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king pillow top mattress pad

What can be more unfortunate than the scenario where your mattress gets damaged, and you are dead sure that the company will replace and bestow you a new one. You are flying with the heights of optimism. But during the inspection, the warranty is declared invalid by the inspector owing to recklessness, and your comforting mattress has become a liability for you. This is a common occurring instance. This is why a king pillow top mattress pad is made.

The mattress pad cover is a protective sheet over the mattress or a mattress pad. When you make a sizeable investment in buying the mattress, it is also incumbent upon you to corroborate the efficiency of investment with the protection cost spent buying a mattress pad cover. This is a sage decision.

There are various mattress pad covers available on the market, but the trendy one is the King pillow top mattress pad cover.

The pillow top mattress pad cover is mostly quilted with a combined amalgam of plusher and elegance. The significant benefits to veil the new or old mattress with the mattress pad are answered while defining the question below.

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Benefits of King Pillow Top Mattress Pads?

Here are some of the wonderful benefits of having to pillow top mattress pad. The comfort is a very first benefit that pillow top mattress pads offer. Nothing can match the comfort of pillow top pad.

They are available in heated variants, cool and relaxing ones so you can make your choice while buying one. Here are some other benefits of having a pillow top mattress pads.

Helpful in Keeping the Mattress Clean

A protective layer of mattress pad cover keeps the mattress clean and tidy. Stains, dirt, and other filthy factors are kept at bay owing to this protection.

The whole dirt could be swept away with a single spin of the washing machine; this is not the case with the mattress, which requires a cumbersome washing procedure.

Keeps the Mattress Glittering and Hlowing

The pillow top mattress pad covers bear all the wears and tears of time, and your mattress remains brand new. The pad cover can be changed to a minimal amount.

The meager amount is far better than changing the whole mattress. When you change the mattress pad cover, it seems that you have ordered a new mattress.

Validate the Mattress Warranty

Most of the mattress pads come with a brand warranty; this warranty boosts the customer’s confidence. However, the warranty itself is conditional on many factors i.e., mishandling, exposure to heat, dirt, stains, spills, spoilage, and other T.Cs invalidate the warranty.

We have to run from polar to post with the broken mattress and finally reach square one.

The pillow top mattress pad covering cocoons the mattress provides us with instant relief from corporate fears. However, if we come across some manufacturing fault, we may claim the warranty with full confidence. The pad cover provides us with this high confidence booster.

Extend the Life of Mattress

A well-protected pad cover enhances the experience of the mattress. The mattress does not get exposed to external noxious environmental elements and remains safe and sound. The pad covers are available in a wide eye-catching variety.

You may buy a padded cover matching the interior decor. That is not the case with a mattress. Mattresses are available in bland appearance and limited aesthetic variety.

Water Repellent

Many pillow top pad covers are waterproof and provide instant relief from dampness and humidity. The unique pad covers the flow of water and absorbs sweat and other body fluids. We usually do not consider our sweat letting pores.

Meanwhile, the average human bleeds sweat as much as three liters a day in tropical. The mattress pad cover caters to this issue.

Best pillow top mattress pads

Some of the trendy pillow top mattress pad covers are reviewed herein.

1. ExceptionalSheets Bamboo Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt

Key Features

  • Plush Rayon – The mattress pad cover is made up of plush rayon material. The material is super soft and ensures a luxury slumber.
  • Hypoallergenic – The pad cover is hypoallergenic and ensures maximum protection against germs, mites, and pathogens.
  • Thermal effusively tested – Exceptional Sheets pillow top mattress pad cover is adorned with thermal flow testers, which sense the heat flow and adjust the coolant accordingly.

The summer season is a nightmare for hot sleepers; we do have cooling pads and covers – but the real test arises when the heat is not countered evenly. Exceptional Sheets mattress pad cover is designed for viewing this unique phenomenon and equipped with thermal effusive testing.

Exceptional Sheets store pillow top mattress pad cover is available in a spacious design of 39×72. The space is enough to accommodate twin couples with pets.

Plush fiberfill gives a plush feel and a real duck and goose feather stuff bedding.

The mattress pad cover is durable and suitable for lifelong use.


  • Extremely comfortable cover.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • One of best king pillow top mattress pad


  • ExceptionalSheets mattress pad covers require delicate washing. Washing in bleach, tweaking, and thermal wash may render the cover unsuitable for use.

2. WhatsBedding Waterproof Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Swiss cooling technology – The distinguished swiss cooling technology keeps the pad cover prickly cool. The cover is the best choice for hotter regions.
  • TPU Certification – The pad cover is TPU certified by SGS. SGS accredited the certification against noxious particles in the households. You can use the products with 100% satisfaction.
  • Comfortable – The Mattress pad cover is exceptionally comfortable.

A high-end or luxurious pad cover becomes a cheap stake when not provided with waterproof lamination. Adequate protection can make even economical mattresses durable. Whatsbedding is offering a waterproof mattress pad cover that is available in an affordable customer range.

Whatsbedding pillow top mattress pad cover is waterproof. The waterproof specialty saves it from outside influence, i.e., stain, dust, spoilage, and leakage. The pad cover is the best choice for incontinence.

You do not need to wash the Whatsbedding pillow top mattress pad cover again and again, and with rear washing stints, it keeps shining like heavenly bodies.

The dimension of 70 × 80 + 16 inches is a perfect match for spacious sleeping. A most recommended king pillow top mattress pad.

The pad cover is anti-slip as well as noiseless so that you can enjoy long uninterrupted sleep. Sleep is not an ordinary blessing to be compromised.


  • Comfortable.
  • Easy to install.


  • Well, only the lower surface is waterproof. Hence, it renders this pad cover partially protected.

3. MEROUS Queen Mattress Pad Quilted

Key Features

  • Down alternative fill – The down-alternative filling provides a comfy feel. The pad cover enhances comfortability and user satisfaction.
  • Deep-pocketed – MEROUSmattress pad covers have long skirts and stretch up to 21 inches deep.
  • Fit well with Mattresses – This excellent mattress pad fits well with all types of mattresses.

A shabby pad cover skews the beauty and decor of your room. If the pad cover is aesthetically quilted, it manifolds the beauty of your home. MEROUS is one step ahead of time and is offering mattress pad covers in a 3D quilted printing design.

MEROUS mattress pad cover is sewn with stereoscopic 3D quilting. The high-end process gives an auspicious look at the mattress as a whole. It is a top rated king pillow top mattress pad.

The machine-washable cover saves you from dirt, stains, and all kind of spoils. The beauty of the mattress does not get tainted with the help of this cover.

MEROUS mattress pad cover is breathable hence kills the alarming profusion of body heat, skin oils, and concomitant liquids.

It is imperative to know that the cover is not fit for dry cleaning. The usage of detergent on the delicate surface will fray the mattress pad cover.


  • it Fits all sizes.
  • Comfortable to touch.


  • Everything is up to standard

4. LINENSPA Ultra Plush Pillow Top Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Luxurious feel – With the Linenspa mattress pad cover, you enjoy all the luxuries of a smooth surface, durability, and smoothness in a single package.
  • Long-lasting – The mattress pad cover extends the mattress’s life and gives a rejuvenating new phase to the same old mattress.
  • Box Stitching – The box stitching keeps the mattress pad cover in shape. There is no fear of fraying and haphazard bunching.

Plush white beauty cannot resist tempting our nerves to leap into the bed. Linenspa mattress pad cover is composed of Rayon bamboo cover with ultra-plush top cover. The elegant white color is the icing on the cake.

Linenspa store’s mattress pad cover is adorned with an alternative down fill inside, while rayon from bamboo extends incredible softness to the pad cover.

The mattress pad cover has a unique feature of ultra just pillow top. This softness extends the comfort to the limits of heaven.


  • It protects the mattress from all possible hazards.
  • Extremely comfortable.


  • The mattress pad cover is not waterproof. Hence, there are healthy chances of the stinking and spongy mattress.

5. Cooling Bamboo Mattress Pad Cover

Key Features

  • Extends the life of the mattress – The luxurious layers of the Roore pad cover provide an extension to the mattress’s life. Besides, a new look of mattress is ready to please the eyes of onlookers.
  • Embracing the feel, Roore’s overstuffed fill is embracing the deep hugs into it. The hugs of comfort, love, and purity.
  • Breathable – mattress pad covers are breathable and protect you from stench and allergies.

Technology is the demand of time; those who consider it a myth get decimated by the vagaries. Roore mattress pad cover is featured with a 360 fabric pocket and a 600 GSM cloud-like fill with bamboo blend fabric. The listed technologies are cutting-edge is the 21st century.

The 360 fabric pocket clubs the skirt tightly up to the 18 inches deep mattress. You do not need to adjust the skirts of Roore’s cover again and again.

The 600 GSM cloud-like fill gives it a comfy, soft feel. You cannot imagine the nifty and comfortable vibes of the Roore mattress pad cover.

The bamboo blend fabric is breathable, noiseless, and durable. It is considered a top material for use in pad covers.


  • The feeling is very comfortable.
  • It is the softest mattress pad cover available on the market.
  • A quality oriented king pillow top mattress pad.


  • Roore mattress pad cover is not waterproof, and the danger of seeping is always lurking into the mattress.

6. Deep Pocket Protector Ultra Soft Quilted Fitted Topper Cover Breathable Fit

Key Features

  • Washable – The mattress pad cover is easily washable at home. There is no need to make hectic appointments for laundry services. Laundry processes diminish the mattress’s quality, and it is far better to give quick spins to the rag at home.
  • Snowdown alternative fill – Snowdown alternative fill keeps special care for human health. It prevents running eyes and a stuffy nose.
  • Suitable for pet handling – The pad cover is highly recommended for postpartum care. The pad cover is equally useful in pet handling.

There is a commonly occurring problem of fraying in mattress pad covers. The stitch gets loosed, and the pad cover is reshaped. But Favorland’s double-needle box stitching has fixed this problem. Favorland ensures the most robust stitching.

Favorland mattress pad covers are sewn in a quilted manner with double-needle box stitching. The design is unique and distinguishable from an ordinary lot of mattress pad covers.

These mattress pad covers are attached to 360 fabric pockets that are stretchable up to 21 inches deep. The fabric plush keeps the cover watertight.

The snow-down-alternative fill ensures a comfy sleep on the Favorland down to earth mattress cover pad.


  • It protects against allergies.
  • Suitable for older people.


  • Unstable washing may tear the pad cover apart.

7. SUFUEE King Mattress Pad Cover Fitted Down Alternative Quilted Pillow Top Mattress Topper

Key Features

  • Encourages peaceful sleep – these mattress pad covers do not require shift construction, and you can enjoy an undisturbed sleep all night long.
  • Added security – The mattress pad cover is also a security feature added to it. The pad cover is spacious, luxurious, and saves from dirt, stains, and skin oils.
  • Hypoallergenic – The pad cover is not only hypoallergenic but also antimicrobial. This thwarts an iota of potential harm to your wellbeing.

Climate change is pillaging the natural serenity of the world. This is not wrath but our greed to extract the sources greedily without taking care of the repletion rule. However, a significant chunk of devastation lies on the shoulders of industrial magnets.

It is time we produced naturally aligned, eco-friendly products. One of the prime ways of imposing this restriction is to ensure certifications. SUFUEE has been certified by Okeo-Tex Standard 100.

SUFUEE mattress pad covers are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, making sure that the material used is purely eco-friendly and reliable to touch up with the delicate human skin.

These mattress pad covers are made up of 100% microfiber. Microfiber has given a luxurious look to the emerging brand.

The covers have spacious surfaces and large skirts to easily fit into almost every range of mattresses.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable


  • The cover does not have a deep-pocketed 360° fiber clipping. There are chances that the cover may disturb the alignment of the mattress pad.

8. MASVIS King Waterproof Mattress Pad Cover

Key Features

  • Machine washable -MASVISmattress pad cover is easily machine washable. You can resuscitate the dying mattress pad cover with the work of a magic wand (washing machine).
  • Cozy soft – The mattress pad cover is comfy and soft. You will find divine comfort on the MASVIS mattress pad cover.
  • Cost-effective – These covers are cost-efficient. A stitch in time saves nine. But on this mattress pad cover, you don’t need a single stitch. The pad cover is free from fraying worries.

Structuralcomfort is an often neglected vital feature among bedding brands. An uncomfortable design may disturb your sleep all night. You have to wake up many times to adjust the cover accordingly. MASVIS mattress pad covers are presented with a deep pocket feature.

MASVIS mattress pad covers are waterproof and guarantee free form all the spillage problems. The waterproofness feature helps indirectly in extending the lifespan of the mattress. This little rag saves your asset of peace.

The mattress pad covers are made up of 100℅ polyester material and hard rock protection for the overlapping mattress. We recommend it as a cost effective king pillow top mattress pad.

These waterproof mattress pad covers are deep-pocketed and can easily be used with the mattress of 21 inches deep.


  • Real small pillow top desig
  • Fully waterproof and breathable


  • This mattress pad cover cannot be ironed. Any attempt to iron it will destroy the microfibers.

9. SOPAT King Size Mattress Pad Cover Cooling Mattress Topper 

Key Features

  • Reversible cover sides – Reversiblecover sides can be used according to the change in weather. This is a typical mattress cover for both seasons.
  • Easy-fitted – SOPAT mattress pad cover is easily fittable up to 21″ deep mattress. This feature makes it compatible and adjustable to almost every brand of mattress.
  • Graceful – The mattress pad cover is available in an exciting but serene color of white.

SOPAT mattress pad cover is a kind of reactionary force. This pad is something closer to magic. The more you blow hot, the more it blows cold. This unique way maintains the body-bed equilibrium in a prime way. Amazing!

SOPAT mattress pad covers are available with dual pad covers, one for summer, and the other for the winter season. Now, it is not required to change the pad covers with the change in season.

The mattress pad cover is equipped with heat absorbent technology; the more you sweat, the more it gets chilly. The mechanism keeps an equilibrium among excellent and evil forces of sleep.

The cover is sold with a quality feature of down-alternative fill. The fill enhances the comfy cushioning.


  • The removable pad cover is handy to wash at home whenever it feels dusty.
  • The mattress pad cover is fit for all types of mattress pads. The skirts are profound and can be fittable up to 21″ deep mattresses.
  • The mattress pad cover is breathable and hypoallergenic. All your health worries are summed up into a healthy conclusion.


  • The mattress cover is not a waterproof version. If you or would-be bed dwellers are incontinent, elder, pets, or minors, you should go for this variant.

10. Seward Park Twin Extra Long Overfilled Mattress Pad

Key Features

  • Luxurious feel: The  SeawardParkmattress pad cover is comfy and elegant.
  • Easy washing protocol – The pad cover has easy washing protocols. You toss the dirty body into the washer, mover to drier, and the cover is ready to be served on the bed.
  • Beautiful packaging – The company believes in a low carbon economy, so the Seaward Park mattress par cover is available in a durable but straightforward box.

Most of the mattress pad covers get destroyed during the tenacious exercise of rolling or unrolling the pad cover from the pad. A little unfraying of stitch calls gloomy for the whole product. Seaward Park mattress pad covers have ensured zero rolling related incidents and are very easy to wrap the pad up with the cover.

Seaward Park mattress pad cover is overfilled and gives a luxurious deep dive into the pad’s foamy terrain.

The pad cover is available in a spacious dimension of 39×80 inches. The pad cover is also equally suitable for pets, adults, couples, elders, and twins.

Seaward Park mattress pad cover is easy to roll off and on the pad. It doesn’t require rocket science to accommodate the pad cover; common sense works sufficiently well with this pad cover.


  • Provide real value against money
  • Made for more sophisticated experience


  • The non-waterproof feature makes this product the second preference of customers; however, the pad cover is still market competitive and gives the contenders a tough time.


A mattress is an expensive but vulnerable entity. The poor thing does not know how to protect itself; therefore, it needs added protection. So to suffice this purpose we reviewed and mkae this list and ouir first prefference of king pillow top mattress pad is listed at number 1.

The mattress pad cover is as equally important as the mattress itself. The pillow top mattress pad cover helps extend the lifeline of the mattress, keep the mattress clean, ensure a serene sleep, and validate the warranty of the mattress.

The pad cover is the attire of the mattress. Depriving the mattress of its cover will deprive the mattress of grace and life too.

A smart person knows how to protect mattresses in the long run by merely having pillow top mattress pad covers. The products have been reviewed. Go ahead and pick your favorite. Investing in these pillow top mattress pads is indeed a nice investment.

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