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lucid 2 inch foam mattress topper

LUCID is a household name in the world of bedding items. We are going to review lucid 2 inch foam mattress topper.

The China-based company offers a variety of bedding items, including mattresses, toppers, and pads. The forte of the company is the provision of quality bedding items in a very low-range price ambit.

LUCID mainly focuses on online space and sells the items through the Amazon portal. Besides quality features, LUCID has also been successfully extending its customer base with a constant focus on improvement. We will keep evaluating the customer’s feedback to fill in the lacunae. This rigorous practise has helped LUCID reach on to the top rungs.

LUCID uses a variety of materials in its product. This customization is concomitant product-wise. The materials used by LUCID are gel, memory foam, latex memory foam, gel memory foam, latex foam, charcoal, bamboo, aloe vera, latex hybrid, and natural latex. You may pick any of these based on your choice and preferences. The circumstances might be compelling for you to go for one product or another. Whatever you choose, the quality is more or less the same and standardized.

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Before reviewing the type-case LUCID product, we will overview the overall progress of the LUCID. We will consider the advantages and downsides of going with the LUCID in detail.

Forte of the LUCID Brand

  • LUCID offers variety in thickness and firmness: LUCID offers products in a wide variety of ranges, especially in thickness and firmness. The products of LUCID are available in two to five inches. This helps LUCID in garnishing a wide customer base. Few like thinner firmness, while some prefer sinking thickness. Amazingly, all go with LUCID. 
  • LUCID products are noiseless: Silence is the prerequisite of serene sleep. A noisy bed waters down the sweet dreams. LUCID arranges its dainty products in a noiseless manner. The quality of the LUCID to make quiet bedding products. The silent feature ensures serenity up to the optimal level.
  • The price range is economical: LUCID’s speciality is the provision of high-end quality products in an economical price bracket. Medium to low-income house-holders can afford the product easily. Nevertheless, the brand does not lower down the quality of its products.
  • LUCID care and cures: LUCID products are wholesome to human health. It incorporates common goods like hypoallergenic, heat distribution, and stainless. These qualities make LUCID a top choice for the consumer base.

The Achilles heel of LUCID

  • No or shorter sleep trials: LUCID does not provide extended sleep trials for customers. It does not accept a change of mind reason for the return claim. To change a product, you must have solid grounds based on clear cut deficiencies. However, LUCID maintains standards, and usually, customers do not bother to go for the replacement, it returns.
  • The odor is observed in the new LUCID products: Be it mattress, pad, topper, or protector. LUCID products are distinguishable owing to a sweeping odor. The odor, although fades away over time, might be uncomfortable for sensitive or allergic buyers. The odor is caused by VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). A good part of this limitation is the CertiPUR certification of LUCID that ensures the non-inclusion of toxic items.
  • LUCID does not offer white glove delivery: In this dog-eat-dog competitive market, brands are offering novice solutions to take an edge. LUCID lags here and does not extend the white glove delivery to its esteemed customers. However, it makes up for this deficiency by upholding the quality of its products. Additionally, LUCID products are not complex to use. The user manual is elementary for an ordinary person.

You have got the details of the exciting LUCID brand; now we will do a detailed review of one of its quality mattress toppers. The selected product is LUCID two-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

Statistical Analysis

  • Mattress type: Memory, foam and gel.
  • Size: Queen
  • Dimensions: 79 x 59 x 2 inches
  • Weight: 10.53 pounds.

Suite-able For

  • Buyers on a budget.
  • Side-sleepers.
  • Bed-ridden infirms.
  • Lavish seekers.


  • LUCID offers a shorter-than-usual sleep trial for this topper.
  • Obese sleepers, weighing more than 240 pounds, may bunch the topper after considerable usage.

LUCID Two-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper is a quality product to add to your bucket list. The topper is extra cushy with a pressure valve setting to adjust the pressure points. The breathable product is airy and ventilated thanks to the infusion of memory foam gel. The gel responds as per the body’s great intensity and expands and squeezes accordingly.

The LUCID mattress topper is handy to use sans going through the manual, you need to leave it for a while after unboxing, and it gets in shape. You perch it on the mattress, and here you go!

The mattress topper is also durable, comfortable, and therapeutic. It is highly recommended for chronic spinal and neck patients. Below are some persuasive arguments that tell you why you need LUCID Two-Inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

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Detailed Breakdown of the Review

When we dig into depth we found a lot of features and benefits that really needs to be discussed here but we still only list the most important Ones.

The LUCID two-inch memory foam mattress topper is breathable

The best quality of this topper is its ventilated design.

The ventilated design helps in controlling the sweating and sweltering problem. Hot sleepers sleep with all the serenity workout any fear of a moist bed.

The topper is beautiful to the core

This LUCID topper is available in an antiquated color and knitted with an elegant double stitch. This mattress has all the qualities of turning the shape of a banal mattress upside down.

This LUCID topper is a therapeutic healer

The gel infusion and curvy body contours help in the magical healing of back and neck pains. The topper contours are naturally aligned with the body spirals, which keeps the body in a regular, relaxed posture. You wake up lively and vibrant like a king ready to conquer the world.

The LUCID topper is sinking thick

The two-inch mattress topper gives you a sinking snug. The snug is overly comfy and relaxes the stretched muscles. When you sleep, the LUCID topper keeps toiling the tedious work of healing and soothing your body. You start every next day with full zeal.

The LUCID two-inch topper is available in four variants

This topper is infused with a gel to extend a soothing comfort to your body. The gel also helps in maintaining an equilibrium between the body and mattress.

It helps in regulating the body temperature up to the safer limits. The gel is provided in different variations, and whatever suits you best, you may opt-in. The gel variants are:

  • Normal gel infusion.
  • Lavender infusion.
  • Memory foam infusion.
  • Bamboo Charcoal infusion.

The LUCID topper provides an extra-plush

The memory foam mattress topper is gel infused. This cutting-edge feature bestows nostalgic sentiment on the duck and goose feathers’ stuffed terrain.

The feeling is amazingly comfy and adorable. You could perch on this LUCID topper just like a fine silk setting.

Durability is written on the LUCID’s wall

This two-inch memory foam topper is durable and extends to the many ages of accompanying mattresses. Not only is this durable mattress durable, but it also does provide life-support to the mattress. It helps in the longevity of the mattress by protecting it incessantly.

This topper can prove a cost-effective solution for you.

The LUCID mattress topper enhances sleep quality

The American Psychological Association finds in its periodical study of behaviors that a disturbed sleep cycle ensues because of an uncomfortable sleeping surface, which is the main reason for abnormal dreaming. Bad quality slumber is not slumber at all. It is an illusion at best and steady torture at worst.

This LUCID topper conforms with natural sleep prerequisites and ensures a quality sleep.

The mattress topper is easy to use

There is no rocket science involved in installing or using the LUCID two-inch memory foam mattress topper. It is handy to use and perch onto the mattress. You unbox it and keep it in an isolated place for a couple of days.

The gel restores into its original position and your topper readies to be placed on the mattress. The organic odor fades away right after a couple of usages.

It is a giftable item

Gifting enhances the sacred love bond between near and dear. If it seems that your elderly parents seem in dire need of getting rid of chronic back, neck, or joint pain, your bedridden uncle is prone to bed or pressure sores then it can be gifted.

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Ending Note

The brand review of LUCID, with preceding detailed analysis of LUCID’s two-inch (gel-infused) memory foam mattress topper, is aimed at helping in selecting a value for money choice for your mattress. Your sleep is not an ordinary thing to be compromised or ignored. You toil all day long, brace for the hardships of life, but one rational choice of quality topper neutralizes the equation to be ready for the very next day.

We hope that after reading this, you are ready to make a rational choice. What is your favorite by the way?

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