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how to keep mattress pad from sliding

Do you experience a sliding mattress pad during your sleep time? Or are you tired of adjusting the mattress pad to its right place again and again? And maybe you are one who becomes so cautious while jumping or sitting on his bed because a quick move always displaces the mattress pad? It’s not hard, but it is technical to keep the mattress pad on its place. Here we will let you know how to keep your mattress pad from sliding?

But before moving forward let’s dig out why we buy mattress pads?

A mattress pad is an overlooked bedding item. However, this item ensures the quality of sleep and provides extra comfort.

Mattress Pads are affordable and convenient that do their job without getting heavy on the pockets. A mattress pad can be the best asset to provide you extra cushioning, comfort, and quality of sleep. But there is a little set back that can prevent effective utilization. This hindrance sometimes compels and user to stop using a mattress pad. Let’s say you have bought the mattress pad, but it’s not staying in place, and you are of trying everything that you can.

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Why do mattress pads slip?

Sufficient friction and a stable base do not let the mattress pad slip from its place. However, several reasons cause slipping, like:

  • Extra smooth mattress cover – well, if the mattress cover is too smooth then it can offer little or no friction. A smooth mattress cover does not offer a quality grip. For instance, let’s say your mattress cover has a natural or synthetic material. In this scenario, it will have a sleek surface that will let the sliding of a mattress pad.
  • Size issues – It is not always possible to get the exact size in a mattress pad for your mattress. Sometimes, a mattress pad can be too large or small for your mattress, and this way it can slip because of improper balance.
  • Base Problem – At times, there is a possibility that there is no problem with either the mattress pad or a mattress. Sometimes, it is possible that there is an issue with the base of your bed frame. Let’s say your bed has a lightweight bed frame. In this situation, the bed frame will keep on gliding on the floor to create a slippery base for a mattress pad or a mattress itself. Just place a rug at the bottom of the bed and this issue can easily be resolved.

You situation may differ from above listed problems but surely you can find a solution to keep mattress pad in place from below mentioned ones:

Solutions: Here is How to keep mattress pads from sliding

Here are few of the solutions to keep your mattress pad in place.

Tape down the pad

Heavy-duty tapes, like the duct tape or double tape, can be instrumental in keeping the top sheet in place. They do not require much investment, and you can use them without any delay.

It saves both mattress and time. Moreover, these tapes are functional.  If the sheet is big enough on sideways, you can push the pad under the mattress and tape it down. In case they are precisely the size of a mattress pad, then you can use double tape to bind both. Just place the pad over the mattress and tape down at the corners and the middle for some extra grip.

Your mattress pad will stay in place for the whole night, and the gymnastics on the bed will not be of any impact.

Use Tight Fitted Sheet

In case you are tired of the slipping of a mattress pad then you can try an easy method. A tight fitted sheet is all you need to keep your mattress pad in place. You can cover the mattress pad with tight fitted sheet to prevent sliding.

However, if you feel that deep enough fitted sheet is not available, then you can make use of a flat sheet beneath the bed to hold the mattress pad and mattress together.

A good quality mattress encasement that is deep enough to accommodate both mattress sand mattress pad is a ideal solution that we recommend most.

Bind with Safety Pins

Safety pins are saviors of wardrobe malfunctions and extra supports for tricky dresses. In the case of pad slip, they can be of great help as well. The obvious worry is that; will it not shred the mattress? Well, there are two ways to do it effectively.

In case you are worried about the mattress being shredded, then pin the pad only to the mattress cover. Make sure it is well secured on all sides, and tug of war does not happen. This can be a hazard to babies. Thus, we suggest you pin them on the mattress’s sides, not directly on the top of it.

In case you want to pin it down along the mattress, then always use large pins. The use of large pins offers better security, and they are not harsh on the mattress.

But if your kids do gymnastic on the bed then it surely can rupture the mattress.

Sew Velcro system with Mattress and Pad

The methods mentioned above are useful but won’t work long-term. In case, you are looking for a long-term solution, Velcro system works like wonders. The best thing about this system is that, you can stitch the Velcro strips along the edges of a mattress cover and mattress pad cover so they stay together.

You can flip over the mattress and sew the Velcro on the underside of it and reusable mattress. Make sure you don’t sew them too far long where the sheet does not reach.

After the installation, flips over the mattress and put the bedsheet on. Now place the mattress pad and stick together the Velcro strips under the mattress.

f you are using disposable sheets, then there is no need to waste the Velcro because you will have to throw off the sheets after one use.  

Consider Sheet Suspenders and Clamps

In case you want a specialized device to prevent sliding off, a sheet suspender is an excellent way to do it. Mostly they are used to provide extra grip to the pocket fit mattress protectors, but they can work well with the mattress pads.

Just make sure not to buy the ones that offer only corner grips. The ones that can be used on the parallel side are good for mattress pads. They have clamps on each end.

You can clamp the end of the sheet and pass it under the mattress and clamp the other side as well. They are reasonably easy to use and won’t let the sheet slip off at all. 

Place Non-Skid Mat on Mattress

Do you know that you can use the non skid mats that are used in showers between your mattress pad and mattress to prevent sliding?

The best thing about non-skid Mats is that they work really well with memory foam mattresses especially the latex. Not only these mats enhance grip; they keep the mattress pads in place.

Place Pad Under Mattress Sheet

Another way you can solve the skidding of the problem is by using the cover under the sheet. It comes at the cost of washing your bedsheet but the pad will stay in place to protect the mattress.

It can be an effective method if your only goal is to protect your mattress.

Another thing that can solve the problem once and for all it to get a mattress protector that is both absorbent and waterproof. In that way, you sliding off problems will forever be solved.

Our Recommendations

A mattress pad is an amazing bedding accessory. However, to keep it in place there are certain solutions. We have discussed some of the best solutions to keep the mattress pad in place.

We recommend most to buy a deep pocket mattress enactment that can accommodate both mattress and mattress pad. So a single solution will protect and enhance the life of the mattress and mattress pad and also eliminate the sliding issue.

At the end of the day, before purchasing a new mattress pad, it is always a good idea to go for the one that has a superior fastening system.

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