How Much is a Mattress Cover?

how much is a mattress cover

It may seem that a mattress cover is an unnecessary thing but it is important. There can be unlimited accidental spills, perspiration, dust and many other pollutants. Without a mattress cover, all these things will go straight into the mattress and will create smells and bacteria. A mattress cover is a necessity and it should be on your mattress at all times. Let move forward and explore how much is a mattress cover.

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How much is a mattress cover?

Usually, it depends upon the kind of material you are going for. Let’s say that you are going to purchase a mattress cover that is made out of cotton. Usually, a cotton mattress cover will cost you around 28 to 30 dollars. Other than this if you are purchasing for yourself a cotton or wool mattress cover then that would cost you around 35 to 40 dollars. The price of mattress cover varies with mattresses and that is never the same.

Also, the price of a mattress cover depends also on the size of a mattress. If you are buying a king size mattress cover that would cost you more than a regular size mattress cover.

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Some Examples!

Above listed examples will give you an idea about the pricing of a mattress cover.

The price of a mattress cover varies and it depends upon the quality and material of a mattress. Also, not all mattresses cover waterproof and that also makes a difference.

You must do some research before purchasing a mattress cover. Other than this, make sure that you are in touch with your local mattress cover provider so you can have a better idea.

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