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organic mattress cover

The best organic waterproof mattress protectors is a premium solution to keep your costly mattress protected without compromising on your comfort. Comfortability is the main benefit we recommend most to use an organic mattress cover.

As much as we like to believe the environment we live in is not devoid of harmful VOCs. These VOCs can get into the mattress and cause allergies. An average mattress costs around 400 to 500 Dollars, and still, it is vulnerable against external threats.

Dust mites, Bedbugs, VOCs, spillage, and Liquor are some of the external threats we can name. Despite knowing that a mattress is vulnerable against these things what do we do to protect it? At most times, nothing.

A mattress cover is the only asset that can save your expensive mattress from the invasion of external threats. There are many kinds of mattress covers that are available in the market However, among all of them, organic mattress covers stand apart. Therefore it is necessary to have it.

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Reasons to Have an Organic Mattress Cover

There are so many wonderful reasons why you need to have an organic mattress cover for your mattress.

  • Material – Normally in organic mattress covers, we get latex. The most striking feature of latex is that it is very effective against VOCs. It is probably the only material that is effective against chemicals and harmful gases that are present in the environment in abundance. Having a latex mattress cover means having the best of all.
  • Non-toxic – One can easily rely on an organic mattress cover because they are non-toxic. There is no involvement of synthetic or harmful chemicals in the production of these organic mattress covers. There will not be any health issues, and you will get quality sleep.
  • Breathable – Once a mattress cover has organic material like cotton and latex, it gets much more breathable than the competitors. Organic material prevents sweating and allows the users to enjoy a peaceful sleep. This mattress cover also allows you to stay more relaxed throughout the night.
  • Typical smell – One reason organic mattress covers are the best is that they do not have the conventional mattress cover smells. Mostly these covers are odorless and do not pose any difficulty.
  • Effective against pesticides and VOCs – A mattress is not saved against pesticides. Therefore a mattress cover is a must. Organic mattress covers are much more effective against pesticides and VOCs because of the material, cotton, and latex. These covers keep bed bugs, dust mites, and other pesticides away.

Things to Consider While Buying an Organic Mattress Cover

An organic mattress cover can serve you well; however, you need to consider certain things before buying one.

  • Material – Cotton and latex are two of the best materials in organic mattress covers. Cotton is useful for breathability and spillage. On the other hand, latex is effective against VOCs and chemicals. Vinyl is also a good material in organic mattress covers; however, it may not be safe for kids and pets.
  • Chemicals – There is no point in buying an organic mattress cover that has the inclusion of chemicals. Chemicals mainly pose specific skin threats. The ideal natural mattress cover is always free of chemicals.
  • Breathable – An organic mattress cover needs to be breathable, so there is air exchange.
  • Noiseless – An authentic organic mattress cover is always noiseless and does not interrupt the quality of sleep at night.
  • Zippered – An idea organic mattress cover is always zippered, so pesticides do not find a way to get to a mattress.

5 Best organic mattress covers

Now is the time to dive deep and look into some of the quality organic mattress covers. We reviewed more than 40 products to make a list of the best products and top recommendations as follows:

1. Soft Heaven Mattress Cover – Luxury Organic Cotton


  • The cover is zippered and adequately protects the mattress against bedbugs, dust mites, or other pesticides.
  • The mattress cover brings a soft feeling because it has an extra thin layer of comfort.
  • This brilliant cover provides resistance against allergies.
  • It is easy to install and clean.

Organic mattress covers are like a dream come true for a mattress, and this one is precisely amazing. This mattress cover is efficient at making healthy sleeping easy for you. The options are available in three sizes, so you can choose from the best that is suitable for you.

It is made of high-quality material for all the comfort you need. This cover is an affordable solution to your problems. It is waterproof and does not let the fluid reach your mattress. Even if you have kids at home and are in the habit of spilling things, nothing will get into the mattress because of the waterproof characteristics of this mattress cover.

With its ability to breathe, it reduces sweating and heat accumulation. It is breezy and cools off quickly, giving you a good sleep.

It has a stretch knit design and allows the cover to stay on for long. In that way, the mattress is protected from all possible stains and spots. With perfect grip, it does not crease and allows smooth coverage of bedsheet spread. Kids can play on the mattress, and you won’t have to worry about the creases because these organic mattress covers stay firm on a bedsheet.

It is 100% organic made and does not contain any synthetic fibers that might irritate. It is safe to use in the presence of kids and pets. There is no use of insecticides or additives. The harmful chemicals and gassing fumes are not given off to pose a threat to your health. It is a perfectly healthy option for you and your family. It is certified and meets all the standards of quality and originality.


  • Cost-effective
  • Zippered
  • Durable

2. One’s Own Waterproof Mattress Protector


  • This organic mattress cover ensures a mattress’s protection by making a barrier between spillage and a mattress.
  • It is waterproof and does not allow spills to seep through the mattress.
  • With proper care and attention, it can last a lifetime.
  • It is made of quality materials and does not pose any threat to skin.

Unless you buy a mattress cover for the protection of your mattress, nothing can save it from spills, bed bugs, or dust mites. One’s own is the best organic mattress cover because it has wonderful features. There are several available sizes to choose from. The full bedding is cotton made, which is free from any harmful chemicals.

With its moisture control technology, it repels water and any other bodily fluid. Water or any stain does not seep through that ensure a longer life for your mattress. Its construction does not allow the microbial accumulation that is problematic and builds dust.

This is a comfortable and healthier option for all. The mattress cover ensures good night’s sleep, and you will wake up fresh. This is not an ordinary covering. The padding allows you to get all the extra care and gentleness you need. It is a blended fill of polyester that is both cozy and comfortable. All the material fibers are eco-friendly and can be reused and recycled.

You can conveniently wash the cover in the machine and air dry. In addition to that, it is anti-static. The deep pocket design can fit at a depth of several inches. It does not pop-off to ruin your bedsheet. The company offers a 30-day return policy and a guaranty of 10 years on this cover.


  • The mattress cover is suitable for allergies and is hypoallergenic.
  • It has an elegant vibe.
  • Super easy to clean.

3. Organic Mattress Protector Queen, Cooling Bamboo


  • The mattress cover has no chemicals and is safe to use with kids and pets.
  • The cover has incredible waterproof characteristics and does not let spills get into the mattress.
  • It improves your sleep quality, manifold.
  • It is effortless to care for this mattress.

We all like being romantic from time to time, and that includes having tea on the bed. However, there is always the possibility of tea spilling on a mattress. Say goodbye to spills from breakfasts in bed. This organic solution is a savior for all spill accidents and mishaps.

It is a vinyl-free and chemical-free solution and does not pose an issue to your health. the mattress cover is perfectly safe to use in the presence of kids and pets. The padded covering is made from 3D air fiber technology. Its three layers are arranged to cover all the grounds of perfect sleep. The bottom layer makes the bedding waterproof. The air hole in the central cotton air makes the mattress breathable and ensures airflow. It is a noiseless covering and does not disturb your sleep

A good night’s sleep without sweating is guaranteed.

The filling of this mattress is a blend of polyester and cooling bamboo derivative. It makes the bedding ultra-soft and gentle against the skin.

If you have any allergies, this protector is for you. The padding is soft and perfect for the use of even babies. It is a perfect protection against bodily fluids and spills awhile, ensuring a night of uninterrupted sleep. The advanced technology offers an organic solution with extra protective features. This cover also protects against bacterial accumulation, dust, and mites—the company offers a 10-year warranty.


  • Easy care
  • Breathable.
  • Effective against pesticides.

4. CO-Z Waterproof Mattress Protector 


  • The organic mattress cover is hypoallergenic and protects the mattress from pesticides.
  • It does not make any noise, and you have the option of having a quality sleep in its presence.
  • The mattress cover is suitable for people who suffer from allergies and asthma.
  • It does not have the inclusion of any harmful chemicals.

It is cotton made cover that engulfs the needs of a whole family. The cover comes in a variety of sizes for all kinds of beds. Unlike most covers, it is incredibly soft and comfortable. It provides grip for the bed to hold for a long time and does not fold. It is made from breathable technology that offers air circulation.

This makes the night rest and afternoon naps calming and airy. The material is organic terry cotton covering. It is devoid of any harmful chemicals even during the process of cultivation.

TPU layer at the bottom wicks away moisture and prevents disturbance due to night sweating. The bedding can easily be machine washed at home. The layer flows freely and prevents any fluid from accumulating. It is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about accidental spills. It is perfect if you have babies at home or pets. Also, It is hypoallergenic and perfect for skin problems and issues.

The in-depth pocket feature works for any depth and ensures the cover stays on to protect the mattress. OEKO certifies it. It comes with a ten years warranty. In case you are not satisfied with the quality, return in 90 days with no question asked.


  • Vinyl free.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Suitable for people with allergies.

5. Whisper Organics, 100% Organic Mattress Protector


  • You are likely to enjoy the most peaceful sleep of your life on this wonderful organic cotton mattress cover.
  • The cover offers maximum protection from dust mites, allergens, and bed bugs.
  • It prevents liquids from seeping through the mattress.
  • There is no inclusion of any chemicals.

This mattress cover by Whisper Organics is perfect for everyday use. It is an organic solution for all of your mattress problems in beautiful ivory color. This color is all-natural and unbleached with harmful chemicals. Its manufacturing does not involve any chemicals; thus, it is Poison free. This mattress ensures safety for all of your family. There are no additives like parabens or vinyl in its components. It is made from 100% pure cotton; it’s entirely organic.

This cover is a comfortable bedding solution that is made of superior quality. Its cotton threads and construction ensure the high-grade material. The top layer is padded with cotton that provides extra care and comfort. It is made from breathable technology that is responsible for sweat-free sleep. This improves the quality of sleep, and you wake up fresh in the morning.

The protector covers the mattress on five sides. It has a deep pocket for smooth, wrinkle-free covering. Moreover, it makes sure that the cover does not come off at night. It is hypoallergenic and perfect for babies or adults with an allergic condition like asthma.

It is not advised to wash this mattress cover with any bleach. However, it can be washed in a machine with mild detergent.


  • There is nothing artificial.
  • It has a pure cotton fabric.
  • Effective against allergies.


You will only compromise the quality of your expensive mattress if you consider the mattress cover a liability.

An organic mattress cover is an asset that can save the mattress from spillage, pesticides, and allergies. Also, it is terrific for all those people who suffer from different allergies and asthma. Now that we have reviewed some of the best organic mattress covers, it is up to you to make a choice. If you love your mattress, then you need an organic mattress cover.

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