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Twin XL Mattress Covers with Zipper

An average mattress will cost you in thousands, but what are you going to do to protect it?

The dilemma with most people is that they do not even consider a mattress covers an asset. They think that it is just a necessity that can be taken for granted, and here they make a mistake. A mattress cover is not only an asset; it is an entity that should be valued more than a mattress, especially the Twin XL Mattress Covers with Zipper.

Even the mattress covers have many kinds. Some are waterproof, some keep the allergens away, and some are good for bed bugs. Only a zippered mattress cover is that cover that is good for all. Zippered mattress cover offers the best protection.

Why a zippered mattress cover a prerequisite?

You probably have no idea, but a mattress cover is the most critical asset for your mattress. There are several reasons you would need a zippered mattress cover, and there is no harm in talking about them.

A zippered mattress cover is a perfect choice for the cleanliness of the mattress.

We do not want to admit this, but we do secrete the gross fluids at night on our mattress. Adults tend to sweat, and children tend to wet the bed. Other than this, our skin continuously produces oil that is soaked into the mattress. Also, we shed dead skin cells or even the remains of makeup. All these things contribute to making a wet spot on the mattress.

Now the dilemma with the mattress is that, once wetness is there, it is almost impossible to take it out. Over time, the wet spot becomes a breeding ground for many kinds of pesticides. These pesticides that include dust mites or bed bugs ruin the mattress forever.

A zippered mattress cover comes with a waterproof barrier. It doesn’t matter how gross our bodily fluids are; once there is a zippered mattress cover, nothing can get in. A zippered mattress cover fulfills its duty of keeping the mattress clean throughout, and that is why it is the most crucial asset for a bed.

A Zippered Mattress Cover is a Barrier against allergies.

Without a zippered mattress cover you will only have one way and that is to roll in allergies.

Allergy of any kind is dangerous, and every other day, it can give you wheezing, shortness of breath, runny noses, and sneezing. 

The fact is that we get most of our allergies from our spoiled mattress. A spoiled mattress is always infested with dust mites and bed bugs. They keep on feeding on dead skin cells to multiply rapidly. 

Because a mattress has no encasement of its own, these tiny pesticides can get in. The zippered mattress cover changes things. The encasement of a zippered mattress cover protects it from all six sides to block the way of pesticides.

Well, a good zipper mattress cover also stops the bed bugs and from infesting inside the mattress and keeps the insects away from the mattress that can make colonies inside.

Let’s talk about some of the best twin XL mattress covers that are zippered.

RestComfort Zippered Mattress Protector and Encasement

Only hypoallergenic backing is not enough for a mattress cover to be competent enough to deal with bed bugs and dust mites. It must be a stronghold on your mattress so that no amount of bed bugs or dust mites even dream of infesting on it.

The only solution to this problem is the use of efficient zippered technology in it. Restcomfort mattress cover is the most advanced form of twin XL zippered mattress cover.

When you cover your mattress with this twin XL zippered mattress cover, it holds it with a firm grip because of its amazing zipping qualities.

Because of it, these microscopic insects find no way to enter your mattress and ruin it. Apart from having these splendid zipping qualities, it comes with a smooth cotton terry surface and hypoallergenic backing.

It is so smooth that you may feel as if you are sitting on a delicate carpet. It is highly breathable but does not allow water to pass through it, which makes it 100% waterproof. It has such amazing striking features that chances are you will not be able to find the likes of this mattress cover anywhere else.

The mattress cover, which comes with a ten-year warranty, is also easy to wash at home. 

It is advised to put this mattress cover through a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Make sure you never use bleach or any harmful ingredient because the surface tends to stretch.


  • It’s the perfect investment for your mattress.
  • It has amazing Breathability.

Bargoose Zippered Mattress Cover

Bagoose mattress covers are another twin XL zippered mattress cover and are undoubtedly one of the best. Its primary concern is saving your mattress from bed bugs and dust mites infestation.

In order to deal with this issue capably, this mattress cover uses the patented bug stop seal. It comes with a nonrusty zippered technology that guards your mattress at all costs from monstrous pests. Also, the zips are not going to rust.

In addition to this, it is 100% waterproof, and its vinyl surface keeps your mattress safe from unnecessary stains and unwanted spills.

Another feature that makes it one of the best twin XL zippered mattress covers is fire retardant ability. It keeps you safe not just from pests or fluids but also from fire. It makes you feel thoroughly safe. The safety that comes with this mattress cover is praised worldwide, which is why this one is in huge demand.

In other words, this mattress cover is the perfect fit for your mattress as it saves you and your bed from a lot of troubles.

You do not have to worry about bedwetting, pet dander, pet hair when you let them sleep on your bed, food spilling, or anything else that can leave a mark on your mattress. This heavyweight vinyl gauge mattress cover protects you from all of this. If you are looking for a mattress with excellent bed blocker abilities because of its zippered technology, then this is it. 


  • A purely aesthetic mattress cover.
  • It is comfortable and durable.
  • It can be washed at home.

Bedsure Bed Bug Proof Waterproof Mattress Encasement Twin XL

The Bedsure Twin XL zippered mattress cover is by far one of the most exceptional mattress covers you will ever find. This polyester mattress cover uses the most advanced form of zippered technology that provides no path for bed bugs to enter the mattress. No pesticides on your mattress mean no skin allergies.

All bed bugs and dust mites infestation issues will be resolved once you cover your mattress with it. This six-sided zippered mattress cover provides your mattress with the most upgraded form of protection that no other mattress cover can offer.

In addition to having the ultimate zipping abilities, this polyester mattress is backed by a TPU layer that blocks away from all sorts of liquids, be it urine, sweat, juice spills, or any other fluid.

Also, it is highly durable and does not wear or tear over time. You can put your confidence in this one for its long-lasting abilities. The material used in its making is not toxic at all; that is why you do not have to worry about your family’s safety at all.

The lightweight polyester helps maintain the real feel of your mattress and does not make any crinkling sounds. All these features make this twin XL zippered mattress cover one of the best ones.

Let’s talk about some of the washing instructions. Bleach is not advisable at all, but it can be washed in a machine.

A few drops of lemon and lukewarm water can work wonders for the cleansing of this mattress cover. You can dry it in a tumbler as well.

Final Words

There is only one way to add more years to your mattress life, and that is by giving it the proper protection. Mattress covers serve many purposes, but more than anything, they protect the mattress. A zippered mattress cover is the only asset that will serve you in the right way.

We have reviewed the best twin XL mattress covers. It is your call to make a choice, but make sure that you compare them.

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