How to Fold a Mattress Cover?

To fold a mattress, cover properly you need to follow some strategies. Below we are going to guide you about the ways to fold a mattress cover.

Pick the cover from the corners

Mostly a mattress cover is huge so it is important that you pick the cover from the corners before trying to fold it down. Hold the corners horizontally. Please also check out our guide on how to wash a mattress cover.

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Fold the corners

The next step is all about folding the corners in the right way. As you are already holding the mattress cover horizontally so now it is time to fold it. Fold the right corner onto the left corner and that’s all. It will be like folding a pillow cover.

Place the Cover on the table

After making sure that you have to fold the mattress cover properly now is the time to place the cover on the table. There are going to be few creases on the mattress cover and they will be removed when you will spread the sheet on the table.

Make a rectangle

If you are having difficulty in picking out the creases then make sure that you make a rectangle out of a mattress cover. This way the creases will be no more and you will be able to fold the mattress in the best way.

Mostly we feel the need of folding a mattress cover when we are travelling or just changing the cover. Whatever is the scenario the above-mentioned method is applicable anywhere you like.

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