Its color is easily matched with bedding of different colors, and it is large enough to adequately cover up a double bed.

The incredible feature of the product is that it can help eliminate shoulder, neck, and leg pain with the help of heating wires organized evenly to give consistent heat. However, placing the pad accurately on the mattress is very important.


  • The mattress pad provides an extra layer of comfort and warmth.
  • Both partners can adjust the temperature of their sides.

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2. Electrowarmth M76Fld King Two Controls Heated Mattress Pad

heated mattress pad king dual control

Key Features

  • Dual control the mattress pad comes with dual controls and gives users the liberty to control their side the temperature.
  • Easily washable there is nothing technical about the washing procedure of this mattress pad, and that is why it is the best.
  • Easy to use the mattress pad can be used like any other fitted sheet.

Electro warmth is a very famous brand that has been serving customers for so long. The best product they have is this dual controller heated mattress pad. The first reason to have this heated mattress pad is its dual control function. For couples, this mattress pad can be a haven because both can control their sides of a temperature accordingly.

The mattress pad has a quick heating feature with personalized ten warming settings. Moreover, it is easy on your pocket and with electricity bills. The mattress pad saves energy and turns off the thermostat when necessary.

It also provides warmth with proper safety as it is ETL approved. One of the best features that this product has is that it can be washed very easily.

All the bedding items need to be washed. However, with some mattress pads, washing and cleaning can differ, but not with this one. It can be cleaned quickly and, if necessary, can be washed as well.


  • The mattress pad has exceptional quality and is long-lasting.
  • It is convenient to use.

3. Serta | Luxurious Sherpa Heated Electric Mattress Pad 

Key Features

  • Dual controls the mattress pad has dual control and is convenient for couples.
  • Washable it can easily be watched without any technical procedure.
  • Three years warranty the product comes with a 3-year warranty for a customer’s better satisfaction.

The dual control heated mattress pad provides each person comfort. Multiple heat settings give you plenty of options for how hot you want your side to be with the extra feature of a 10-hour auto shut off.

It can be an excellent product for those who forget to shut things off. Moreover, the controllers might be handy for the people who have no habit of using their hands.

The extra soft material used in the product’s production makes it a little bit more comfortable and luxurious.

Lastly, it runs on low voltage, which means it is suitable for our safety and easy on bills.


  • Soft to touch
  • Comfortable to use.
How to wash a heated mattress pad with dual control?

Heated mattress pads with dual controls need to be washed just like all the bedding items. Some of them can be washed in a machine, while on the other hand, some need to be dry-cleaned. For some, it is better if you clean the stain with a mild detergent and a cloth.

Do a heated mattress pad posses any safety threat?

We look into depth and found that a very safe technology is used to heat up the pad and it does not pose any threat to the human beings using it.


Not every product is the same; therefore, it is essential to make a comparison. A smart comparison helps us to decide which product best suits our needs without investing money in it.

However, when it comes to dual-controller heated mattress pads, we have reviewed some of the best. Now it is entirely up to you to go and pick a choice.

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