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iso-cool mattress pad

Taking a good sleep is no doubt a major concern for all the individuals. However, if you are looking for something that can resolve your sleeping issues and, makes your good night’s sleep more comfortable and free of all allergies then we have an option. The ISO cool mattress pad may be the best choice as it is designed to increase comfort and minimize allergy issues. With the help of this product, you can sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed.

We recently reviewed egg shell mattress pad that is available on the separate page, it can be an alternative to iso cool mattress pad.

What is Iso cool Mattress Pad? 

The ISO cool mattress pad is the perfect combination of comfort and the latest technology ( Output Adaptive ) for cooling to help maintain sleep temperatures. This product can aid in decreasing soreness, sweats, and body temperature. Hence, it is a perfect package for individuals with multiple sleep issues. 

Furthermore, it is made with 100% cotton which reduces the risk of allergies and irritation caused by the dust and other particles. On the other hand, it does not have any strong chemical smell and side effects.

In case you want to eliminate the pain caused by spring mattress, discomfort by the night sweats, and extreme cold, The ISO cool mattress pad is the right choice for you.

Advantages of Having Iso Cool Mattress Pad

Ideal for Maintaining temperature Human body requires different temperatures throughout the day. The best thing about iso cool mattress pad is that, it helps in maintaining body temperature with the help of output adaptive Technology.

Made with Hypoallergenic material This pad is made with hypoallergenic material and therefore it is the best choice for people who have certain skin allergies.

A complete package for sleep-related issues Due to any medical issue if you are unable to sleep peacefully at night then this mattress pad will aid you, brilliantly.

Can fit into most of the mattresses Iso cool mattress pad comes in various sizes and you can always get the one according to your mattress.

Characteristics and qualities The ISO cool Mattress pad is designed with the latest sleep technology to make your rest time more relaxed and peaceful.

Features of Iso Cool Mattress Pad

Before buying it you must know what it offers and here we discuss it’s prime features.

1. Thickness

The Pad is 2 inches thick which provides you enough space to conform to your shape. That helps in making sure that you have supported where you sleep hardest. However, the disadvantage of this is, when you sit on it for the very first time you need to adjust for a few hours to get in shape proper. Furthermore, the users can feel the difference from the very first night.

2. The material of cool ISO mattress pads

ISO cool mattress pad is hypoallergenic made with 100% cotton, it also has high thread count but it does not affect the cooling. Moreover, it has polyester fill which makes sure that it will hold its original shape. Furthermore, it is made with a minimum 3-inch thick climate-sensitive foam combined with adaptive comfort technology.

3. What technology is used by the ISO cool mattress pad?

Hot flashes are a regular thing with most people. Also, there is a section of society that experiences night sweats because of certain medications. Medications and hot flashes can disrupt quality sleep. However, the latest cooling technology used by the ISO cool mattress pads is called; adaptive technology contributes a lot in maintaining the user’s body temperature.

The Technology fuunctions just like your skin. When extra moisture touches its surface, it urgently responds by switching into evaporation mode which further creates a cooling effect. Likewise, it absorbs the body heat and keeps the person cool while he/she is asleep. Furthermore, it works very well within the temperature range of 20°C to 35°C. It also reduces humidity to give a cooling effect.

4. Dimensions

The cover of the pad is universal and nearly fits in any mattress. It has deep pockets of 20 inches. However, the 3 additional inches makes it convenient for a perfect fit. It is available in 5 different sizes, such as twin, full, queen, king, and California king. Prices of the sizes differ. However, the lowest price is for twins, and the highest is for California king.

5. Weight

When it comes to weight, an iso cool mattress pad may be heavy. However, to be supportive and thick, this heaviness is compulsory. Putting the pad properly is a one-time effort and people with back pain cannot set it up. 

Iso-Cool 11-ounce Quilted Mattress Pad

iso-cool mattress pad

ISO-Cool 11-ounce Quilted Mattress Pad by the sleepwell is a brilliant choice for hot flashes and sleep disturbance.

It is made with spiral spun polyester which helps to maintain its shape. The pad has 100% cotton that helps to decrease the chances of skin-related diseases and increases the chance of cooler sleep.

Also, the smart design of this mattress pad helps you to clean it very quickly without any hassle.   

Iso cool mattress pad does not only add comfort but also extends the life of your mattress. It can be a shield to keep your investment safe.

This mattress can also help you to customize your sleeping area. Moreover, if you are feeling pain in your back when you wake up, this product can help you to get rid of it, and most people start to feel the change since day 1. 

The waterproof features of this mattress pad play a vital role in saving your bed from the damage. For example, if your kid spills a water glass on the pad, this product can act as a barrier for your mattress.

After the detailed analysis, we recommend ISO –Cool 11-ounce quilted Mattress pad, Queen by the brand SleepBetter. Moreover, it can be the best thing to solve the problems related to your back pain and neck pain. This product can genuinely help you. This mattress pad is no doubt ideal to create a suitable sleep environment. 

Cons of Iso Cool Mattress Pad

Furthermore, the combination of the latest cooling technology, hypoallergenic material, and thick memory foam will give you a unique experience that no other product can offer in this price range.   

  • A little bit expensive and time taking setup process Though iso cool mattress pads are exceptional in regulating body temperature still they are a bit expensive and also take time to set up.
  • Heavy – iso cool mattress pads are heavier than the standard pads and you may require the help of other helpers to set it up completely.


Nowadays there is a solution to everything. In case you are insomniac and face trouble sleeping at night then there is no reason why you should not try iso cool mattress pads. Now that we have reviewed the product for you. It is up to you to make your final choice.

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