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how to clean a mattress pad

Don’t you often feel that your mattress pad gets dirty as well? Do you actually think that the spillage will not get to your mattress pad and it will stay dry? Do you not have children at home who like spoiling the sheets with unnecessary spillage or fluids? A mattress pad may be an exceptional accessory but even it requires cleaning. Today we will discuss how to clean a mattress pad?

A mattress pad is a wonderful asset for your bedding but it also tends to get dirty. When required it is always a good idea to clean a mattress pad however the techniques can be different. Before cleaning a mattress pad, it is imperative to note that there is a great difference between cleaning a mattress pad and washing it. In certain situations, it is not advisable to wash a mattress pad, however it can be cleaned.

The good thing is that mattress pads are protected by sheets. Sheets take all the bodily fluids, oil, and spillage directly. That is why it is imperative to wash them per week. However, when it comes to a mattress pad it requires the cleaning every few months.

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Situations in Which Mattress Pad Needs Cleaning

With proper protection, your mattress pad is likely to stay clean but in certain situations, it may need the cleaning.

1. When there is a nasty spillage

Children tend to do all sorts of gymnastics on a mattress as sheets protect the mattress pads, so they do not bear the brunt of minor spillage.

In specific scenarios, however, when there is a nasty spillage or a pamper leak, the stain may go deep into a mattress pad, and that is when it should be cleaned.

2. When you are too much into pets

The dilemma with having a dog is to have disorderly sheets every other moment. Dogs do not sit still and they shed the dander right on the mattress pad. 

When you believe that there is enough pet dander on a mattress pad it should be cleaned right away so the dander does not lead to allergy.

3. When Dust and Germs Pilled Up

With the count of time dust, dust mites, and various types of germs, as well as bacteria, make their colonies in the mattress pad that result in bad odors.

Foul odors can bother you during sleep time; getting rid of those is necessary and cleaning the mattress pad is the only solution.

How to Clean a Mattress Pad?

how to clean a mattress pad

It is always best to wash the mattress sheet whenever it is soaked with body fluid shows the liquid does not destroy the mattress pad. In case, you are careless and spillage happens then it is best to clean a mattress pad.

There are some ways through which you can easily clean the pad without washing. On a lazy day, these techniques are beneficial to get the mattress pad in use without washing. Keep in mind these ways should only be used if there are stains or developed odor.

In the case of bedwetting and incontinence, it is always essential to go for a thorough wash and deep clean. Otherwise, the sheet will stink and won’t feel clean and fresh. 

Here are a few ways you can get a clean feel on the sheets.

Dusting Off

Although a straightforward and apparently not very fruitful technique, dusting off the sheet regularly helps delay the need for a wash. When we dust sheets, we dust off the pet dander as well. This way pet dander does not get to penetrate the mattress pad and it stays clean.

Also, dusting does not let the dust settle in the small ridge of cloth that makes it look dirty. All that needs to be done is just dusting off the sheet before going to bed with a piece of cloth or bare hands. The dust will not accumulate, and bacteria will not colonize on it.

The sheet will remain clean for a long time. And if the sheet is clean enough, the mattress pad will stay protected as well

Use Water & Vinegar Combo

In case you feel like the mattress pad is giving off an odor and there was not bedwetting incidence involved, you can go for a vinegar bath. It does not require soaking or washing at all. Vinegar is effective against odors and stenches. The thing to keep in mind is never to use it in the concentrated form. You will have the sheet smelling like vinegar, which can be a source of discomfort and unpleasantness.

For this technique, you can follow these steps.

  1. Take a bowl.
  2. Mix equal parts of water and vinegar.
  3. Take out the sheet from the mattress pad.
  4. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and apply it on the mattress pad.
  5. Leave it on until dry.
  6. You can also sun-dry the pad, which will have the added effect in getting rid of the odor.

Clean with Baking Soda and Water

This blend is handy if you have stains on the mattress pad. Baking soda is naturally known for its cleaning properties. It can come in handy when the spillage is of some stained liquid-like inks and pen marks.

  • For this blend, you need soda, a spray bottle, and water.
  • Take two parts of baking soda and one part of water.
  • Mix until the blend evens out.
  • Spray it on the stain until it is soaked completely.
  • Left it for 10 minutes. Then start absorbing the excess fluid with a towel or absorbent cloth.
  • Repeat the process until the whole stain is gone. You can add a bit of vinegar in the mix if there are hints of odor as well.

Give Your Mattress Pad A New Look With Detergent Mix

For hard stains and odor, you can also go for a light detergent mix. It will have a mild cleaning effect on the stained or smell producing sheets, but the washing will not be needed. The trick is to use the liquid cleaning agent in diluted form or dissolve all the detergent, so it does not leave behind the minor white flecks.

Make sure you are not using the concentrated form of cleaning agent because this will strengthen the stain.

You can dilute both using three parts of water and one part of detergent. Soak the stain and rub until it comes off. After that, soak with clean water and absorb any excess detergent.

If the detergent remains in the sheet, it can contribute to the foul smell. 

Lemon and Soda mix also Useful

Although lemon has gentle cleaning properties and breaks down any smelling producing particles, the effect is very mild and does not work on most stains. To amplify the impact while retaining the freshness of lemon, you can use it with baking soda.

It will enhance the soda’s efficiency and will give off a fresh smell. Lemon can also be used with vinegar. It adds to the odor break-down effect.

You can add half or one lemon with the mix mentioned above and use it as the spray. Once sprayed, leave the pad for a few minutes and dry in the sun after a smooth and soft cleaning.

Vacuuming the Most Time Effective Way

In case you do not have time then it is best to spare few minutes vacuum your mattress pad.

It may sound odd to you but vacuuming a mattress pad can yield amazing results. Most of the time, it is not possible for us to wash or clean a foam mattress pad but we can always vacuum it.

The best thing about vacuuming is its ability to suck the pet dander or dust present on a mattress pad. In the long run, vacuuming can add many years to the life of your mattress pad as well.

Our Recommendation

In case you want to know how you can add many years to the life of your mattress pad then always try to clean it. Washing a mattress pad is not a very brilliant idea because washing takes away the years from a mattress pad.

All the mentioned hacks serve the purpose of convenience and getting the cleaning done in a short time. Total dependence on these ways without regularly washing the sheets can decrease the life of your mattress pad. In most scenarios, keeping only sheets clean will be enough to protect your mattress from external hazards.

Hence, it is recommended to use any one method that we discussed above to extend the life of your mattress pad and also enhance the comfort level.

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