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Rubber Sheet for Bed Wetting

Pets and kids are heavenly creatures. If you have a toddler or a pet, then the issue of bedwetting is something you are used to. This means your laundry will always be filling up with contaminated clothes and bedsheets. Bedwetting will not even spare your mattress. The best rubber sheet for bed wetting can be a competent solution against all types of bet wetting.

In the case of the elderly and even teenagers, the incontinence can sometimes happen. Fluid seeping can shorten the life span of your mattress. It will degrade quickly, change color, and give off a foul odor. Thus, you will need something to preserve the life of your mattress.

Rubber sheets can be a good option in this case. They are protective and keep the fluid from reaching your bed. There is no elaborated placement procedure required, and you can effortlessly put them over the bed.

What are Rubber Sheets for Bed Wetting?

As the name indicates, these sheets are bed covering made from rubber. The primary function is to make the sleep zone waterproof. These sheets are economical and helpful against bedwetting and incontinence. They can also be one to help in case of water spills and pets.

Reasons to Have a Rubber Sheet

It is a well-established fact that rubber sheets are of great help. Here are some of the reasons and pros of having a rubber sheet.

1. Mattress Barrier

Rubber material acts as a significant barrier against all kinds of moisture. It makes sure that none of the liquid reaches the mattress and ruins your bed. Rubber sheets are equally suitable for bedwetting, pets, and incontinence.

2. No More Changing Sheet in the Middle of the Night

One benefit of the rubber sheet is that you will be able to get some sleep at night. Without a rubber sheet, you will have to wake up in the middle of the night to change your kid’s clothes and to put sheets in the laundry.

3. Durable

Rubber is a very high-grade material. It does not lose its qualities even after a long time. Moreover, it is economical. Once you buy the sheet, you will not need a replacement every month or even years.


Rubber sheets are functional do get there job done. But they come with specific design flaws. It is the reason why the rubber sheet’s use for bedwetting is not so common and popular anymore. They are fruitful for a short time, but long term use can pose several health risks and discomfort.

1. Non-absorbent

The first manufacturing flaw is that rubber sheets are waterproof, but they are non-absorbent. This means any fluid retained will form a pool over the rubber sheet, and it will reabsorb into clothes. This can be a source of discomfort.

2. Harmful chemicals

Rubber manufacturing involves softening to turn it into a sheet. Chemicals are used in the processing, many of which are very harmful to health. Some can even be carcinogenic. Thus, such a sheet should be used long term or for the baby’s bed.

3. Heat retention

Rubber is not a porous or airy matter. It does not let the body heat to dissipate. With excessive heat accumulation, sweating occurs. This can be a source of colossal distress and no sleep at night. The wet rubber sheet also gets sticky.

4. Embarrassing for elderly

Kids might be ok with the sheet over their beds, but it cannot be delightful for adults. No one wants to announce their incontinence to everyone by putting a bright-colored sheet on the bedding. Adults will prefer something less visible.

These are all the reasons why rubber sheets are no longer a famous solution for bedwetting. There are several alternatives to rubber sheet available in the market. They’re safer and comfier than a rubber. Some of these alternatives are discussed here.

Alternatives to a Rubber Sheet for Bed Wetting

When we look into the negative side of the rubber sheet we found that it’s not as useful as other alternatives are so we dig out for alternative and here we discuss and list a few of them.

1. Absorbent Fabric Covers

Protective pads with absorbing qualities are an upgrade from rubber sheets. They are made from cotton terry with waterproof lining. It absorbs in all the fluid and does not let it seep through the sheet.

2. Quilted sheets

These sheets are similar to protective covers, but they have the comfy padding for a good night’s sleep. They are a blend made of polyester and cotton or just 100% cotton.

3. Disposable sheets

These are one-time use sheet, usually of medical grade. They can also serve as the alternative to rubber sheets. The only difference from the other options mentioned above is that they are reusable by washing while medical-grade sheets are disposable and need to be discarded after use.

4. Vinyl Covers

These are plastic-like covers or encasements for the full mattress protection. As good water repellant, they keep the mattress protected. They are used right over the bed and under the sheet. Vinyl cover can be a good investment, but they give crimpling and stuffy feeling under the bedsheet. Moreover, vinyl also poses health risks.

5. Mattress protectors

Mattress encasements are a massive hit in the protector’s market. There is a wide variety available. They do not allow the liquids to pass through, they are waterproof and keep the air flowing, so you don’t sweat. Additionally, they have hypoallergenic properties and are made from organic cotton. Some of them are zippered, and some have deep pocketed-fitting. The good thing is they are not exposed outside but placed under the sheets.

In case you still want to invest in the good old rubber sheet, we have one product reviewed for you. The long term use is safe and it is economical as compared to newer products. Let’s take a look at this sheet.

5 Best Mattress Protectors for Bed Bugs

Reusable Commercial Quality Ultra Waterproof Sheet and Mattress Pad


  • Multiple sizes- the company offers a different size for different needs 
  • Washable- it is reusable, and you can wash it in machine
  • No harmful chemicals- the manufacturing process does not contain any poisonous toxins.

Rubber sheet can still be an economic investment and gets the job done temporarily. If your preference remains a rubber sheet, we bring you a product that will be willing to invest in. This covering by Royal Heritage Home is perfect for everyday use. With the waterproofing qualities, it does not let the moisture reach the mattress beneath. In the case of incontinence and for toddlers’ bed, this product can be a life savior.  Not only that, but this sheet also comes with several available sizes. You can choose to have a smaller size for a kid’s bed or go for a large size for a single bed.

Moreover, the sheet offers reusability. It does not have to be discarded after one-time use. You can easily wash it in the machine and use up to 300 times. In addition to that, the cover is dryer-friendly as well. With its absorbent layer in addition to the waterproofing, your mattress will remain unaffected, and the fluid will not accumulate on top of it. There are no harmful chemicals or lead residues present. Thus, it is safe and user-friendly.


  • Can be used multiple times
  • Absorbent and waterproof


Rubber sheets are useful against bed wetting, but with several other products in town, it is always good to spend the money on an item that is safe for use. Comfort is another feature that sought after in the market. In short, it is all on you decide and choose if the rubber sheet works best for you or not.

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