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Best Queen Size Waterproof Mattress Covers

Stress is real, and it can get a grip on us anytime. We work from 9 to 7 to earn a living for ourselves. After a tiring day of work, if we need something that is a proper sleep environment, the mattress is the place where we spend most of our time, but a bed is not a promising thing for a good night’s sleep without a mattress cover.

The best queen size waterproof mattress cover protects each and every corner of the mattress and keeps unwanted elements away from the mattress that no only enhances the life of mattress but also provides a comfortable sleep.

When a mattress is at its natural state, it is the most vulnerable. The environment of a planet Earth is full of dust. It doesn’t matter what we do; dirt does not go away. Let’s say that you have bought a mattress for $4,000. Still, you cannot protect it from dust. It is going to be there, and over time this dust will turn into dust mites.

Also, accidental spills are those dilemmas that cannot be avoided as well. Anyone can spill coffee or water on a mattress, and without a mattress cover, the mattress will soil.

How accidental spills ruin the mattress?

Let’s say that you are having your morning coffee. Out of accident, the coffee is now spilled on your mattress. Even though you have cleaned the coffee with a clean piece of cloth, the mattress is soiled.

Mattresses are enormous, and in case of accidental spills, the spill can seep into the mattress throughout the depth. This accidental stain ends up inviting bedbugs, mold, dust mites, and many other pesticides to your mattress, but how?

Pesticides breed well in a humid environment. When there is an accidental spill, the water seeps through a mattress and becomes a breeding ground for pesticides.

A single pesticide can contribute to the devastation of your mattress manifold. Over time pesticides multiply, they breed, and this is how they end up ruining your entire mattress.

If there is one thing that will protect your beautiful and expensive mattress from accidental spills, pamper leaks, and many other pesticides, then it is indeed a mattress cover.

How does a mattress cover protect the mattress?

Let’s say you buy a zippered mattress cover for your mattress. The moment you zip this mattress cover around your mattress is the moment your mattress will be saved. Zippered mattress covers are too strong for pesticides to break because it encompasses the whole pallet. It will not be possible for bed bugs or other pesticides to penetrate your mattress.

The mattress covers are also known for their waterproof barriers. The waterproof barrier can be a barrier between accidental spills and mattresses. The breathability characteristics of a mattress cover you are likely to get the most amazing sleep of your life on the mattress cover.

A mattress cover is too good to ignore, and it has so many benefits. It will protect you against anything that can pose a threat to your mattress.

OBOEY Queen Size Premium Mattress Protector

In a world full of flaws, it is quite hard to find a good mattress cover for your mattress. A lot of companies promise lifetime protection for your bed, but their mattress covers prove something else. Sometimes the advertisement is excellent, but the product is average.

OBOEY waterproof mattress cover has received millions of positive reviews from around the globe. This brand is not only well-reputed, but the products that it develops are beyond amazing and long-lasting. OBOEY waterproof mattress cover has all the features that contribute to making it one of the top waterproof mattress covers of all time. It is so elegant and delicate that you may feel as if you are sleeping on a carpet.

From having a smooth and comfortable cotton terry surface to having a hypoallergenic backing that keeps the allergens away, this mattress cover provides you with everything you need to lead a healthy life. Having this mattress cover in your home means having the best for your mattress.

Also, no matter what kind of liquid it is, whether it is urine or sweat, juice, or water, none of this will be able to pass through this mattress cover.

Besides, the way it shields you from bed bugs or dust mites makes it even more reliable and durable. You do not have to worry about your children’s health, as this waterproof mattress cover is the safest of all.

If you are into quality and safety, then make sure that you get this one. This is probably the best queen-sized mattress cover you will get on the market at competitive rates.

A full laundry is not advised that it can be washed in a machine with mild detergent.


  •  Comfortable for elders and kids.
  • The safest choice.
  • Durability is promising.

Milddreams Waterproof Mattress Protector Cover

Home is not a home without a family, and family is not a family without being clumsy. When you have children at your house or have a habit of having breakfast in bed or your pet loves to sleep with you, it is inevitable to avoid accidents that can destroy your mattress’s look and make it look dirty.

Having children means having to deal with bedwetting problems; sleeping with pets also comes with the same consequences. Having breakfast in bed with your loved one means the possibility of accidental spillage.

In order to spend a good life with your family and also protect your mattress at the same time, getting a good quality waterproof mattress protector is pretty much mandatory.

Milddream, a perfect blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, is one of the most remarkable waterproof mattress covers. The protection that it provides from unnecessary spills and stains makes it stand out in the world of mattress protectors. No amount of urine, sweat, juices, or liquids has the power to traverse through this cotton blend mattress cover.

The extraordinary fabric of this mattress cover will not let any spill seep through your mattress. Having this mattress cover means that your expensive mattress is protected from almost every threat.

In addition to having these extraordinary qualities, it also provides the ultimate protection from harmful pests and insects. You do not have to worry about the destruction of your mattress as this waterproof mattress cover has an ultra-thin design that does not affect the feel of your mattress. Also, the breathability characteristic of this mattress cover is praiseworthy. You are likely to get the most comfortable sleep of your life on this mattress cover.

Make sure you do not put this mattress cover through full laundry because this surface of a mattress cover is sensitive. Other than this, it is OK to wash the machine with some mild detergent.

Vinyl-Free Queen Size Mattress Protector

An excellent waterproof mattress protector keeps the liquids from invading your mattress but also saves you from a lot of trouble. You will not have to worry about permanent stains once you cover your mattress with a waterproof mattress protector.

You will not have to spend days rubbing off the stains from your mattress and destroying its look. As it will save you from most of your worries, you must not hesitate to invest in a good waterproof mattress protector. A good mattress cover is a blessing, and only luckily, you can come across a nice one.

Stuff4tot queen-sized waterproof mattress protector has won the hearts of millions due to the spectacular protection and safety that it provides you from water monsters.

The best thing about this mattress is that it does not only have a single waterproof layer; instead, it has three of them. These three amazing waterproof layers will make sure that your expensive mattress is safe.

Made of 200 thread count, 100% cotton, an active TPU layer, and a hypoallergenic backing, this waterproof mattress protector has all the features in the world. These layers do not just provide you with the required protection from stains and spills, but its 100% cotton fabric acts as a best friend for your skin.

The chances are that your skin troubles are going to leave you once you get this mattress cover.

The breathability and softness that it provides ensure a good night’s sleep full of sweet dreams. People have a habit of moving around on the bed while sleeping, and most mattress protectors make crinkling sounds that do not let you fall asleep quickly, but this is not the case with this waterproof mattress protector.

Another fantastic feature of this mattress cover is that it is the best choice for patients who have asthma. It protects patients like a pro and makes sure that there are no triggers present on the mattress.

Though it is a quality mattress cover, full laundry is still not advised at all.

SOPAT Queen Mattress Protector

Are you looking for a perfect fit for your queen size mattress? SOPAT waterproof mattress protector is by far one of the most reliable mattress covers that you will ever find. All the features of this mattress cover are amazing and full of surprises.

The 3D air fabric that it possesses is one of the many reasons why this waterproof mattress covers the best of all. This fabric provides enough passage of air and heat to keep the fresh feeling of your bed alive – if you are looking for the best mattress cover for summer, then this one is the ultimate answer.

Although it lets air pass through it, yet it is 100% waterproof, and no amount of liquids can even dream of breaking through this fabric.

The deep fitted pocket style makes it easy for the queen-sized mattress to slide inside without much trouble. Also, once you cover your bed with it, you won’t have to worry about uneven skin or itchy skin at all as the hypoallergenic backing keeps the allergens and pests at a distance.

In short, this waterproof mattress protector is a perfect partner for a healthy lifestyle because of the waterproof and skin-friendly TPU layer and all the other features that come with it. Its durability is another splendid feature. With proper care, it can stay with you for a lifetime.

You can wash it in a machine with some mild detergent. Just make sure that there is no addition of bleach.

VECELO 4 Layers Reinforced Waterproof Mattress Protector 

For a perfect mattress cover, some features must be present in it. It is not easy to find these features on a single mattress cover, and this is where VACELO waterproof mattress cover comes to your rescue. This mattress cover, which is the perfect companion for your queen size mattress has four-layer protection. Each layer performs a specific function in the most efficient way possible. With a soft cotton terry surface at the top, this waterproof mattress cover ensures a calm and peaceful sleep.

Next is the cotton layer that provides the right amount of breathability to maintain a fresh feeling of your mattress. In addition to this, it also helps in the absorption of sweat and does not let it ruin the mattress. Third, in line is the nonwoven cloth layer that maintains the quietness of the mattress cover and keeps it from making unnecessary crinkling sounds. Fourth and also, the last one is a durable backing that cannot be crossed by any liquids, fluids, urine, or perspiration.

In addition to being 100% waterproof and water-resistant, this layer is 100% pest free and keeps the allergens and bed bugs far from your mattress. This one is by far the safest choice if you have kids with you.

Final Words

It would help if you remembered that a mattress cover is not an accessory; it is an asset. Only it has the potential to protect your mattress from external threats.

Now that we have reviewed some of the best queen-sized mattress covers make sure you pick your choice.

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