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how to clean foam mattress pad

We tend to deny it but our body functions in a weird way. Not only we shed extreme skin cells through the night, but we also sweat and excrete other bodily fluids.  As we spend most of our time on our mattress so it tends to get dirty even when it has a mattress pad on. The next thing after sheets is a mattress pad and that is why it bears the burnt of body fluids, spillage, or even dust mites and other germs. Here we discuss in detail how to clean foam mattress pad?

Like other over the mattress products, your foam is not a self-cleaning entity. Without proper care, it will degrade and get dirty real quick.

Hence it is vital to keep your mattress pad clean and dust it off frequently. However, at times dusting cannot help and you may need to clean it. In case you want to go for a thorough clean, we bring all the ways you can clean your foam mattress pad without damaging it. Let’s dig deep into the topic.

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What is a Foam Pad?

A foam mattress pad is a covering for the mattress that is made from elastic polyurethane material or from ordinary foaming material. It is not a mattress itself, but a 2 to 6 inches pad that is designed to top the bed. Most people buy a memory foam mattress pad for extra comfort and quality sleep.

Memory foam is designed to reshape under the body heat, which offers greater comfort and support than an ordinary mattress.

Can You Wash a Memory Foam Mattress Pads?

Memory foams pads are not robust like cotton and are not specifically made for washing. As they tend to absorb more water  so it is not a good idea to wash a memory foam mattress pad.

Machine wash can distort the shape of the memory foam and ruin it. Moreover, the use of detergent can also leave a harsh impact. Hence it is recommended not to wash your memory foam unless it is explicitly mentioned that it is machine wash safe. Additionally, the details of washing, like temperature and drying, should be followed as suggested by the makers of the product.

At the time of purchasing a memory foam mattress pad, make sure to look for all the necessary instructions in a manufacturer manual.

Things to Do Before Getting to the Cleaning

Before you get to the actual cleaning process, it is crucial to perform the cleaning prerequisites and get your hands on all the stuff and tools you need. Following are some of the things to keep in mind before jumping right into the procedure:

Have Ample Time

In case you are going for a thorough cleaning, it is essential to have time on your plate. Mattress pads cleaning is a long process. Make sure you start early. It is also imperative to remember that mattress pad cleaning takes time even in drying. Make sure you are in no hurry so you can tend to the cleaning of a mattress pad effectively.

Get the Space

You can’t wash the pad while it is on the mattress. You will need someplace to put it and clean it on both sides. It is good to decide either you are doing it in your living room or garage. An open space with a water supply is recommended.

Get All the Necessary Stuff

It is vital to arrange the water, detergent, gloves, spray bottle before you begin the process. You will not have to rush between the process to get the missing item, and cleaning will run smoothly.

It is also good idea to place things separately so there is no confusion during the whole procedure of cleaning a mattress pad.

Ways to Clean Your Foam Mattress Pad

Depending upon the degree of cleanliness required, the method of cleaning the mattress can vary a great deal. Here are a few ways to get you started. Based on the requirements, you can decide which cleaning agent and process you need to apply on your memory foam. Let’s get started.

Vacuum cleaning- For Dust and Debris

Foams are notoriously famous for accumulating a lot of dust and debris in them. In case you have pets or live very close to the road, then the situation can be really alarming.

Foam mattress pads are designed in a way of accumulating more dust from the surrounding. Thus it is essential to start by the dusting of the foam using a vacuum cleaner. It helps rid the pad of all the accumulated particles and reduce the cleaning requirements of the next step.

The use of a vacuum also ensures that the dust does not settle down on the stuff around where you are cleaning the mattress pad.

Baking Soda- For Stains and Odor

If there are severe and hard stains from long ago spill on your foam mattress pad, then baking soda is a perfect item for cleaning. Baking soda is a beautiful ingredient, and it is known to remove notorious stains.

For the added effect, you can also use vinegar or lemon. Baking soda will also be effective against odor. It can also be used to absorb excessive moisture for the pad after a thorough cleaning.

Here is how you can use baking soda to remove stains.

  • Step 1 – Take one part of soda and two parts of water and mix well in the spray bottle.
  • Step 2 – Sprinkle this mixture on the spot and leave it for a few hours.
  • Step 3 – Then take a brush and rub the stain out in circular motion.
  • Step 4 – Soak the spot in water after the stain has been removed.
  • Step 5 – Dab off all the excess liquid using a towel and dry the padded mattress.

Detergent mix-for thorough cleaning

In case you are aiming for complete cleaning, detergent can be a savior. Ensure you don’t use the crude product, and detergent or the soap is mildly cleaning only.

  • Step 1 – After vacuuming the foam, you can start by mixing the detergent and water in equal parts.
  • Step 2 – Then generously spray it on the whole mattress.
  • Step 3 – Rub the entire mattress down to get all the gunk out.
  • Step 4 – Now spray down water in until it soaks.
  • Step 5 – Absorb the soapy water and keep spraying until the water becomes clear.
  • Step 6 – Dry off in the sun or in a well-ventilated room.

Use of Boric acid- for stubborn stains

This miraculous item is very effective against stains.

  • Step 1 – You start by wetting down the stain using water and sprinkle boric acid until it is completely covered.
  • Step 1 – Let it sit until the whole stain comes out.
  • Step 1 – Soak wash with water spray.
  • Step 1 – Remove any residual powder using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Step 1 – Air-dry the spot or keep out in the sun.

Things to Avoid

A significant cost involved in buying a new mattress pad and cleaning is the only process that can extend the life of a mattress pad while getting rid of all toxins and germs accumulated in it. Well here are a few things that you must avoid while cleaning your mattress to protect it during the cleaning process.

  • Harsh detergents: At the time of cleaning your foam mattress pads, make sure you are not using any concentrated form of detergent. Although they are made up of suitable cleaning agents, they can damage the foam. It is best to use mild soaps.
  • Peroxide: it is always a good idea to avoid using peroxide to clean the foam mattress pad. Although it is a beneficial cleaner it can take a toll on the function of your foam pad and break it down and even distort it from within.
  • Bleaches and ammonia: these products are very good for stubborn stains that won’t come out, but on foam, these agents are too abrasive and cause significant damage. Thus it is best to avoid them.


Although it might look like the cleaning process is gruesomely challenging and time taking, but it is what foams need to stay clean and to last long.

Occasionally the use of vacuum and cleaning can keep your foam mattress pad clean and fresh. In that way, it will not trigger allergies and give you discomfort while sleeping.

To ensure long life or foam pad and good night’s sleep, clean it now and then.

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