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how to wash a mattress pad

Most people have the understanding that cleaning a mattress pad and washing it are two different things. Still, sometimes they can get confused. Here in this guide, we discuss in detail how to wash a mattress pad?

Do you consider yourself among such people who are constantly pestered by a question? Can mattress pads be washed? Yes! Mattress pads can be washed, but you cannot wash all kinds of mattress pads. Washing a mattress pad depends entirely on the material.

You probably have an idea that mattress pads are made with different materials. Some mattress pads are made using memory foam, latex, or even synthetic forms, while others are made of natural materials like wool and cotton.

It is essential to understand the difference between material so that washing can be adequately handled.

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How to Wash a Cotton or Woolen Mattress Pad?

Sheets protect mattress pads; however, they tend to get dirty when there is extensive spillage or bodily fluids. At times, mattress pads tend to give off a foul odor, and then they need washing.

In case you are using a woolen or cotton mattress pad, then the good news is that they can always be washed in a machine in a standard, conventional way.

However, make sure that you are using a mild detergent at the time of washing a cotton or woolen mattress pad in a machine. Any detergent that is too concentrated will compromise the quality of your mattress pad.

What about Memory Foam or Standard Foam Mattress Pad?

The bad news is that you cannot wash your memory foam mattress pad conventionally. Memory foam mattress pads cannot be washed in a machine. These pads absorb water, and the water, in return, compromises a mattress pad’s quality. The spinning of a machine is too agitating for a memory foam mattress pad, and that’s why it’s never a good idea.

Although the memory foam mattress pads cannot be washed in a machine, that doesn’t mean that you can not clean them in other ways.

There are different other techniques to wash your memory foam mattress pads. Here is how you need to do it.

How to Wash a Mattress Pad

Here are the things you need to wash your foam mattress pad.

  • Laundry detergent
  • Water
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Spray bottle
  • Bucket
  • Few cleaning clothes

Now is the time to tell you about the instructions to wash your foam mattress pad.

Step 1 – Put the Mattress Pad Flat on the Floor

The first step is all about putting the mattress pad flat on the floor. For this step, first, you need to remove the sheets from a mattress pad. Afterward, keep the mattress pad flat on the floor.

In case you intend to wash your mattress pad on a carpet or a wood floor, you can always put a trap under it so the flooring can be protected.

Step 2 – Vacuum the Pad

As we cannot put foam mattress pads in a machine, we need to follow other steps.

The second step is all about vacuuming the foam mattress pads.

You must know that an average human being sheds around 40000 to 50000 dead skin cells every day. Because we spend 8 hours on our bedding, we keep on shedding these cells.

The dilemma with these cells is that they cannot go away on their own from a foam mattress pad, but they can be vacuumed.

Once you put the pad flat on the floor, vacuum it properly. The best thing about vacuuming is that it takes out dead skin cells or pet dander. You can always use a powerful handheld vacuum that has a soft brush. Make sure to vacuum the Mattress pad in a circular motion to discard dust mites and dust. In case you have a foam mattress pad with eggshell-style crevices, you can always dig the vacuum into the notches to remove the dust.

Step 3 – Use of Detergent

Baking soda is an effective ingredient to treat foul smells and stains. In case you feel that your mattress pad is smelling of urine, smoke, or the odor of cigarettes, you need to use baking soda in the third step.

The effective way of using baking soda is to sprinkle it on the pad to sit there for at least 8 hours. If there is an excess powder of baking soda, you can always vacuum that up.

Baking soda is effective against foul smells. For stains, you can use a solution of laundry borax and water. The best thing about laundry borax is that it helps lighten stains.

When you see bloodstains on a mattress pad, you can use hydrogen peroxide for them.

Step 4 – Rinsing

Baking soda is a significant ingredient, and when it is mixed with laundry borax or hydrogen peroxide, it can effectively clean the mattress pad.

The next part is all about rinsing the mattress pad to remove the excess moisture. Technically, you cannot rinse the mattress pad by putting it in water because a foam mattress pad will absorb water.

ou need to wipe down the surface of the bed with a clean cloth. Rinse that cloth and again wipe the mattress pad.

Step 5 – Air Dry

The last part is all about air drying the mattress pad. Make sure you get a waterproof surface to dry the mattress pad for several days. It is imperative to remember that a foam mattress pad will not dry in a day or two. These types of mattress pads take days to dry.

In case there is an emergency, you can always get yourself an electric fan, so the air is circulated, and the mattress pad is drying fast.

You also need to make sure that you turn the mattress pad, so it is dry evenly. Never put a foam mattress pad on a mattress unless it is entirely devoid of water.

Tips to keep your mattress pads fresh and clean

It is relatively hard to take care of a mattress pad because it cannot be washed directly. However, there are many hacks and tips available to make sure that they are clean and fresh throughout the year.

  • Use Odor Free Sprays – If the mattress pad smells terrible, you can always get commercial odor-free sprays for it. Febreze and Ozium can be of help.
  • Flip Your Mattress Pad Every Six Months – To make sure there is no wear and tear on the mattress pad, make sure to flip and rotate it every six months.
  • Add Protective Shields – Sheets are protective shields for a mattress pad. To make sure that the mattress pad is fresh enough throughout the year, change the bedsheets often.
  • Vacuum Your Mattress Pad Often – It is always a good idea to vacuum the mattress pad regularly, at least once a month, to remove dust and dust mites.


Mattress pads are unique because they provide us with an extra layer of comfort and durability. Washing them can be a big deal if you do not know how to do it properly.

However, if you try the methods mentioned earlier, then washing the mattress pad can be easy and convenient.

Try these methods and save yourself great trouble and time.

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