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What is a Mattress Cover?

In simple words, a mattress cover is a protective sheet on top of the mattress. Sometimes we are not very careful with our eating habits. Sometimes we spill things on our mattress that creates a spot or stain. In this situation, it is good to have a mattress cover. A cover on the mattress can also be used as an extra cushion. Overall a mattress cover provides the necessary protection from spills and stains. It is good to have one. Please read till the end to find exactly what is a mattress cover.

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Thickness and size of a mattress cover

A mattress cover doesn’t come only in one size. It comes in plenty of sizes and which size you choose for yourself depends upon your sleeping habits. Sexagenarians or septuagenarians may choose thin mattresses to cover or people under 20 may go for a thick mattress cover. It’s more of a personal choice rather than anything else. It’s available in all sizes that you can expect. We recently published a guide on how to wash a mattress cover, please visit to dig out more.

What materials are used in the making of mattress covers?

A mattress cover is a protective sheet for the mattress and it should be with you on all occasions. Nothing will protect your mattress from spills, Urine, perspiration or spots than a mattress cover. Before making a purchase make sure you see the material.

When it comes to mattress covers then they come in mainly three materials and these are cotton, latex or wool. Cotton Mattress covers are relatively thinner than latex and wool and they are comparatively cheaper as well. For waterproof characteristics, mattress covers use vinyl or polyurethane.  At the end of the day, it’s up to the client to make a purchase according to his wishes.

How Mattress Covers are made?

As far as the making of mattress covers is concerned then it’s quite technical. Let’s say that there is a cotton mattress cover. To come into proper shape, this mattress cover goes through different procedures in the factory. There are certain machines that do the required human intervention. The same is the case with the woolen or latex mattress covers. They go through intense industrial procedures. To make the mattress cover waterproof the makers use vinyl or polyurethane.

What are the different types of mattress covers?

Mattress covers do not come in one style only. They are of different types and different styles. Mostly the style depends on the type of mattress cover that goes into the making.
Prominently there are!

  • Viscoelastic memory foam mattress cover
  • Featherbed Mattress covers
  • Foam mattress covers
  • Wool mattress covers
  • Latex mattress covers
  • Convoluted mattress covers

Among these cotton mattress covers are relatively thinner than wood or latex mattress covers. Featherbed mattress covers are full of feathers and they are good for children and septuagenarians alike. The difference between these mattress covers depends upon the material itself.

Do all mattress covers provide the same kind of protection?

A mattress cover is a protective sheet that is good to have against urine, perspiration, bed bugs or accidental spills. You must know, still that not all the mattress covers provide the same kind of protection.

As far as reliability is concerned then woolen or latex mattress covers are good to have. These mattress covers have the ability to last for years. On the other hand, for the cooling effect, and for good night sleep cotton mattress covers are the best.

Different mattress covers have different pros and cons and before you make purchases make sure that you look at these pros and cons for a bit. These will help you develop an understanding and that will further help you in making a purchase.

What to look for when going to buy a mattress cover?

If you are going to buy a mattress cover then make sure that you take these things into consideration. It is important that you think about material, quality or type of a mattress cover before making a purchase. recently we also publish a complete guide on how to wash a mattress cover that will definitely help you to keep your mattress cover clean. Let dig into deep how to select a mattress cover.

Consider the material of a mattress cover

Usually, a mattress cover comes in cotton, latex or wool. If you plan to go for a cotton mattress cover then they are good for summers. Also, these mattress covers are thin and quilted. Mattress’s cover that is made out of wool is also good to have. Not only they are good for winter, but they are also mold and mite resistant.

In case you are looking for durability then latex mattress cover is the ultimate goal. These covers have the ability to stand the test of time and they are extremely reliable as well. Chances are that the latex mattress cover will stay with you for more than 20 years while cotton or wool may not last that long.

Consider feather beds

Not all the mattresses cover have feathers in them but the ones that do are extremely good. Featherbeds can be an exceptional option for all those people who like having quality sleep at night. For older people, featherbeds are definitely an exceptional option.

Memory foam or Latex is good for back pain

Back pain is a regular thing after 40. In case you are one such person who is having regular back pains then make sure that you go for memory foam or latex mattress cover. This type of mattress cover can do wonders for your back pain and it is good to sleep on as well.

The mattress cover is more than a protective sheet. Not only it takes care of the spots or stains, but it also makes sure that you get quality sleep at night. Make sure that you consider the above-mentioned points in mind before making a purchase for a mattress cover.

You deserve the quality that these covers may provide.

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