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best Waterproof Twin XL Mattress Cover

Mattresses are enormous. Even if you know where the blemish is in bed, it is tough to clean. Somehow in case of stains, if you manage to probe the proper place of a spot, you will not be able to take it out completely. You cannot protect your mattress against accidental spills, but you can do something to preserve it with the help of a waterproof mattress cover.

A best waterproof twin XL mattress cover act as a barrier between liquids and mattress and ensure that no seepage can reach to the fabric and spring shells of the mattress.

The best thing about a waterproof mattress cover is that it checks liquids. In the process of repelling spills, even if a mattress cover gets stained, it can be washed separately.

Also, waterproof mattress covers are known to add a lot of years to your mattress’s life. It protects your mattress against everyday wear and tear, but it keeps it fresh and rejuvenating.

Make sure when you buy a mattress cover, you look into all its aspects. A mattress cover is not always waterproof. Not purchasing a waterproof mattress cover means not having enough protection for your mattress, so make sure that you look into the details.

Why do you Need a Waterproof Mattress Protector for Your Twin Xl Mattress?

You need a waterproof Twin XL mattress protector because when it comes to a mattress, water is the real evil. It doesn’t matter what form water gets into the bed. It doesn’t matter if you sweat on your bed or your kid urinates on it, once the mattress is soiled, it is going to attract a lot of pesticides.

A single bed bug or dust mite can multiply into hundreds and ruin your mattress forever. On the other hand, when there is a mattress protector on the mattress, then water cannot get through, and you end up saving your mattress from dust mites, bugs, or other pesticides.

Are Waterproof Mattress Covers Easy to Clean & Highly Breathable?

A waterproof mattress cover may not allow liquids to pass through it, but it surely allows air to pass through it. This passage of air makes them breathable enough to give you a relaxed and calm feeling.

In short, a waterproof mattress cover has all the features that are required for enhancing the durability of your beloved mattress. It not only provides your mattress with the required protection but also saves you from a lot of troubles. Once you let your mattress embrace the waterproof mattress cover.

you will no longer have to feel anxious about unnecessary spills or stains at all. In other words, a waterproof mattress cover is precisely the solution you’ve been looking for. Let’s talk about some of the best twin XL waterproof mattress covers

1. LUNA Twin Xl Premium Hypoallergic Waterproof Mattress Protector

Luna Twin Extra Long (XL) Size Premium Hypoallergenic Waterproof Mattress Protector - Made in The USA - Vinyl Free

Probably you have no idea how many wonders a mattress cover can perform on your mattress. A cover is the most prized asset for a bed for a reason. It protects in remarkable ways. Some mattress covers are more significant than others, and Luna is one of them. When it is Luna consider your mattress saved.

The way this mattress cover withstands the liquid is excellent. At the same time, it makes sure that there is unswerving airflow to keep the mattress breathable. Luna is delicate but productive. It is not just pure cotton but a name for quality. Luna has been through some extreme testing, and experimenters have gone to the extent of deliberately spilling water on it. Even in such scenarios, Luna has proved it’s worth it, so it is the ultimate best for your mattress.

Once a mattress is saved against water invasion, it is protected against bed bugs and dust mites. Not only there won’t be any Pamper leaks; there won’t be any accidental spills as well. The water will only stay on the mattress cover, and it will not seep through the mattress.

Luna is a quality name, and it has been protecting customers for a long time now. Undoubtedly it is one of the best mattress covers that you can get for the protection of your bedding.

What is even more interesting is that it can be washed in the comfort of your home. There is no need to put it through the full laundry. Only a mild and gentle cycle of the machine is enough. Also, make sure that you do not add any harmful detergent while washing this mattress cover.

2. Excellent Art Twin Xl Zippered Size Mattress Protector

Excellent Art Vinyl Mattress Protector 3 Gauge Twin Extra Long Size Zippered, 39-Inch by 80-Inch

Excellent art manufacturing brings the best twin xl waterproof mattress cover available in the market. Ask for it’s most striking feature, and we would say it is Vinyl. Now Vinyl is that one material that is extra durable. The chances are that if you buy this waterproof mattress cover for your mattress, it will stay with you for a lifetime. Nothing can wear and tear it, not even gross bodily Fluids, urination, or pamper leaks.

It is so breathable that you will feel as if a cloud is surrounding you at the time. The night will pay you well if you have this mattress cover to sleep on after a long tiring day. Another good thing about this mattress cover is that it will keep your mattress completely dry. A dry mattress means no bed bugs or dust mites. This way, you will be saved from unnecessary visits to the Dermatologist or skin allergies.

Like many good mattress covers, this one has also been through intense experimentations, and it has come out successfully. There is no hassle of laundry with this one. It can easily be washed in a machine with mild detergent. Also, it is effortless to take it off. 

Make sure you add a few drops of lemon in lukewarm water for better results. It is not good to leave the guest room unattended for long because the bed bugs are going to invade your naked mattress. Protect the mattress of your guest room with this mattress cover because it is too good for words.


  • It has exceptional breathability.
  • Extremely durable fabric.
  • A Refined mattress cover.

3. Premium 200TC Cotton Fitted Undersheet Waterproof Mattress Protector

Waterproof Mattress Protector (Twin XL) - Premium 200TC Cotton Fitted Undersheet. Cool & Breathable. Vinyl-Free. Machine Washable. 39x80in Ideal for Hospital Beds

Stuff4Totts maybe a little challenging to pronounce, but it is a very productive mattress cover. Before we speak about the many benefits of having this mattress cover, it is imperative to listen to a story about Miss Mary. When Miss Mary shifted to her new house, she made sure that she keep a guest room apart for her in-laws. Not only she decorated the place well, but she also bought an expensive mattress.

A few months later, her in-laws came to meet her and stayed in the guest room. The very next morning, her mother-in-law was suffering from different kinds of allergies. Though she didn’t speak of them, it was apparent from the runny nose of her mother-in-law that she was suffering from something in the mattress.

Mary inquired from her friends, and she got to know that she made the mistake of leaving her guestroom mattress unattended. Not only was the bed marred with bedbugs dust mites also infested it. You, too, can get into such a situation if you leave your guest room mattress unprotected.

No matter how much you dust your house, some dust particles will always be there. Dust mites feed on those dust particles, and this is how they breed. If you have a pet, it is also going to contribute to allergies related to pet dander. The best part about a mattress cover is that it does not allow anything to pass through it. For this reason, it is fantastic if you get for your guest room stuff4tott.

It is an incredible choice for a mattress cover, and it will protect your mattress like a pro. Even if there are accidental spills, they will not be able to seep through your bed because of the shield this mattress cover will provide. This one is the most feasible option as a mattress cover because it can be washed at home.

There is no need to pay for expensive laundry when you can wash this one in a gentle spin at-home comfort. Just make sure you do not add any harmful detergent.


  • It keeps the bed bugs and dust mites away.
  • It protects against allergies.
  • Extremely comfortable.

4. SafeRest Twin Extra Long Hypoallergic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector

SafeRest Twin Extra Long (XL) Size Classic Plus Hypoallergenic 100% Waterproof Mattress Protector - Vinyl Free

There is a lifelong vendetta that exists between liquid stains and mattresses. It does not matter whether you live in a house full of people or alone; accidental stains on a bed are almost unavoidable. It would be best if you remembered that your body is in an excretion mode when you go to sleep at night. Along with sweat, it sheds dead skin cells and many other offensive fluids.

A vulnerable, naked mattress possibly cannot tackle these fluids all alone. It would help if you had a companion, and a mattress cover provides that companionship. Bed bugs are killers, destroying the look and feel of your mattress once they invade it. To keep this from happening, you must take every possible measure to protect it.

SafeRest Twin XL waterproof mattress protector has all the required features to safeguard your mattress from accidental spills, sweat, urine, or other sorts of fluids. Its extraordinary waterproof layer immures the fluids or liquids within itself and does not let them pass through it.

This mattress cover has been tried and tested in laboratories many times. It has always proved it’s worth it. In addition to being completely waterproof, this mattress cover extends the quality and life of your mattress. You may not be able to feel it, and many years will be added to your bed because of this mattress cover.

Investing in this mattress cover is a smart choice. Not only is its installation splendid, but its breathability is also worth quoting. It is advisable not to put this mattress in the authentic, intense laundry, but it is ok to wash it at home. Make sure you add a few drops of lemons in lukewarm water when cleaning this mattress cover to get splendid results.


  • A comfortable mattress cover to install.
  • It is non-toxic and processes no harmful chemicals

5. Four Seasons Essentials Twin Xl Hypoallergic Mattress Cover & Encasement

It is another one that falls under the category of best Twin XL waterproof mattress protectors. Water-resistant fabric will not leave you alone in the middle of the journey. Just like a lifelong partner, it will protect you in every possible way from every type of fluid. The ultimate protection that it provides you will make sure that no amount of fluid, be it urine, sweat, or other sorts of liquids, can reach leaves a mark on your mattress.

This polyester waterproof mattress protector is noiseless and also gives you a strong defense against bed bugs, dust mites, or other microscopic insects. This mattress cover is worth the investment. Its qualities extend your mattress’s life to a great extent and give you a chance for a sigh of relief.

Another promising thing about this mattress cover is that you can wash it in an ordinary washer. Full laundry, however, is not advisable. Also, if you keep your pets away from this mattress cover for a week or two, it is a good idea to adjust appropriately.


  • Its breathability is a striking characteristic of this mattress cover.
  • It can be washed in the comfort of your machine.

6. UltraBlock Twin XL Waterproof Mattress Protector

UltraBlock Twin Extra Long (Twin XL) Waterproof Mattress Protector - Premium Soft Cotton Terry Cover

When it comes to twin XL waterproof mattress protectors, UltraBlock will never lag. Some people think that mattress protectors are used only to give your mattress a more decorative look, but this is an entirely wrong perception. Mattress protectors are is not a liability or an accessory; they are an asset.

Mattress protectors are not merely used for decorating your mattress, but their primary purpose is to provide your mattress with the ultimate protection, just like a knight in shining armor. Only as the warrior takes on the strikes of the enemies on himself and protects his fellow countrymen, the same is the case with the Milddream waterproof mattress protector. It will take all the stress to itself.

It repels all sorts of liquids, including body fluids, sweat, accidental spills, or urine. When a child accidentally drops his bowl of cereal on the bed, or when your mother or father accidentally spills their tea on the couch, your mattress will not be affected at all because of a mattress protector. This twin XL waterproof mattress protector will not let these fluids traverse through it in any case. Consider it like an overprotective father.

Other than being entirely waterproof, it also gives protection against bugs, and its efficient zipping quality surpasses all other mattress protectors. Bed bugs beget allergies, and sadly they cannot enter your mattress in the presence of this mattress protector.

7. EXQ Home Twin XL Six Sided Zippered Mattress Encasement

EXQ Home Mattress Cover Waterproof Mattress Protector Twin XL Size 6-Sided Zippered Mattress Encasement Fits 9-12 inch

We all need a mattress protector we can put our confidence in, and EXQ happens to be the best twin XL mattress protector for your mattress. With its unique micro zipper technology, EXQ home mattress protector encases your mattress from all sides and does not allow anything to pass through it.

It doesn’t matter how many attempts the bug makes to enter into your bed; if the foundation is protected by this twin XL mattress protector, it will not get through. This zippered technology is quite striking and far more efficient than the zippers of other mattress protectors.

The reason people trust this twin XL mattress protector is that it yields impressive results. In addition to this, the polyester mattress protector is backed by a TPU layer whose contribution is also very evident. This layer is 100% waterproof and makes sure to protect your mattress from unnecessary stains.

You must remember that this mattress protector has been through intense testing procedures, and it has always withstood strict testing. You can put your trust in this mattress because it is too good for words in so many ways. Although no amount of liquid can pass through it, it allows a significant amount of air to traverse through it to keep it fresh and comfortable.

This feature will enable you to sleep peacefully at night without having any discomfort on your mattress. Apart from protecting against bugs and liquids, this mattress protector is also durable and noiseless. Not only will it stand the test of time, but it will also make no noise at all.

By far, it is the most promising silent protector you can ask for. It does not produce any crinkling sounds when somebody lies on it. Besides, it can easily fit on your mattress because of its elastic nature. It is advisable to clean the stain right away if there is any on the mattress protector. Other than this, it can also be washed in a machine with the addition of a mild detergent.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • It has excellent elasticity

8. LUCID Ultra Soft Dust Mite Waterproof Twin Xl Mattress Protector

LUCID Premium Rayon from Bamboo Jersey Mattress Protector - Ultra Soft - Waterproof - Dust Mite Proof - Hypoallergenic - Twin XL

Most of us come back home after a tiring day of work. In such a situation, we covet just one thing, and that is solace. A futon that is protected by Lucid Twin XL mattress protector is indeed the best place to come back home to.

What makes this bedding protector most appealing is its lightweight structure. You may feel as if nothing is beneath, you will lie on it. LUCID mattress protector, which is a combination of 70% rayon from bamboo and 30% cotton, is designed in such a way that when you put it on your mattress, it does not destroy the feel of the bed.

Although it is quite thin and lightweight, yet it manages to protect your mattress from deadly microorganisms like bed bugs, dust mites, and other little insects. Your mattress will not be a thriving space for these mites when you get this one for it.

LUCID comes in a twin XL size and easily slips on your twin size mattress. In order to provide extra comfort while putting it on a pallet, there is stretchy at the borders, which makes it easier for you to protector your mattress thoroughly. Besides, it is quite breathable and gives off a cool and calming effect. It is indeed the perfect choice for summers, and its credibility is all the more options why you need to go for it.

Just like any other good mattress protector, this one is also 100% waterproof and does not let the liquid penetrate through it. It has been through testing, and it has proved it’s worth it in so many ways. Not only is it easy to install, but it is also easy to manage. It is advisable to wash this mattress protector in a machine without the addition of any bleach.


  • 100% waterproof
  • Elastic easy to fit sides
  • Washable in machine

9. Twin Xl SureGuard Mattress Encasement Zippered Six Sided Cover

Twin XL (13-16 in. Deep) SureGuard Mattress Encasement - 100% Waterproof, Bed Bug Proof - Premium Zippered Six-Sided Cover

Some mattress protectors are exceptional because of their name, and SureGuard is one of them. It is the most reputed mattress protector provider on Amazon, and it does not require much introduction.

With its advanced protection technology, SureGuard mattress protector is surely your faithful companion that protects your mattress against all sorts of foreign invaders. Just like a loyal best friend that stays by your side and plays a significant role in your life, the same is the case with this mattress protector. It is the most appropriate option for your mattress if you want it to last a lifetime.

It is the best Zippered twin XL mattress protector is sure to guard your mattress against all types of pesticides. It embraces your mattress from all six sides and blocks away from vicious bed bugs, dust mites, and other pests. Even liquids like juices, sweat, urine, can leave no stains on your mattress when it is protected with SureGuard mattress protector.

This model is primarily available in the twin Xl size that easily slips over your twin mattress. Its hypoallergenic characteristic makes it ideal for your family, which comprises of children and elders, as it gives you the protection that you require from allergens that can prove to be dangerous at times.

Now is the time to protect your guest room with the help of this fantastic twin XL mattress protector. It is the best of the best, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t pick this up among the top twin xl mattress protectors.


  • This brand enjoys an excellent reputation.
  • It is a hundred percent hypoallergenic and waterproof.
  • Extremely comfortable

10. Kingnex Twin Xl Breathable Bamboo Mattress Protection Cover

Kingnex Extra Long Twin XL Mattress Protector Waterproof Bamboo Breathable Fitted Mattress Protection Cover

The significant feature that makes Kingnex stand out is the dovetail of bamboo and cotton. Unlike other mattress protectors, this one is made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton. It contributes quite effectively in giving your bed a refreshing and calming effect. Because of bamboo, this mattress protector is one of the silkiest mattress protectors that you will ever find. So silky, that chances are you won’t be able to get up from your mattress after the installation of this mattress protector.

Its extraordinary abilities are not just confined to the comfortable and soft texture but also provide you with the protection that you demand from one good mattress protector. It has all the characteristics of being the best twin XL mattress protector.

The upper layer is backed by a thin membrane that can let air pass through it but shuns away all sorts of liquids. The 100% TPU backing makes sure to keep the allergens at a distance. In addition to being a firm protector and a quiet night companion, this mattress protector is easy to fit and remove. Its twin XL size can easily adjust your mattress without causing any trouble.

Plus, you can easily wash it at home. Unlike other mattress protectors, this one is quite eco friendly as it is synthesized from an environment-friendly fiber.


  • It has an environmentally friendly fabric.
  • It is refreshing to touch
  • ⦁ It has incredible breathability characteristics

Frequently Asked Question

Why a Waterproof Mattress cover?

When it comes to mattresses, water is the real trouble. Out of accidental spills, water pops into the mattress, and from there, it makes a perfect breeding ground for bed bugs. Bed bugs invite dust mites to contaminate the mattress.

You won’t even know, and your mattress is ruined for life. For the protection, a waterproof mattress cover is the best. It repels liquid, and this way, it ends up protecting the mattress.

What kind of fluids are shunned away by waterproof mattress covers?

There is no limit to the categories of fluids in this regard. It doesn’t matter if your baby has wet his bed again, or if your perspiration has left marks on your mattress, waterproof mattress covers fight them all.

You can have your morning bed tea without worrying about its spillage once you cover your mattress with a waterproof mattress cover. No amount of accidental spills can traverse through waterproof mattress covers and invade your smooth and comfortable bed because waterproof mattress covers do not let them.

The plus point of the zippered waterproof mattress cover is that it blocks the mattress from all six sides to ensure the ultimate protection. The best thing about waterproof mattress covers is that they are full of surprises.

People might think that if something falls on your mattress cover, you will have to wash it, again and again, to get rid of the stain, but that is not the case. you can clean them with a damped cloth and can wash occasionally.


There is no other way to buy a mattress expect to spend a lot of money on it. There is no point in leaving your mattress to the mercy of dust mites, bed bugs, allergies, or fluids after spending so many dollars on it. 

Make sure you buy a mattress cover along with the mattress so you can ensure its safety.  A nice mattress cover will add value to your mattress for years. Also, it will provide resistance against a lot of threats. The time for saving your mattress is now. We have reviewed some of the best twin XL mattress covers. Compare them and make your choice.

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