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Waterproof Mattress Cover

The mattress cover is there to protect your mattress from accidental spills, spots, bedwetting, perspiration, or other stains. Still, even the mattress cover is inclined towards getting dirty. If the mattress cover is not washed regularly, then with time, it will stop protecting the mattress from stains. Today we are going to tell you how you can wash your waterproof mattress cover. The procedure is simple and easy, and by following this procedure, things will get easy.

How to know if the Waterproof Mattress Cover is washable or not?

Not every waterproof mattress cover is washable. To make sure that you do not damage the mattress cover coating, you must see the tag. The tag on the mattress cover will tell you if it is washable or not.

The procedure of washing waterproof mattress covers

You don’t just need to toss your mattress cover in a machine. You need to follow a procedure to make sure that the waterproof mattress cover gets the washing it deserves.

The first step is removing the stubborn stains. If you would put the waterproof mattress cover directly into the machine, then the stains will not go away. To make sure that the stubborn stains are lighter, make use of mild detergent and kitchen soap. Apply this mixture on hard stains, so they light up.

The next step is to make sure that the stains are lighter so you can put the cover in a washing machine.

The washing machine procedure

Some people think that it is completely ok to put the mattress cover in a machine with a high temperature and strong cycle. This mistake shouldn’t be there.

When you are tossing your waterproof mattress cover in a machine, you are running a gentle cycle. The strong cycle will eventually destroy the waterproof mattress cover coating.

The next episode is about adding a detergent with a few drops of lemons. Lemon is very effective for stains, and the addition of lemon in detergent will yield excellent results.

Run a gentle cycle, and if it is necessary, you can go for 2 to 3 cycles. Take the mattress cover from the machine and then wash it with gentle hands in water. If the mattress cover is still not cleaned after being washed in a machine, it can be rubbed with gentle hands.

Dry the mattress cover

Next, you must dry a mattress cover. You can follow two procedures in this regard. You can dry a mattress cover by hand or in an air dryer. It would be best if you remembered that the temperature of the air dryer is not strong. Dry the waterproof mattress cover at a low temperature in an air dryer for better results.

Final Words

Vinyl or waterproof mattress covers cannot be dry cleaned. They need to be washed. Make sure you take the stains out before using the mattress cover in a machine. Follow the above-mentioned procedure for better results.

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