How to Cover Mattresses with Mattress Cover When Moving?

One can think about downsizing or upsizing at any moment. Moving can happen any time of the year and along with other things we also have to take care of a mattress.

Usually, a mattress is hard to take care of because it is huge in size. What is the best way to cover the mattress when you are moving? Here are a few tips.

Make sure that you have a zipper mattress cover with you because that is the thing that you are going to need all along. We recently published a guide on how to wash a mattress cover, please visit to know more.

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Strip the Mattress

Before you do anything with the mattress make sure that you strip it. Strip the mattress from any bedsheet or decorative objects. You must make sure that the mattress is dry before you do the next step with it. The cool idea is to dry the mattress in sunlight so it stays ready for moving.

Buy a zipper mattress cover

The next step is all about buying a zipper mattress cover. This type of mattress cover will be like a protective sheet for your mattress when you will be moving out.

A zipper mattress cover can be bought easily from different Amazon stores and they are cheap in prices. Make sure that the mattress is dry before you shut it down in a zipper mattress cover.

Be careful while navigating

In the next step, you will be moving your mattress in a zipper mattress cover on a moving truck. You must instruct the driver to be careful with the corners so the mattress stays intact before reaching your new place.


Before paying the driver you must inspect the mattress. The next step is carefully removing the zipper mattress cover so the mattress can relax in its original position. Put the mattress on the bed when it is ready and that is all.

Mattresses are huge in size and they are usually bully so make sure that you take extra precaution when you are moving out with them. A zipper mattress cover is an ultimate option because they make the moving of a mattress easy.

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