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serta cooling mattress pad

Serta is a brand name among magnanimous bedding brands. Originally founded in 1931 in Illinois, U.S.A.,  the company keeps sending the vibrant vibes by the introduction of top-notch mattress products. One of the key products besides mattresses, topers, and protective covers is mattress pad. 

Basically, Serta’s forte is a mattress pad and has acquired a high stature among the counterparts. Serta has been a top customer choice since the early 1930s. Let’s delve into the key characteristics which make the Serta an essential brand of your households.

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What is Extra Ordinary in Serta Cooling Mattress Pad?

Old is Gold

Serta mattress pad is one of the oldest service providers in this genre. The company has had sentimental and nostalgic footprints on every corner of the globe while the boom of the online market place has ensured its availability regardless of region and sphere.

The brand is a blind pick for family customers. Serta company has a strong customer base and brandishes a sparkling badge of consumer satisfaction. The old name of Serta is accompanied with the zest and vibrancy of the 21st century.

Hence, incorporating the experience of 90 years into the new facade. The Serta proves itself apex.

Extra plush – the joy of heavens

A key feature of the Serta mattress pad is its soft and cozy feeling. You can not resist yourself leaping into the meadows of plush. Serta keeps the customer comfort ingrained with copper in its motto.

Serta commonly uses the polyester filling material for its mattress pads. Polyester is a trendy safe item to be used in bedding products. The double alternative fill in Serta products gives you a high sensation. You feel perching on the smooth terrain, not boggled in it like many other brands.

The Serta super cosy environs are equally useful for summers and winters. The spring is Serta itself.

Cutting-edge Technology

Serta’s range of heated mattress pads is manufactured by top-notch industrial finesse. The Serta heated mattress pads have reliable short-circuit proof electronic designing. The safety certification corroborates the claim of the radiationless feature.

The heated circuits are also equipped with ten major heat settings with two further customized settings.

The wires are wafer-thin and reliable to the core. Serta products are a wonder of engineering and textile acumen ship. Serta does not tolerate a minor fault in its products. This extra caution in designing and technology stand Serta out of other common bedding items’ manufacturers.

Serta Cares for Your Health

All products of Serta are hypoallergenic and ETL certified. The combined firewall secures the delicate body from all the noxious pathogens roaming into the environment. Serta is a top customer choice because of the care it provides to the valuable customers.

Hypoallergenic features profuse a distinguished pleasant smell to ward off insects, mites, and germs. While ELT certification grinds down the level of noxious radiation to the minimum zero. Serta ensures no inclusion of cancer genic particles in brands production.

Serta manufacturing units are biannually inspected by industrial health experts to ensure transparency via a third-party audit.

Serta is Durable

Serta’s mattress pad is durable and reliable. The Serta pad is stitched in an elegant manner keeping in view all the needs of customers. The double stitch box sewing prevents from fraying. The pad is resilient to constant wash and is in shape after long stints in the washing machine.

Fine polyester threads are tough and do not bristle. A quick spin in the washing machine rejuvenates the shape of products.

If you are wary of running from pillar to the post (laundry service stations) with your dirty bedding items, you should change the lifestyle and opt-in one of Serta products to do clean at home.

Aesthetically Pleasant

The quilted pattern of Serta mattress pad is aesthetically pleasing. The designing provides an elegant look to your home decor. The mattress pads are neither shabby nor bulky.

This feature makes Serta products distinguishable from the other contemporary mattress pads. Serta products are launching after every now and then. The difference among different variants of Serta items is the change in design.

Reliability and durability are common in all. The vast beautiful designs of Serta products will make you befuddled.

The Panacea of All ills

Serta mattress pads, mainly, are the panacea of chronic pains including arthritis problems. Serta mattress pads are specially designed keeping in view all the medical needs of you. The pad gives therapeutic warmth and has been proved more effective than herbal and allopathic ways of cure. Serta has helped many in coping with chronic pains and aches.

The cooling pad product of Serta is the best option for bedridden prone to bed or pressure sores patients. Serta products are a health wonder.

Serta is Environmental Friendly

Serta mattress pads are eco-friendly and the latest technology helps in the reduction of carbon footprints to an optimum level. The heated system preserves the energy and an auto shut option reminds you every ten hours. Serta consumes half of the energy than the other in vogue brands.

The choice of Serta products helps you in reducing your utility bills by 50%.

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Does the inclusion of state-of-the-art features make Serta a high-end product?

The answer is in negation, despite having incorporated all the latest features into Serta, the manufacturers still presented in a budget-friendly manner. The mattress pads by Serta are available in same price bracket as many others are. The brand verily provides you with a luxurious feeling but in monetary terms, it is not a high-end product.

You will find the brand name Serta regardless of lower or higher income classes, developing or developed countries, and hotter or cold regions.

The above features prove Serta a viable brand and elucidate the motif behind its popularity in consumer bracket. The first-rated manufacturing of Serta is in the class of heated mattress pads.

To clarify the sketches of this quality brand, a typically heated mattress pad, which has broken the sale record, is chosen for the review. The review will help you in understanding the features and nitty-gritty of Serta.

Serta Cool Caress Mattress Pad

Summer is a bothersome season and a mattress tends to get hot frequently when the sun is reigning. There is no point in replacing a mattress because there are not many cold options in mattresses.

Also, not everyone will want to afford an expensive cooling system that they won’t be using more than 6 months a year. Even if you don’t use the cooling devices, maintenance costs keep piling up till the next time you actually use the device.

This is why we propose a suitable alternative for all those who are looking to have a better night’s sleep without worrying about a drill in their wallets the next day. The Serta cooling mattress pad is a digitally controlled cooling system that is installed in your mattress itself. Let’s look into its features:

Key Features

  • Memory Foam – the mattress pad has the perfect blend of comfort and support because of a 3 inch premium gel infused memory foam that ensures cooling.
  • Long lasting – this cooling mattress pad has the ability to extend the life of your mattress.
  • Relieves pressure points – the pad has amazing Technology that relieves pressure points.
  • Perfectly cool – The mattress pad works with splendid cooling technology and provides maximum comfort in summers.
  • Bullet proof safety – This built-in mattress cooling system is installed with additional safety measures.

This cooling mattress pad is a wonder to behold because it has all the right things at the right place. The cooling technology offers many benefits to users who want to save up on energy usage costs and enjoy luxury in their bedroom at the same time. In case you are looking for a mattress pad that is not a burden to your pocket, this one is definitely the answer.

The fabric and construction of the mattress pad makes it machine washable and easy to use.

Spilled tea on your mattress? No problem at all. You can simply wash out the stain and the pad will be as new as ever. This feature allows you to keep the mattress pad for an extended period as well. It is a one-time purchase which in the long run may be more cost-effective than any luxury mattress pad.

Overall it is a wonderful cooling mattress pad that is going to be a peaceful addition in Summers.


  • Comfortable to use.
  • Convenience to touch.


It requires a witty mind to select a conceivable mattress pad among the variety of mattress pads up for sale in offline and online markets. The above review of the Serta mattress pad helps you in a safe choice for your sleeping solution.

Your sleep is a precious thing. An active mind requires a serene sleep. While a serene sleep requires proper bedding. You cannot deny the importance of mattress pad, this is a key component of the sleep cycle. Serta mattress pad incorporated almost all the key features of counterparts.

Besides, it also provides some extra features, making the product enviable. Are you too feeling envious?

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