How to Clean the Mattress Cover?

how to clean the mattress

We believe in rinsing and cleaning the bed sheets often, but we don’t think about cleaning the mattress cover. One can ask why one needs to deodorize the mattress cover. Well, half of our life is spent on a mattress. We take with us bacteria and certain allergens all the time. The more bacteria that are on the mattress cover, the more chances that we will end up getting sick. The best part is all about cleaning the mattress after regular intervals. If you are wondering how to clean the mattress cover? then here is a complete guide for you.

Today we are going to describe the proper way to clean the mattress cover. Cleaning a mattress is easy and it requires no rocket science at all. Other than cleaning you may wash a mattress cover in the machine but usually, that takes more time but thoroughly clean the cover.

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Remove the sheet from the mattress and clean it with a damp cloth

Cleaning the mattress can be fun by using the right approaches. Before you go for it, it is essential to strip the mattress cover from all the decorative things and bedsheets.

A damp cloth can be your best friend if there are stains or sticky material on the mattress cover. Rinse the cloth with lemon water and slowly start applying pressure to the mattress cover. If there are hard sticky things, make sure you do not scrub or rub them. A little bloating with the damp cloth and cold water will eventually clean the mattress cover.

Vacuum the mattress to clean the mattress cover from large particles

Vacuuming the mattress may seem like an absurd idea, but it is fulfilling. You have no idea, but there can be tons of mites, dead skins, dust, debris and hairs on your mattress. It doesn’t matter how many times you scrub your mattress cover with cold water, without vacuuming, nothing will help.

To vacuum the mattress cover, make sure there is nothing on the mattress cover. Remove all the bedsheets and decorative stuff. Bare the mattress and use a wide brush attachment with the vacuum to start cleaning.

A long upholstery nozzle will go a long way while vacuuming the mattress cover. Not only will it clean the mattress, but it will also get into cracks and clean the edges and corners. If the nozzle and brush attachment is clean, the result will be fulfilling.

How to clean the spillover from the mattress cover

Few of us love having tea on our bed. This practice may leave nasty scars or spots on the mattress cover. The possibility of having hard stains on a mattress cover is very real. But how to remove the stains? Here, the damp cloth will not work.

To make sure that the mattress cover has no spots or stains, make sure you follow this simple procedure.

Get two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and take one tablespoon of the liquid dish shop. Mix this combo in a small bowl. Take an extra toothbrush and dip it into the mixture. Now slowly scrub the mixture and make sure you do not apply too much pressure. Gently scrub the stain, and after a few moments because of this mixture, the stain will go away.

There is one other method, as well. In spite of making the above-mentioned mixture, make sure to use bleach in case the stain is not going away. Nothing will take the beauty away from your mattress more than a stain. Whenever there is a spill, make sure you take good care of it there and then.

There is one other thing that will deodorize your whole mattress. Use baking soda to clean your mattress cover to have the best results. Baking soda has amazing deodorizing elements, and it’s good for your mattress cover.


We spend most of our time in bed. We all have this habit of spilling things on our mattress cover.  Whenever there is a spot or stain on your mattress cover, make sure you take care of it right away.

Also, keep deodorizing your mattress cover to keep the bacteria and viruses at bay. Now that coronavirus is making the waves, it is essential that we take good care of our mattresses. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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